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10- Content Marketing Skills You Must Master

Content Marketing: Michael Stelzner, CEO of Social Media Examiner, a premium content company focused on advertising and marketing, titled The Death of Search Results.

and the Way Entrepreneurs Go, predicted a significant decline along with the importance of search effects due to Google’s eagerness to provide solutions to customers. Extract it and voice assistant tools without visiting any web page.

Here he comes to the decisive conclusion that the most useful content that mortals will examine in destiny are recommendations and professional criticism that neither excerpts nor voice assistants can offer. Whether Stelzner is correct or exaggerated, this prediction, along with criticism from many experts, underscores the importance of having exceptional skills in advertising and marketing materials, which guarantee you to create brilliantly powerful content.

1-Write an elegant and persuasive text

In 2012, a marketing campaign for former US President Barack Obama ascribed no credibility to obvious grammatical errors that became just a missing space between letters, using the word “along” instead of “long”. Spelling and grammatical errors, no matter how small, are detrimental to the logo’s recognition and create an effect of chaos and unprofessionalism.

If you need to take content advertising and marketing seriously; Do you want to write elegant and clear sentences? This invites you to familiarize yourself with basic spelling and grammar and to apply punctuation correctly. There are many Arabic grammar books and video exercises for grammar, spelling, and proofreading, even in an interactive format with professional trainers at Fiverr Market.

Content ads and marketing are not always geared toward telling people stats and mentions in what looks like newspaper templates, but instead, the goals within the first site are to convert the reader directly into a donor and increase sales, and here comes the second site is part of this talent in physical advertising skills in marketing, i.e. Persuasive writing.

Persuasive writing is informal writing that emotionally interacts with the reader, making him more likely to respond to the movement to be taken, whether it is a decisive reaction or not along with creating a purchase or a curving reaction as well as finishing the thing or revisiting the blog.

Persuasive writing makes use of many strategies along with emotion processing, desires for knowledge, storytelling, and conversational style. A writer’s choices of phrases and tone play an important role in achieving this type of content.

Persuasion in advertising and marketing content also intersects with writing ads, because it uses a marketing and marketing tone with a boring tone in the folds of the idea and the decision of the movement, except that it comes out of the restrictions of marketing and marketing, in short, concise and direct terms for the breadth of creativity with the use of long sentences.

Besides, as in copywriting, the content marketer likes to write with an accurate logo sound to make sure there is a consistent standard tone, which requires the ability to control the fashion according to the wishes of exclusive business customers.

How to be persuasive? The basis of persuasion is to provide a strong answer to the recipient and to be credible. This is noted with the help of using strategies along with the beauty of the name, subheadings, decision of action (CTA), and use of conversational style. In this way talk to the reader with the help of using the inclusion of the second man from time to time and at the same time using the exact phrases that the target market uses to explain their wants and problems. In addition, he has approached the subject from new and exciting angles.

2-Professional Journalism Studies

From the womb of journalism, a group of entrepreneurs has produced the most successful content. The purpose of a career in journalism is to develop outstanding scholastic talent that will allow a journalist to confirm every statement he makes in his article from credible re-evaluations.

On a non-public level, working in journalism has helped me a lot in getting into advertising and marketing content. Help me study the desires of my customers, their competition, and the product on which the content material is created, and create a spirit of perseverance in pursuit until I get the desired solution, which is useful and reliable.

There are many approaches to professional journalism studies, from speaking to clients and choosing words to create engaging and actionable content.

Articles, effective Google search techniques, search strategies, quotes, searches within the domain, and certain types of files (PDF for example). During a target time range..etc.

It broadens the distinction between specialized and non-specialized reconfirmation and gives it a relative weight that measures its importance in determining the volume that can be devoted to the manufacture of content material.

3-Correctly understand the target market

Don’t depend on how great your content is, you may not get effects by changing readers into direct consumers until you accurately understand the target market you are talking to. The truth is that focusing on target market studies has ended up becoming the cornerstone of the advertising and marketing process, and the more you understand your target market, the less difficult it will be to create the content material they will devour.

Once again, discussions of advertising content and marketing materials with the target market were added to the friendship conversations; So the more you know about this friend, the more special and attractive your message will be. To understand the advertising and marketing skill of this content material, put your detective hat on and look for clues about your target market using the following five gears:

Find topics related to your organization in the dialog panels that include I/O accounts. Notice what they are talking about and what their desires, dreams, and frustrations are. This will help you understand your target market on a deeper level.

Use Google Analytics to get an in-depth examination of your visitors. This device allows you to analyze precious demographic statistics about your target market, which includes age, geographic location, gender, and interests.

Discover how your audience interacts with your content using a device like BuzzSumo, where you’ll discover which parts of your content get the most from shares in unique social structures, examine the drivers behind these influences, and your knowledge of the topics your target market likes the most.

Run a survey to easily locate important survey questions, start with the solutions you’re looking for and then turn them into questions.
Track target market reviews by studying opinions about unique structures owned or owned by competitors.

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4-Find the right key phrases

The keyword is the basic building block of the content you write. It’s like a compass that you publish as writing to set your eyes on. In terms of the idea of ​​this, a lot of information, which includes the placement of the entry, can be determined by knowing the purpose of the searcher at the back of the search for that phrase and by looking at the competing sites for the par to understand the overall performance needed that would be competitive.

Other than that, the keyword is a prerequisite for buying a better rank in Google search for effects. So, how do you choose key phrases carefully?

  • The first tool for finding keywords is Google Keyword Tool, followed by Upersuggest and KWFinder. These tools provide valuable statistics including keyword search volume, comparable trends, and CPC.
  • Give precedence to key phrases for a long period of time, because it can be difficult to categorize them appropriately in researching their effects with them. For example, instead of the phrase “Advertising and Marketing”,
  • Use a larger unique phrase, and use related subwords “advertising and marketing equipment”.Avoid focusing on keyword phrases with massive search volume, as this prevents you from getting into a confrontation with more famous and influential sites within the field, and having a hard time winning a hard-to-win race for search results.
  • Next to the primary keyword, target applicable sub-phrases that help it get a great ranking. Example: If the main keyword is e-advertising and marketing tools, the sub-phrases might be “the importance of e-advertising and marketing tools”
Digital Marketing Professional 1
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5-Learn how to use numbers

People care about numbers, they quickly understand and agree with them once you reverse the statistical effects or take notes, which makes it one of the types of content material that a content marketer should pay attention to if you want to be of interest to the eye and align with your target market. We mentioned it as storytelling.

The revolution of content material that has exploded within the Internet allows without problems to identify records and figures on any topic, without simply uploading the word “records” or “research” to the search period to almost identical pages with numbers and studies associated with them.

On the other hand, you can draw on numbers for your logo based on your observation of the behavior and choices of your target market and enter them into an attractive graph that you can base your choices and vision on so that your target market feels your momentum. efforts and understand the importance of the choices you make.

The difference between this talent and the advertising talent of your content material is the ability to research the overall performance facts of your content material.

The romantic assumption that you should write what your creativity dictates without being bound by what the facts say will destroy reality at the earliest opportunity of degree effects. Data readers will help you choose different types of content material you want to replicate, pick new topics that your target market will love, and maintain the traits to live ahead of successful companies.

The content marketer must check the facts and overall performance score of the parts of the content material against the correct KPIs that are pre-set, and may want to prepare it in an Excel report for a very clean study that requires scalability with the incoming use of associated software including Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Excel.

One of the most important KPIs you will want is social media tags including reach and engagement. In a blog, you might want to learn about the variety of specific visits, total visits, jump rate, and surfing behavior: Do site visitors check arrivals and then leave? Which factor prevented the study? All of these tips and additional information are successful and unsuccessful techniques so you can improve and polish your content material.

6-SEO Optimization

This talent has emerged as one of the ABCs of content advertising. In fact, classified ads to hire content entrepreneurs have appeared as explicitly indicating mastery of search engine optimization capabilities or exceeding this reference convinced it is a clear requirement. Understanding search engine optimization is an embodiment of the infrastructure that Google strives for, the more you realize it, the more you will be able to use it to your advantage, rank better in search results, and reach your target market as they try to eat this type of content material.

Optimizing SERPs is a sea of ​​ads that you no longer understand day and night, however, it requires periodic analysis of guides, niche articles, and cutting-edge developments. But in a nutshell, SEO for content pioneers can be divided into parts:

Blogger search engine optimization

As a blog manager, you will need to understand the basic strategies that consist of using appropriate alternative text content in images, excluding key phrases within the article, adjusting their density to the right amount without fillers, consumer knowledge, why the searcher builds the content they want, and formatting titles in descending order H1, H2, H3..etc.

Youtube search engine optimization

If you’re charging for a YouTube channel, you’ll need to understand the key phrases YouTube visitors use to search for videos, write compelling and engaging video titles and descriptions that include the keyword, and use hashtags the right way. This article provides additional logs on how to configure the YouTube search engine.

7-Crystallizing the goal and specializing in it

Content advertising is a form of purposeful writing, the randomness of its organization would waste time without actual brand penetration, and few people make the mistake of via a medium that no longer gives the talent of content advertising enough attention. The marketer of content material, before starting, must define a specific purpose for each piece he writes, and at the same time, as he is working on it, he must keep that purpose in the ideas so as not to deviate from it now.

Content Dreams ads do not largely promote goods or services. For example, you can intend in one part to advertise a new brand provider released through the means of the employer and explain why and how it is being used, or to help a potential customer choose a way to rate your product with the competing product has powerfully blessed phrases and demanding attitudes and is not without framework Objective and honest, or to inspire the audience to subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

Income conversion is one of the simplest content advertising equipment that makes it easy for you to write for its purpose. To a moderate degree where the customer is within the funnel, you will decide what type of content material they want to study and the purpose of writing it:

top of the funnel

To this degree, the beneficiary wants content that acknowledges the problem or desires he is trying to meet and addresses with transparency, and educates him on almost one of the organization’s topics, so for understanding the weblog for the first time, he receives interesting or fascinating content that catches his eye.

center of repression

To this degree, the customer desires objective and unbiased content that is easy for them to discover and examine solutions actually explains a way to use the product, gift achievement stories to past customers, and demonstrates the superiority and management of the business within the industry.

down the funnel

To this degree, the customer would like to increase the wonderful post-purchase relationship, which consists of emails with recommendations on using the product effectively, and fixing the difficult situations that they will face while using the product.

8-Create unique content

Agencies’ hobby of advertising and content marketing as a primary advertising and marketing method is accelerating, resulting in impressive growth in publishing prices and an unparalleled increase within the content materials organization.

This forces agencies to think about how their target market will screen their content in preference to competitors’ materials. The answer is to provide private and “private” content. Here are some steps that will help you give you this content material:

  • Keep an eye on your competition: What is the ultimate core component of their content material? Are there deficiencies that you can avoid and overcome in your content material?
  • Present your content material in a completely new form so that there is actual news to add: for example, while talking roughly about feasibility checks, how to conduct a feasibility study is identical, there are no multiple techniques, however, you will be able to use anecdotes and facts to help In what you say, which consists of real-life examples, or develop a video on the same topic and prefer it over the traditional “article” format.
  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and provide the best reading experience: Blog readers are not looking for educational content saturated with difficult language and long, uncluttered paragraphs. Instead, he likes the dramatic style, as if a friend or order is addressing him, presenting the facts in a neat and clean manner,
  • Ideas are organized, sequential, and logically arranged. Given the recommendation that they may seek out and address difficult situations that they need to solve, the consumer may also like a sense of humor and there is no problem in resorting to this technique if it suits the nature of the brand.
  • Pay attention to the visual: from new high-resolution images, linked videos, and infographics to simplify some concepts and graphics from well-known sayings in a unique context,
Content Creation 3
Content Marketing

9-Content reuse

Sometimes new ideas and the time required to impose them is the difficult situation of advertising content and marketing materials with the desire for new topics to fill the publishing schedule. This ability to advertise content materials and marketing efficiencies make this undertaking easier.

Reusing the content material method is to reuse and reproduce existing content material in an entirely new design to increase its perceptibility and amplify its lifespan, now no longer imply that the content material is a replica or trend towards your regulations with the help of using the continuous supply of new audiences across unique platforms. Here are some examples of ways you can repurpose content material:

  • Extract the basic steps or stats from the weblog I submit and format it into an attractive image or infographic, just like the previous infographic.
  • Choose a topic for a running blog, which is very popular with your target market, you can search for it with additional content, almost create an e-book consisting of an additional complete method and cover all the factors of the topic in detail.
  • Convert a written justification like how to use it into an explanatory video with written text explaining the corresponding topic.
  • Feature a professional and influencer you’ve hosted on a broadcast or podcast, and republish their opinions as a post on Instagram, Facebook, or in an email newsletter.
  • Post a consumer note or tweet about your merchandise or one of the photos they shared on Instagram as social proof from a happy customer.

10-Organizing and handling the publishing process

I don’t think the obsession with “deadline” haunts the marketer as much as it haunts the publishers. In content advertising and marketing, you’ll want to publish content material on a consistent basis to make sure you reach audiences and convert them into leads every month. In this way, company and dedication to organizing content material that aligns with a set of advertising and marketing objectives are one of the important content material competencies in advertising and marketing in your business.

After developing the content plan material, create a content plan material consisting of a structured publishing schedule (some plan content material for the following year). This schedule allows for a nice blend of vacations and unique activities across the country including vacations, excursion seasons, and college starts. Then use an advertising and content marketing machine focused on organizing and publishing social media content material like Buffer, along with project management tools widely available online to make sure anyone on the crew knows the posting machine and deadlines.

Stick to the schedule as closely as possible so that you leave room for spontaneity, such as swiping on important activities and targeting market tips in feedback that will encourage you with a whole new concept of content creation.

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