12 Best Free woo-commerce Plugins for Stores

WooCommerce is an effective platform on its own. However, there are some things you cannot do. If you need to create a functional online store,

you may want to take the help of many satisfying bulk woocommerce components.

One of the good things about WordPress is that you may constantly discover plugins that allow you to do more with your website. When it comes to loose and satisfying woocommerce add-ons, there are plenty of alternatives you could use to amplify your talents and grow your store.

On this page, we have compiled a list of a number of woo-commerce plugins that are available.

12-Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce
Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

Once a consumer makes a purchase, he needs to know precisely what he can assume to get his orders.
Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce allows you to keep your customers informed by providing monitoring information on both their emails and their My Account area.

The plugin integrates with over 100 delivery providers, along with the big names like USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. You can also integrate with TrackShip for more flexibility (TrackShip offers 50 space trackers, but then you’ll want to pay).

The plugin additionally provides a new “delivered” order fame which may email customers as they add their orders. With path integration, you can even automate this technology so that orders are automatically flagged and added at speed because the monitoring facts are up to date.

The slightest drawback is that the really cool robotic ability summons tracks, which you’ll want to pay for after 50 basic tracks. However, even without the paths, the loading plugin still comes in handy.

11-WooCommerce Currency Switcher

The bottom line approach to purchasing Your humble e-commerce store can honestly cater to an international consumer base. However, before you get too excited about the dream of hordes of global customers, you first have to tackle the practicalities.

First and foremost, your website must be able to convert currencies. After all, a consumer would not do the shopping without first seeing the price of the product for his nearby foreign money.

Perhaps surprisingly, there appears to be an actual loss of foreign money transfer extensions within the trusted repository. However, since this is a useful and profitable function, we do what is available – this list really wishes there was a plugin for this category.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher is a satisfying woo-commerce plugin for functionality – although with several obvious limitations.
This looser model allows for two currencies at a time.

This seems restrictive before you glimpse everything, however, there may not be a desire for it. My advice is to apply for foreign money in your primary market, then use international foreign money just like US dollars. (Or you can purchase the higher rate model of the Limitless Coins Editing Plugin!)
Secondly, although the plugin helps place the flags of your favorite countries, you may need to manually add the flag to your media library.

If you may deal with these limitations, the plugin has quite a few recovery features.
For a start, it pulls real-time trading quotes instantly from Yahoo Finance, so you can believe they’re accurate.

WooCommerce Currency Switcher also comes with three dedicated tools: one that converts foreign money online at the website level, the suffix acts as a conversion rate calculator and one that displays all-new trade rates.
Finally, the plugin also takes advantage of geolocation to find and show foreign money nearby to a visitor based primarily on their IP address.

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Best woocommerce plugins
Best woocommerce plugins


We’ve secured a number of satisfying loose-fitting WooCommerce plugins that will let you customize your existing WooCommerce checkout technology, however, CartFlows takes an important step in addition to letting you update your WooCommerce checkout technology with your favorite WordPress webpage builder.

One of the most useful things about this device is that it allows you to create exit paths, complete with high demand. For example, if someone is shopping for a pair of sunglasses, you can make a unique offer for the wearing bag. By using those smart offers, you can increase your sales in line with the demand.

You can also create custom checkouts for men’s or women’s products, which is great when you have a smaller store or use WooCommerce for non-product-related apps, including jogging the online track or your online club website.

9-TI WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

The TI WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin provides you with a looser way to view the wishlist capability of your WooCommerce store.

Sometimes, your customers may not be ready to shop right away. Or maybe their birthday is developing and they need something talented for your store.

Either way, a wish list is a very good way to let customers keep one or an extra item for later. Then, while they’re ready to shop, the things they care about are almost ready to use.

With this plugin, every product of your online website receives an ‘Add to Wishlist button, and customers can view their wishlist on the custom ‘Wishlist’ webpage the plugin generates. For example, you can mechanically load the Wishlist button below the Add to Cart button:

8-Checkout Field Editor

If you need absolute handling of your payment system, Checkout Field Editor is the plugin for you. It allows you to customize each theme displayed on the checkout screen.
This plugin allows you to view new check-out fields, edit or delete existing ones, and switch the display order of all fields within the check-out system.

You can choose from seven specific types of fields:

  1. Input text
  2. Password
  3. Email
  4. Phone
  5. Select
  6. Textarea
  7. Radio

You can also choose to show statistics from these fields on the order information web page or in confirmation emails.
The field embedding interface is easy to use, and you may be able to rearrange the fields using easy drag and drop.

7-Rank Math SEO

Preferred SEO Plugin
Preferred SEO Plugin

Rank Math – Best Search Engine Optimization Plugin for WordPress – Easily improve your SEO rankings and increase traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fundamental to helping customers discover your store. Without natural traffic, scaling your business can be difficult, so it is crucial to discover a plugin that will allow you to tackle SEO efficiently. Rank Math’s search engine optimization is loose and has a paid model too, it integrates with WooCommerce out of the container and is one of the great woocommerce search engine optimization plugins.

6-Mailchimp for WooCommerce

Mailchimp for WooCommerce
Mailchimp for WooCommerce

Email advertising and marketing are important to the development of your online store. If you’re a Mailchimp person, Mailchimp for WooCommerce will allow you to attach your store to your email advertising and marketing platform. This way, you may be able to create a dropshipping campaign focused on your customers and an influx of additional merchandise.

5-Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce is a woocommerce plugin that does a simple touch of everything. Some of the Booster functions consist of dynamic pricing, low price configuration, cross-selling, and more. You can start using it for free, or buy Booster Plus.

Booster for WooCommerce is kind of the same as the Jetpack plugin…but for WooCommerce. That is, the simplest thing that does one thing. Instead, it offers a modular set of over a hundred functions that may beautify and tweak your WooCommerce store.

The key phrase there may be normative. Since you may choose to allow the simplest and subtlest functions that you need to use, Booster for WooCommerce may not blow your website up on the internet with things you don’t need.

So, what can Booster for WooCommerce help you do? Well there are too many functions to list, but here’s the initial list, it’s broken down into specific categories:

Prices and Currencies – Add currencies and alternate quotes, convert wholesale rates and set quotes based on the whole person role, plus tons more.
Button and Price Labels – Change the Add to Cart button, and upload a custom label for free objects, as well as additional items.
Products – Add booking products, cross-selling to build, allow crowdfunding, and more.

  • Shopping Cart and Checkout – Customize fee fields, create unique coupons, and more.
  • Payment Gateways – Add custom gates, rate micro gates, assign specific gateways entirely dependent on foreign currencies or countries, and more.
  • Shipping & Orders – Set a minimum order, load a transportation calculator, and set specific transportation strategies based entirely on terms, plus additional terms.
  • PDF invoices and packing slips – Enable PDF billing.
  • Miscellaneous Emails – Various legacy customizations, plus the option to upload custom emails.

Overall, there are quite a few functions in one loose package, which makes this a great plugin to have in your store.

4-WooCommerce Direct Checkout

If you ask your visitors to jump through too many loops, a number of them will really leave – an overlooked conversion potential in an instant.
Now, WooCommerce’s default payment method isn’t overly flaccid: Storefront > Product Page > Shopping Cart > Checkout.

However, there may be a possibility to simplify the shipping method. Enter WooCommerce Direct Checkout.
The plugin allows customers to completely bypass the buying cart, meaning that the standard buyer adventure will look like this: Storefront > Product Page > Checkout – similar to the Buy Now button on Amazon.

And if this checkout method isn’t simple or enough for you, the plugin can also add “Checkout” buttons without delay to the store’s web page. This is how site visitors who are aware of exactly what they might be looking for can bypass the product’s web page display as well.
Best of all, you can download, set up, and configure the plug-in in less than minutes. The settings display is powerful due to the swiping motion that is generated!

3-PayPal Checkout

PayPal is the undisputed leader in terms of online shipping portals. Having a reliable shipping device in your store allows customers to feel more comfortable while making purchases, so using PayPal is a must. You can set it up at no cost using PayPal Checkout.
Therefore, it is one of the must-use e-commerce extensions while developing a web store.

2-WooCommerce Menu Cart

WooCommerce Menu Cart
WooCommerce Menu Cart

WooCommerce Menu Cart is one of the very satisfying woocommerce plugins, and it aims to improve the way you pay.
The plugin provides a shopping cart button on your menu, which makes it clean to enter any web page on your website.

The shopping cart button fits seamlessly into the menu and maybe fully configured to your liking. This consists of choosing to show a variety of widgets and/or a subtotal within the menu, choosing ten shopping cart icons, and aligning the menu.
If your theme already consists of this function, you don’t want this plugin. But if it doesn’t, this handy plugin is a lifesaver.

1-YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

This is the primary plugin on our list of bulk and very satisfying woocommerce plugins that you must use.
For the vast majority of merchandise, there may be nothing on the webpage that has a greater impact on conversion fees than the product images shown (apart from the potential price).
Customers need to compare what your merchandise looks like, they have to test it as great, and they have to make sure they choose it over the competitor’s merchandise. Do you suppose customers will get it all in a small, slightly recognizable image?

If you need to make your images stand out loud and proud, I suggest using the YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin.
When site visitors hover their mouse cursor over your images, they may see an enlarged popup of your merchandise. You can configure the scale of this popup, as well as the zoom ranges for the most useful viewing.
So, make sure of your merchandise and display them with pride – you can assume a huge rise in conversions as a result.

Final thoughts

WooCommerce is one of the many eCommerce platforms that you can choose from. However, as you combine it with a few different cool plugins created by humans to increase its functionality, you can create a purposeful online store.

Bulk and satisfying woocommerce plugins will help you handle the whole thing from jogging your email list with Mailchimp, to displaying discounts on merchandise using WooCommerce’s discount rules. Plus, equipment like Booster can take your advertising efforts to new heights.

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