14 correct ways to create a backlink to your site

backlink: Have you ever wondered how Google’s search engine works? What makes one site on the first page of search results and another on the second and possibly tenth page when searching for a specific keyword or phrase? This process is called Indexing – Ranking – archiving or arranging search results, and it is a process carried out by Google algorithms to display content related to the word or phrase that users are searching for.

According to Google, its famous algorithm ranks web pages and ranks within the search results based on more than 200 factors, and each of them plays an important role in ranking the pages within the search results that appear to users. One of the most prominent of these factors, which has maintained its importance over all the frequent updates that Google makes to the algorithm, is the backlinks or backlinks that the site obtains, or any of its internal pages.


What is the backlink?

Some people refer to them as text links or external links because they point to another site outside of the site they are located in, as it is the link that connects two different sites according to the definition of the famous Moz site.

These links are one of the factors that play an important role in determining how well a web page can rank within the search results, as Google sees backlinks to a site as confirmation of the quality of the site and its content, which made it get a signal from a site Another in the form of a text link.

Thus, having your site obtain a good amount of high-quality backlinks makes it more reliable for the search algorithms, and more able to compete with other search results, and thus appear on the first pages of search results.

High-quality backlink

Getting a high-quality backlink is not easy, it may require years of work and effort to get a sufficient amount of backlinks that enhance the strength of your site and increase the presence of your content on the search results pages, and thus a good ranking and more visitors.

And by high-quality backlinks, we mean that you get a signal from sites of quality and value to the search engines, that is, sites that have a good Domain Authority & Page Authority, which is a scale from 1 to 100 that was developed by the Moz site to identify the strength of each site, and the higher the scale here, the higher it is The backlink you got is of better quality.

Of course, this is not the only indicator of the quality of your site’s backlinks, but it is an important signal. In addition, your site must get a reasonable rate of visits from any backlink it gets, and those links must be from sites related to your site’s specialization in order for us to judge a backlink as being High quality. So how do you get links of this kind then?

Ways to get high-quality backlinks

In this article, we collected for you 14 methods and techniques that will help you obtain high-quality backlinks from different sites and sources. All you have to do after looking at this list is to choose the most appropriate methods from them and add them to your marketing strategy to start working on them successively, and then monitor The performance of your pages within the search results.

1- Ask the webmasters

It is common to ask the owners or moderators of other websites related to your specialty to refer to the content or one of the pages of your site, especially if you are a beginner and your site is still young and does not have enough fame or reputation to get a backlink without asking others.

Remember the list of your acquaintances or any of your work colleagues who own or supervise the management of a website and choose the most appropriate one to ask for that, or you can always use the backlink services section on the Fiverr platform to obtain appropriate backlinks for your site.

By appropriate links, we mean here that the site has a specialization or field close to the field of your site, and that it has a good degree of strength and reputation “Domain Authority” in order to enhance the strength of your site. It is always preferable to refer to your site through the content and not to add the link in the sidebar or in the footer of the site.

2-Invest in your relationships with others

I usually classify the process of building backlinks as a kind of public relations, by building strong relationships with workers in the same field of your specialization – and here I mean the specialization of your site – that increases your chances of obtaining renewed and strong backlinks from various sources.

It can be likened to the extent of the relationships you enjoy and their role in getting you a new job, as the more your network of relationships expands, the more recommendations and praises you get, and the more chances you have to get the job. The same goes for backlinks, the wider your network, the higher the chances of getting mentioned for your site’s content.

Facebook groups, forums, question sites such as Quora or Reddit, and specialized sites in which specialized discussions take place on various topics are the perfect place to get to know others in the same field of your activity to build fruitful relationships with them, which you will later invest in favor of promoting your content via high-quality backlinks.

3-Create a blog for your business

Many commercial activities neglect this point or, at best, find that they have a blog with only one or two articles. If you are one of these, you need to revive your blog immediately by producing content continuously according to a clear plan, so as to ensure that you publish in it continuously and at regular intervals.

Good content provides a benefit and value to the audience that makes your site an important source of information related to your business field, and therefore others refer to your content in the form of backlinks on their sites and blogs, which enhances the strength of your site and then your presence in search engine results.

4- Turn what others say about you into a backlink

Others may mention the name of your site, your brand, or the name of one of your products in their post or blog, but without mentioning your site’s link. In the event that this happened to your brand, this is a great opportunity to get a backlink from the site that mentioned your brand name in this way, where you can contact the page manager directly or the site administrator to ask him to convert the name into a text link.

To know where your brand name was mentioned, you can use Google Alert, and then create an alert with the name of your site or brand, so that you receive an alert in your email every time the name is mentioned on web pages.

5- Write recommendations

Most of us use different products and tools according to our needs. What do you think about writing a recommendation for one of these services or products that you use all the time? This could be a smartphone application, a website that offers a service or product, or any other product. Then you send your post, in which you will talk about your experience, to the producer or provider of this service, so that they publish it on their website, of course, indicating your name and website, and thus obtaining a backlink to your site.

Make sure that your post is well written, showing the advantages and specifications of the product or service, how you benefit from it, and how others can also make the most of it. Avoid being merely constructive in praising that entity, which may expose your article to neglect if it is not honest, well-expressed, and impartial about your experience.

6-Guest Post

You must have heard of guest articles before, or Guest Posts, which is an articles that you write for another site as their guest writer, and this is another strategy for obtaining high-quality backlinks from various sources. Many sites allow you to publish your article with them under “Guest Articles”, but make sure of the following before publishing your article:

  • Make sure that the site you will be posting on is relevant to your niche.
  • Focus on the quality of the content you write and the value it provides to your readers.
  • Be aware that a bad article can lead to a bad reputation for your brand.

When the content meets the conditions above, add your site’s link so that the content is ready to be published on the chosen site. Type in the Google search box “guest articles” or “write with us” and you will find many sites that allow visitors to publish their articles within them. You can also use your relationships with other website owners and online activities to publish your article as a guest and then refer to your site in it.

7- Reviving old ties

You may sometimes find some old links referred to for some of your site’s pages, which are usually called dead backlinks, you can revive such links, especially if they are within strong sites and from which you can get a good amount of visitors, which may make a difference in your site indicators.

These links may be too old pages that are no longer important to pages that were deleted earlier, products that are no longer in your online store, or someone may have written your website link in the wrong way. If you encounter any of these cases, contact the site manager with a brief message to request Modify this backlink and write the correct one.

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8- Encyclopedic content

The benefit of encyclopedic articles rich in information and details is not only that it gives you a good ranking in the results of search engines, but also shows your brand as the most experienced, knowledgeable and knowledgeable party in this field, and this will give you an additional advantage in front of your competitors.

This makes others always willing to refer to your encyclopedic articles in their content and cite them as important sources and references, thus obtaining high-quality backlinks from different sites, and this is what digital marketing expert Brian Dean, founder of the Backlinko platform, meant when he mentioned the term The Skyscraper Technique.

Another form of encyclopedic content that makes your site an important source of information in your field or specialization is work guides and specialized brochures, which would highlight your brand as one of the trusted entities to learn about various topics related to your specialization and then increase the chances of referring to this content by the makers other content.

9- Reviews of your products and services

In every field and specialty, you will find influencers on various communication platforms working on reviewing services and products through their websites and blogs, and each of them has its own audience that is looking for a specific type of product. You can offer any of your products or services for free to any of them in exchange for their review of this product or Your service and writing about it, and in return, you will get a backlink.

Be sure to choose the influencer that you will deal with carefully, as he must have a good audience interested in the quality of your services or products, as well as the strength of the site that has an impact on the quality of the backlink that you will get.

10- Research who mentioned your competitors

Sometimes some sites introduce their readers to a list of services or products within a specific field so that the providers of those services or products get backlinks to their products and services through those articles. From this article. The most likely reason why the author of the article did not mention your brand:

  • Either he doesn’t know your brand or has never heard of it.
  • Or he noticed that your competitors are better than you in this field and provide services at a higher value.
  • Or he just favored your competitors over you.

In any case, try to find out the real reason for these reasons, then send an email to change the writer’s view of you, try briefly to explain the advantages of your brand and what you offer to your customers, that is, in short, try to convince the writer to add your brand to that list to get a backlink at the end Ultimate.

11- Replace broken links

If you are using the Chrome browser from Google, you can use the Check My Links add-on to tell you about broken links on any webpage you read, so when you find a broken link related to your site’s niche, you can contact the administrator of that page and display your site’s link or content from it as an alternative to refer to it instead for the broken link.

Webmasters are aware of the extent of damage that may be caused to their sites as a result of broken links, which would increase the likelihood that the site manager will respond to your request and use the content of your site instead of the broken link, and this means that you will get a backlink for your site.

12- Follow your competitors

Studying competitors and following them up is one of the basics of marketing strategy in any case, and the same applies to building backlinks. You must follow your competitors and learn about the most prominent strategies and techniques used by them to obtain a backlink. You can follow their channels on social media, subscribe to their mailing list, and follow the content they promote on their marketing channels constantly.

Use Google Alerts and create an alert with your competitor’s brand name to get a message every time they are mentioned on web pages. Thus, you will always be aware of all the backlinks that he gets and what techniques he uses for that, and then you can use them, in turn, to use them to improve the strength of your site.

There are services provided by specialized platforms to follow up on the backlinks obtained by your competitors, as you get from these services detailed reports periodically on all the backlinks obtained by those sites and a full analysis of them and their strengths, the most prominent of these platforms are Mentor Backlinks or Ahrefs that provide detailed reports on Your site and competitor sites so you can improve them and boost your digital presence.

13- Infographic

The spread of visual content has increased in recent periods, such as infographics and videos, and is widely used by various activities and brands for their ease of consumption as content by the public in terms of readability, interaction with it, and ease of publishing and sharing with others. Publishers around the world get a good amount of high-quality backlinks as a result of publishing the graphic information through it, as others use the infographic in their content with reference to the first source.

You can also use the infographic to get high-quality backlinks from different publishing sites and platforms. Find popular and current topics in your circle of activity, create a thousand Infographic stories, and then publish them on your various marketing channels. This type of content requires experienced designers who are able to turn data into storyboards, which you can easily get through Fiverr at reasonable prices.

14- Content Promotion

You will not get high-quality backlinks just by writing good content. Good content also needs good promotion so that others hear about it and thus accept it. Promote your best pieces of content to audiences interested in this type of content and the field in which you are active in order to ensure that enough categories of users see it, and thus find groups that are actually interested in and referring to your content.

Bloggers and influencers on social media platforms, Facebook groups related to your niche, answering some questions on Quora or some Reddit communities related to your brand niche may be a suitable option to promote the good content you write, or you can even use paid marketing channels such as Facebook and Twitter ads To promote your good content.

It is worth noting that these fourteen methods – and others – are not a magic wand, and once you work on any of them, you will get the text links you are looking for overnight. Rather, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it requires a lot of effort and time in follow-up, research, and communication, so you may need tools and services that will help you facilitate the follow-up of these tasks and manage them efficiently and effectively. So what are these tools that can help you with that?

The most important tools for managing your backlink strategy


Aherfs tool is not only for building and tracking backlinks but also as an explorer for the site as a whole. Through this tool, you will get a detailed report on all the backlinks that lead to your site, it will provide you with comprehensive reports on the performance of your site as a whole, if it suffers from any problems or errors that you must fix, in addition to the ability to track the performance of competitors in a timely and complete manner.

Also, the tool can suggest suitable sites and pages to get backlinks from, showing you who your competitors are getting backlinks from, and if you have any harmful backlinks to your site that should be disavowed, in addition to more other detailed reports to improve the performance of your site as a whole.


Through this Buzz Stream tool, you can get to know the best sites, entities, and influencers in your field, thus saving you a lot of effort and searching for the best sources to get backlinks from, providing you with many details about these entities and even the ability to communicate and follow up with them through the tool directly.

It also allows a special system to follow up on your efforts in building backlinks, whether you are working on it alone or with a team. You can set alerts and follow up on tasks, to collect in one place all the details you need to build backlinks to your site.

Moz Link Explorer

Through the Moz Link Explorer, you will take a look at all the sites and other pages that point to your site, you will learn about your competitors, opportunities to build backlinks to your site, and if any of your existing links are harmful and should be removed. All this is in detailed reports that you get once you create your account and start using the tool provided by Moz, the most famous technical service provider related to site configuration and development.

Raven SEO Tools

By using the Raven SEO Tools tool, you will learn about the backlinks that make your competitors outperform you in search results, which pages and types of content they excel in on your site, which sites refer to your pages, and how strong each of them is. Thus, you get detailed reports with the most important and prominent information that will help you get high-quality backlinks.

Link research tools

In addition to its specialization in building and following backlinks, Link Research Tools provides a lot of guidance and instructions to its users on how to build high-quality backlinks, and how to get rid of bad or harmful links to the site, along with other main services such as following backlinks to the site, analyzing competitor sites, identifying to the strength of other sites referring to your site and other important details of your link building strategy.

In conclusion, do not forget to tell us the methods that you prefer from this list to obtain a backlink for your site, or if you use different methods from it, it would be great if you told us about them through the comments.

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