18 ideas to launch your online store: Ideas for an online store

Online Store: E-commerce is a golden opportunity for any startup business and launch your Online Store and with the right planning and choosing the right strategy, success in the competitive market is easier than you expect. The critical step for the success of any online store is choosing attractive and profitable online store ideas, which is actually the hardest part. In this article, we will present a set of the most prominent e-store ideas to start your journey with.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a new term that found its way into the world of commerce in the early nineties of the last century when the Internet appeared and various websites began to appear on the web. It simply refers to the transactions in which individuals and companies sell or purchase products over the Internet.

E-commerce is not much different from traditional commerce as we know it, it is simply the process of buying and selling online, through an internal or external Internet. There are many types of e-commerce and we can simplify them into the following four types:

  • B2C Business to Consumer: Represents online purchases made between businesses and customers, such as a customer buying a product from an online store.
  • B2B Business to Business: Represents any digital business transaction between companies, such as the transaction between a supplier and an online store owner.
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C) commerce: It takes place between individuals, and companies are not a link in this digital business chain. For example, one of them sells a product to another individual via the Internet (communication, for example).
  • Consumer to Business (C2B): A sales transaction between a customer and a business, such as when a business purchases a product or service from an individual, influencer marketing is a form of customer trading for a business.

What does a successful online store idea look like?

The process of creating an online store has become very simple, and it no longer requires any experience in the field of programming and web design. There are dozens of successful e-commerce platforms that enable you to launch your online store easily and in simple steps, but to start your store easily does not mean that you succeed easily Or quickly, you need an idea, a plan, and a good dose of patience and effort.

But what does a good idea for a new online store look like? What are the requirements for a successful online store? Well, we can say that an online store idea is good if it is:

  • Distinctive and unique

Excellence is the key to rapid success in the online competition market, as there are thousands of competing online stores, and if you want to gain a good market share, you must offer a different product, or at least in a different way.

Try to ask yourself the following question: Why would the customer choose your store and your products over other competing stores? What is special about your store? What are the things that will distinguish you from other competitors?

  • scalable

The idea of ​​your store’s products must be scalable, for example, there is room to expand or update products, without affecting the continuity of your store’s reputation. On the other hand, avoiding any idea that could be temporary or a passing fad that does not have the possibility of continuing in the future, because is one of the most prominent mistakes in creating an online store.

  • good profit

Achieving the highest possible profit from your online store is essential in order for you to constantly develop your business prospects.

  • get your attention

Excellence requires creativity and creativity based on self-interest and passion, so try to choose products that appeal to you or at least pay attention to their general details.

Great online store ideas to start your journey with

Fortunately, the fields of e-commerce are very wide, and you can choose the area that you want to stand out in your store. You may find yourself at a loss while choosing the best products to sell online, especially with the dozens of ideas available to you.

Therefore, we have prepared, in our next distinguished list, unique and unique product ideas for selling online, to start your journey in the world of e-commerce strongly.

1- Gift shop

One of the most prominent profitable business ideas at the present time is the gift store, our social world of nature, occasions, and holidays, and with them of course gifts are very prevalent and popular, so opening a gift store will be one of the wonderful online store ideas for continuous profit, especially since most individuals rely on online search for Gift ideas, and it will be your chance to sell them the right gifts.

Here are some simple steps before you start creating your online store:

  • Study the local demographics and target customer base well: decide what age group and type of people you want to target in your store, for example, do you want to specialize in selling gifts to children, teens, girls, boys, men, women, or even the elderly?
  • Prepare a comprehensive study of competitors in your local market: what are they selling, who are their target customers, and what are their strengths and weaknesses? Make sure to take advantage of the strengths and try to secure the weaknesses in your store. For example, you may find that competing online stores do not provide delivery service or a warranty for the product sold, and you may take advantage of this feature in your store to gain customers.
  • Determine the style of the store: here we mean the design and the general character of it, will it take a childish character, for example, or a feminine one? Determining the style of the store will help you quickly attract customers to you.

What are the components of a generic gift shop? There is no fixed list of products that you can display in your store, so any product is suitable as a gift for an occasion that you can display, but here is a list of the most common types of gifts in our Arab world:

  • Accessories: wristwatches, pocket watches, women’s accessories, etc.
  • Perfumes: It includes women’s and men’s perfumes, and you can add a unique feature by providing an “on demand” perfume to differentiate itself from competitors.
  • Stylish wallets: they may be for men or even for women.
  • Luxury pens: one of the most prominent gifts for businessmen and engineers, and those who have continuous paperwork.
  • Make-up kits: such as the complete sets of make-up and cosmetics.
  • Stuffed dolls: very suitable for children and even adults.
  • luxury chocolate boxes

In fact, the list is long and you may have difficulty determining the products that you will sell in your store, but here is a general rule that will make it easier for you: Think about the occasions for which you want to provide common gifts, and this is a list of the most prominent of these occasions:

  • Marriage or engagement.
  • recovering from illness.
  • special birthdays.
  • Suitable for newborn babies.
  • Graduation from school or university.
  • Father’s or Mother’s Day.
  • A new job or promotion to a specific position.

There are a few points you should also keep in mind when creating an online gift shop:

  • Necessary features in the store

Such as the ability to browse the various types of gifts in the store, the written search feature, the feature of comparison and price presentation, the list of favorites, the ability to share products and their details, and finally, a clear way of communication with customer service.

  • Profitable additional services

Such as gift wrapping on demand, writing, printing or even engraving on gifts, writing occasions cards with different decorated fonts, and others.

  • Product Sourcing

There are three main sources that you can use: major gift shops, local merchants, and importers, you can also import your own products and search online for a supplier outside the country. This step gives you independence as well as additional profits, but it requires many regulatory and legal matters, which can be lengthy and complex.

2- electronics store

The past few years have seen an increasing demand for electronic devices, including phones, smartwatches, tablets, computers, and more. If you have a personal inclination to the world of electronics, the idea of ​​opening an electronics store may be one of the most profitable and enjoyable online store ideas at the same time.

There is a very long list of electronic devices required in our Arab countries, and here is a short list of the most prominent of these products:

  • laptop computers.
  • smartphones.
  • Tablet devices.
  • smartwatches.
  • printers.
  • Wired and wireless headphones.
  • Mobile chargers.
  • Portable Wi-Fi devices.
  • Portable storage devices such as USB sticks and external hard disks.
  • Cinema projectors (optical projectors).
  • Smartphone accessories of all shapes and sizes.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when designing an online store:

  • Must-have in-store features: Some of the features that you should include in your electronics store are: product videos, favorites list, compare features, rating, filtering, search, and more.
  • Where you will get the products: The available options usually include agents of international companies (their main advantage is that you can get a large discount on the quantity), suppliers, and finally Chinese and Asian trade platforms in general, as they represent great opportunities to obtain a diverse list of products at competitive prices very much, but it may not be guaranteed.
Products to Sell Online1
Online Store

3- Electronic children’s toys store

One of the most prominent and stable ideas of e-commerce projects and the long-term demand is the children’s toy store, as the continuous demand means many opportunities to sell and profit, especially through buying and selling online. So, opening your own online store for children’s toys will be a great and profitable idea in the long run.

What products will you display? Everything related to children or even young people, from plastic toys to dolls, and even electronic and card games and more. There will be dozens and perhaps hundreds of online stores competing in the same field, so how do you distinguish them from them? Well, the secret lies in several main points:

  • good source

What is meant here is the supplier or company from which you will import children’s products and toys, in which all of the following must be met: reputation, commitment, reliability, and quality. There are many Arab and international companies that have come a long way in producing appropriate and safe toys for children, through which they have gained a good reputation. Make sure that you adopt the products of these companies in your store, as it will increase the confidence of customers in you and distinguish you from other competitors.

  • Appropriate cost price

If you can get an attractive offer for the products that you will display in your store, you will have more control over the selling price of the products in your store, and thus more competition.

  • Excellence

Your best way to stand out is by studying your competitors and the nature of children in your community. Determine what games are most in demand in the market, select the best manufacturers of them, and then find the types of games that your competitors lack, and be sure to buy them in your store.

4- Pet supply store

Although our Arab society is not very familiar with pet breeding, that has changed a lot over the past few years, as pet breeding has become a fashion trend in many countries.

How can you invest in this reality to make profits? Simply, you can launch your online store to sell pet supplies, which is currently one of the most prominent ideas for selling products online. You can sell a long list of products necessary to raise any pet, including:

  • food products.
  • Pharmaceutical products.
  • accessories.
  • Care and grooming products and more.

Here are some important points, that you should keep in your calculations to succeed in a pet supply store business:

  • Expert Consultation

As easy as this project may seem, a consultation with a veterinarian or pet specialist can help you select the right products (especially pharmaceutical, therapeutic, or nutritional products).

  • Study competitors

In order to succeed, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and invest them well in your project, and always try to answer this question: How can you be distinguished from these competitors?

  • Add something new

In order to gain the trust of customers in your store, you must provide them with some features, such as the direct consultation feature, and the inquiries system (inquiry tickets), these features will help you to attract customers who are interested in their pets to buy from your store.

  • Provide additional services

To establish your presence in the competitive market, you will need to provide different services, for example, you can provide breeding, care or dressage services, health care and treatment services, and even breeding services (assisting pet reproduction), in addition to pet supplies in your store, so it will be a comprehensive destination for any A client interested in his pet.

5- Online sweet shop

If you are skilled in preparing sweets and have unique recipes, you can invest this talent in an online sweets store project. Selling sweets is currently one of the simple and distinctive electronic store ideas, because all the products in your store will be your production, and this means that you can control the availability of these products, and you are not linked to any external supply or production chain.

From recipes for biscuits, cake, and chocolate, to recipes for popular and western desserts and more, you can display any dish you like in your store. All you need after creating your own store or account on any of the e-commerce platforms is an attractive design for the store with some distinctive recipes.

Among the important requirements that you must meet in your store in order to be distinguished from your competitors:

  • Provide real, professional photos of the recipes that you serve in your sweet shop.
  • Offer attractive offers in terms of price and quality of sweets.
  • Review the opinions of some satisfied customers with your store’s products.
  • Credibility is that the sweets displayed in the store match the orders that you meet with customers on the ground.

6- Online jewelry store

If you are interested in the world of jewelry and precious jewels, you can start a successful and profitable business process through your own online store, as the market for these products is high and stable throughout the year, and the competition for them is somewhat low. So, succeeding in it will not be a difficult task, especially if you are a professional in this field.

There are many items that encourage investment in this field, including:

  • With the great value of jewelry, which remains stable most of the time, there is no fear of loss.
  • The small size of the products means that they are easy to ship, handle and store, you don’t even need a store, you can put them in a safe place in your home.
  • The wide variety of jewelry brands and designs, and allows you to stand out from the competition.

You can display any type of jewelry, from traditional gold and white gold to silver, emeralds, diamonds, and more. Of course, it depends on the amount of investment capital you have prepared for this project. Here are some important points that you should stand at regarding opening an online jewelry store:

  • The profit margin in this type of trade is very uneven and averages 50-75%, however, it is better for you to gain the trust of your customers, and to be clear about the pricing policy when selling any type of jewelry in your store.
  • The luxurious and distinctive design of the store is very important. The target customer segment of these products is mostly the high-end class, who cares about these items to the utmost.
  • Opening a jewelry store, even if it is electronic, may require some legal transactions, according to the laws prevailing in your country, so you must take into account this part to ensure the reliability of your store.

7- cosmetics store

If you are looking for small, profitable, and inexpensive business ideas, then the idea of ​​a cosmetic store is a solid suggestion to include in your list. The high demand market in our societies for these products, and the supply that is relatively short to meet a large amount of demand, means a golden opportunity for quick profits.

Of course, there are some essential points that you must keep in mind, in order to stand out among the large competition audience:

  • Choose well-known and trusted international brands, and stay away from brands that are unknown or not popular in your country.
  • Adopt an attractive female design for your online store. The appearance and attractive elements in the store are important elements to win the customer’s admiration and push them to buy your products.
  • Make sure to write an accurate and comprehensive description of each of your beauty products, as there are many customers who pay attention to the smallest details and base their purchase decision on them.
  • Adding features to your store such as price according to the country (the currency changes according to the geographical location of the customer), the shopping cart, the list of favorites, and the feature of comparing products and others will be a good and distinctive step for your store.

8- Photography Equipment Store

If you are interested in the field of photography and have good experience in it, you can invest your knowledge with suitable capital to launch a profitable business. This field has a great peculiarity, as both the supply and the demand for it are few, but it is sufficient to achieve good profits if you are a professional and have prepared a good management and marketing plan for your store.

What products can you display in a photographic equipment store? The list is long, but here are some of the most prominent and common equipment and items used by novice and professional photographers alike:

  • Cameras of all kinds and shapes.
  • lenses.
  • Tripod.
  • Secondary or additional batteries.
  • Flashes and batteries have different photographic filters.
  • Photographic equipment cleaning tools.
  • Camera bags.
  • Boxes for photography sessions, product photography, and more.
Products to Sell Online
Online Store

9- Online perfume store

We cannot complete the list of the most prominent online store ideas without mentioning the idea of ​​the perfume store, which has gained great popularity in our community over the past few years. If you are a fan of perfumes, composition, and preparation, launching your own online store would be a great idea.

Through the perfume store, you can offer international perfume products, and you can also stand out in the competitive market by preparing your own mixtures of oriental and western perfumes. Since the customer cannot try a fragrance and know what it smells like and whether he will like it or not, it is important to detail the ingredients of each perfume in sufficient detail.

10- glasses shop

Another great option to start your journey into the world of e-commerce. High demand and required starting capital, in addition to the ease of inventory management and rapid inventory rotation for this type of product. All of these elements make the idea of ​​launching an online eyewear store one of the most profitable online store ideas.

From sunglasses to prescription eyeglasses and magnifying lenses for adults, to children’s eyewear and individual design eyewear, there is a long list of products you can adopt in the eyewear store.

One of the advantages that you can distinguish from a large percentage of competitors is the provision of special design service for glasses, where you can prepare a questionnaire, an order, or even a special tool within your store, allowing the customer to choose the design, color, and elements he prefers in the glasses so that you provide him with matching glasses.

11- flower shop

Another unique idea that we find it necessary to include in our list of the most prominent ideas of electronic stores is if you find in yourself a passion and love for this field. The project of opening an online flower shop may seem simple and small, and perhaps unsuccessful at first glance, but it will be a wonderful and profitable project if you plan it well and give it enough passion.

The store can include everything related to flowers and roses, whether for home use or for private or public events. For example, you can display in your online store various types of common and rare flowers, in addition to providing flower arranging services in bouquets dedicated to various occasions.

All you will need to launch this project is a place dedicated to growing flowers, it may just be a neglected room in your house, of course, the room should be airy and sunny, as well as a good knowledge of how to care for each type of flower. Here are some tips for a successful flower shop:

  • The store design is one of the main factors to attract customers, make sure that the design is attractive and attractive, and of course, flowery, full of beautiful flower designs.
  • It is good to categorize your store in detail, for example, to put categories of flowers, others with flowers, and a third, for example, with bouquet designs, and perhaps some categories of flowers for weddings or holidays, and others.
  • By way of distinction, you can add the feature of a custom selection of flower bouquets for customers, so that customers can choose the flowers they want, and add them to the customer’s flower bouquet, which you can put under an attractive name such as “My Bouquet”.
  • You can also add a “Baqati Design” feature, whereby customers and visitors can choose from a unique list of flower arrangements for their occasions.
  • Make sure to include in your store the details of each type of flower and what distinguishes it, and some general information about its origin and characteristics, along with beautiful pictures of it from your own collection.

12- bag store

If you are looking for a simple and profitable electronic store idea, then the bag store project will be very suitable for you; It requires neither deep knowledge nor experience in this field in order to be able to satisfy your customers. Through this store, you can display various types of bags and their accessories, such as belts and decorative accessories that can be hung on bags and others.

The secret to success in this type of store lies in three keys:

  • Good e-marketing: It is the key to the quick and long-term success of any e-project.
  • Balanced price range: We mean to provide a price range that covers a large margin of different layers of customers, from the rich class looking for old and expensive brands, to the classes trying to find a product with good quality and price.
  • Satisfactory quality: By providing a wide range of products of medium, good, and high quality, and avoiding poor quality products, even if they are at competitive prices. Competition with quality and quality is the goal that you should keep in mind in your store.

13- Online book store

If you are a fan of reading and buying books, one of the most profitable online store ideas for you is to launch your own online store for books. There are three types of books that you can adopt in your book store, print books, e-books, and finally audiobooks.

You can adopt any of the three types, and it is best to provide them all in your store in order to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Of course, your store should be completely legal, free of any books that you don’t have the right to sell or publish. To provide this condition, you can do either or possibly both of the following:

  • Buy a certain amount of books that you will display in your store at a wholesale price from one of the publishing houses in your area, and then display and sell them in your store.
  • Purchase the electronic copyright of each book from the publishers responsible for it.

The main key to success in the book store is to determine the type of readers that you will target and with it the most prominent contemporary books that meet the tendencies and desires of this category of readers and then adopt these books in your store. There are hundreds of categories and thousands of books, and you can’t view all of them in your store. So, you have to choose some items that stand out in your store.

14- Online clothing store

With the expansion of marketing, fashion has become of many dimensions, most notably clothes. It has become an open and continuous market, and better than that, it has become a renewed destination that follows fashion and what is prevalent in society; This means that customers are willing to buy new clothes, even if their old clothes don’t need to be replaced.

From here we can see that the idea of ​​an online clothing store will be a successful and profitable idea. Of course, it requires some planning and sufficient knowledge of tastes and fashions; In other words, what customers are looking for in our time. In general, there are five main keys to the success of an online clothing store, which are:

  1. Choosing certain segments of individuals and adopting the clothes specific to these segments, such as dedicating your store to men’s, women’s, or children’s wear. You can also stand out in a narrower field of clothing, such as adopting the clothes of businessmen or brides, and others.
  2. Choosing the right quality and prices, and there is no harm in choosing a wide margin for these two elements, such as choosing luxurious clothes at relatively high prices, and others of acceptable quality at competitive prices.
  3. Keeping abreast of the prevailing fashion constantly. The culture of our Arab society and the clothes that appeal to its members are constantly changing, so you must be aware of this change, which of course serves the morals and obligations of our society.
  4. Adding some distinctive services to your store, for example, a drawing service or printing custom phrases or graphics that the customer chooses on clothes, as well as choosing colors and perhaps models or designs from among the different designs that you provide to him in your store.
  5. Credibility is the primary key to success. You must be honest about the quality and details of the apparel products you offer, and the photos and specifications must exactly match what the customer will get after purchasing from your store.

There are many sources that you will rely on to supply your store’s clothes, the simplest of which is to deal with local stores, workshops, and clothing companies in your area. And if you want to go an extra step, you can contract with international clothing companies and display their products in your store.

15-Sports Equipment Store

If you are a sports enthusiast and have a good knowledge of tools, devices, and equipment in various fields of sports, one of the most prominent ideas of electronic stores that you can adopt is a sports equipment store. You do not need to be a professional in a sport in order to be able to sell its equipment, it is enough to have some knowledge of the most prominent equipment in each sport and its types.

There is a long list of products that you can sell in your store, and it is not a good idea to try to adopt all of them in your store, but you should dedicate your store to specific sports items, and then provide customers with all the equipment they need in those sports.

16- natural products store

Another unique idea with which you can start your journey in the field of e-commerce, especially if you have a good knowledge of natural products and materials used in various types of health care and care. What distinguishes this field is that it is a pioneering field; In the sense that individuals in our societies began to migrate from industrial products to natural products in various fields.

There are many products and varieties that you can offer, ranging from skincare products to hair care, to natural ointments and medicines, to natural extracts and mixtures that nourish the body, and much more.

It is necessary to specialize in a certain number of areas of natural products, for example, care and nutrition products. Because dividing your store with dozens of unrelated items will confuse the customer, and your specialization will make your store a good destination for those looking for specific and reliable products.

17- Handmade product website

One of the most prominent product ideas to sell online for those who enjoy high craftsmanship and good taste in making products is a site for selling handmade products. So if you find in yourself enough skills to make handicrafts and want to invest in them to earn profits, then the idea of ​​an online store will be a great start for you.

Anything that falls under the handmade masterpieces that you master can be a good product to display and sell, and the range, number, and types of shop products are determined by you and your skill in making various crafts. What distinguishes this idea is that it is completely independent; Meaning that you will not need a source or supplier to bring the products of your store, but rather they will be of your own making, and this generates a kind of self-sufficiency for your store.

Of course, if you do not want to make crafts yourself, you can buy and display them in your store, but if you want long-term success, it is necessary that your store product ideas be your creativity. Here are some tips that will help you succeed in the craft store:

  • The store design is very important, there is no harm in some attractive artistic designs and backgrounds related to craft products in general.
  • Good photography of your handiwork and showing it in a striking way, perhaps with some technical details about it will be a good step to catch the attention of customers.
  • You can add many features to your store, for example, the “Custom Handwork Design” feature, which allows customers to fill out an order to make their own handicraft according to their desires.
  • E-marketing is an urgent necessity for this type of store. Make sure that you invest in all forms of marketing, including social media, to showcase your masterpieces and attract customers to your store.

18- A website to sell used tools

At first glance, the idea may not seem very attractive, so who would be interested in buying second-hand tools? In fact, there are a lot of customers from different classes who are interested in buying used items, especially old and rare ones.

If you have a lot of used devices, tools, or parts in your pocket that you don’t find use or use for you, you can simply sell them in your store, you will be surprised how many people will be interested in buying them at an attractive price.

You can also buy used items from other people or specialty stores in your area, so that they are of good quality and usable or at least someone can be interested in buying them, and then display them in your store and add a satisfactory profit margin.

What is unique about this idea is that it is simple and does not require large initial capital, nor does it specialize in a particular field, so any used tool or piece of any category or category can be displayed in your store, of course, the key to success is to choose used products that are in good condition and display them in a striking manner. And make sure, to be honest, and transparent in describing and displaying the product, and delivering it with the same details displayed in your store in order to gain the trust of your customers.

7 Key Factors That Boost Your Online Store’s Success

There are seven basic items that are required for a successful online store:

  1. Planning and management

Good planning for your online store consists in building a clear picture of each of the ideas, means, and results required from the project. This includes the feasibility study, market study, SWOT analysis, and other steps to create a successful online store.

In addition to good planning, a successful project needs successful management, so it is better to learn the foundations of successful management and to be constantly on top of your business, even if you are not directly involved in it.

  1. Ingenious design

Attractive design and relevant to store content is a necessary element to attract customers’ attention and win their admiration, to provide this condition you must have extensive experience in the field of web design, whether via content management platforms (CMS) or across programming languages.

You can rely on experts in this field through Fiverr, the largest freelance platform, where you can put up your own work within online store design projects, and you will find a long list of qualified experts to get the work done and you can choose the right expert for you.

  1. Attractive logo

The logo is the message that you want to send to your audience, explaining the concept of your business and the services provided. The more attractive the designed logo, the more your brand will be remembered. If you do not have a logo for your brand, you can hire a professional logo designer on Fiverr, the largest Arab freelance platform, to design a distinctive logo for your store.

  1. Unique content

Unique and credible content and close relevance to the store’s products are very essential to gaining customer satisfaction and trust, as well as getting the search results ranked quickly. So you need an experienced content writer, now hire a professional content writer on the Fiverr platform, to prepare you unique content that will attract customers.

  1. Apply SEO standards

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the basic elements of success and winning customers through different search engines, getting your store to search results is necessary to attract customers who are looking for your products. What makes you need an SEO expert to manage your site settings and content so that it matches the standards of search engines?

  1. Good Marketing

Marketing is the primary key to the success of any electronic project, so you must invest effort, time, and sufficient financial and human resources, in order to manage a successful marketing campaign for your store. Through the Fiverr platform, you can hire a professional digital marketer to prepare the appropriate marketing strategy for your online store.

  1. Continuous development

One of the most common denominators of successful online stores is the continuous development and expansion of the store, including updating store items, adding new features, expanding hosting, and improving the overall experience of users and visitors.

Finally, there are dozens of unique online store ideas and the list is actually very long, so you are not limited to these ideas, any unique and unique idea may be a successful starting point for your e-commerce career, with some effort, investment, good planning and a dose of patience, you will find yourself in Bridging the competition in the world of buying and selling online in a short time.

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