20 of the best products to sell online

You will not be able to start e-commerce without knowing the best products to sell on the Internet, especially since the choice of the product directly affects the success of the online store. But it poses a great challenge for many entrepreneurs, especially as it requires more market research, customer needs analysis, and other important considerations that measure the feasibility of the product before incorporation.

What are the best products to sell online?

The competition in e-commerce is very strong, which leads you to the necessity of choosing a suitable product and distinguishes you from others. Often the products are generally categorized into two parts, the first is consumer products that are demanded by everyone and sold in various stores, and the second includes specialized products that are made by hand and give you a competitive advantage. So, what are the best products to sell online?

digital products

Digital products are any intangible or tangible product, such as courses and e-books. It also includes smartphone applications, various templates, documents, designs, icons, and symbols that can be sold or purchased through digital product stores.

What distinguishes this strongly rising market is the ease of receiving the product immediately upon purchase, there is no need for shipping at all. The customer often receives digital products through the online store, email, or any other digital medium.

In the trade of digital products, there is no problem to find a place to store them, and with it, you can generate continuous passive income, which gives you a great opportunity to increase your profits. Therefore, many people tend to sell digital products as one of the best-selling products on the internet.


The world of electronics includes many devices that are among the best products for sale on the Internet, such as TVs, monitors, desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices. It is a trendy market that contains essential products that are now indispensable. But it is important to find reliable suppliers, who have the ability to provide high-quality electronic products, to be competitive and be able to generate high revenue in this crowded sector.

Electronic commerce dominates about 42% of the volume of e-commerce in the world. But success in this field is not as easy as some think, and it is better to conduct a feasibility study for your project before starting, and if you are not free to do so, you can hire a freelance feasibility study specialist through Fiverr, the largest freelance platform, to prepare a comprehensive and professional feasibility study for your project.

electronic accessories

If you are looking for product ideas for e-commerce, why not get started in the electronic accessories market? These accessories include projectors of various types, smartphone accessories including chargers, Bluetooth headsets, phone camera lenses, tripods for mobile devices, etc.

The problem that sellers face when selling electronic accessories is that most of them are sensitive supplies that require special storage to avoid any damage or malfunction, in addition to the obstacles that prevent the customer from trying the product first, which affects the percentage of sales in the end. Therefore, it is advisable in this case to adopt a good and satisfactory return policy for the customer, and to cooperate with the consumer in the after-sales stage.

smart products

If you are looking for high-profit e-commerce product ideas, then smart products might be the right choice. You can create an online store that sells smartwatches, PDAs, virtual reality devices, Bluetooth speakers, and other smart products.

However, it is preferable to specialize in one or two products initially, while studying the requirements of the target market. For example, smartwatches are one of the wearables that are experiencing huge growth, so why not start their online business?

Beauty and personal care products

There is no doubt that these products are among the best products to sell on the Internet. These products include a wide range of skin and hair care supplies, cosmetics and makeup, and other personal care supplies.

To succeed in the beauty and personal care market, you must own a successful brand that can compete and stand out, sell the products of successful brands on social media, or create your own online store, and your strategy may later include collaborating with influencers, brand ambassadors and content marketers.

Health and fitness products

The demand for health and fitness products has increased in recent years, to the point that they have become some of the best-selling products on the Internet. Shoppers look at it from a broader perspective, not just on fitness, but on physical and mental health, physical appearance, and nutrition.

If you aspire to establish your online business in this market, you must first study your competitors well, be a specialist in this field, and have the necessary knowledge and education so that you can provide the right advice to avoid any health damage to customers.

Maternity and baby care products

Maternity and baby care products have boomed over the past years, making them some of the best products for e-commerce. Statistics indicate that the size of this market may exceed 8 billion US dollars by 2027.

Maternity and baby care products in online stores range from convenient baby carriers, digital baby thermometers, soiled diaper storage containers, baby monitors, nursing and feeding essentials, and much more that moms-to-be demand for newborns.

pet care products

Pet products are not limited to food, food, and water containers only, but also include animal toys, waste disposal tools, clothing, nutritional supplements, oils, and more.

Starting to sell pet care products on the Internet requires several things, most notably; The necessity of specialization and experience in the field of animal handling and care, in addition to monitoring the demand for pet care products in your country and abroad if you plan to expand, and cooperating with the right suppliers who provide high-quality products and suit the needs of your audience to ensure that their desires are met.

jewelry and accessories

No matter how styles and tastes have changed over the decades, jewelry and fashion accessories will remain desirable and popular in different societies, and it has become one of the best areas of e-commerce.

Products made of precious metals such as gold, silver, and precious stones include bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, luxury jewelry sets, and other adornments inlaid with gold and silver.

There are many reasons why jewels are one of the best products to sell on the Internet, most notably their ability to keep the value of money and ease of storage, and it is an essential way to adorn women and retain their value in times of crisis.

Perfume and musk

Everyone loves to smell the beautiful scent and put on perfume daily, hence the spread of perfumes and musk products, and it became one of the best products for sale on the Internet,

Before starting e-commerce from the perfume portal, you must be familiar with all kinds of international perfumes, understand the preferences of your target audience, and know the characteristics of consumers very accurately.

You can start promoting and selling perfumes first through social media, with the need to engage and interact with consumers, and build direct relationships with customers to maintain their loyalty and attract their attention.

At an advanced stage, you can create an online store to sell through, while following appropriate marketing strategies such as marketing through search engines, and content marketing by creating meaningful content that educates the audience and motivates them to buy from your store, in line with their needs.

Gifts and handicrafts

The online gift and craft market is an opportunity for artisans, designers, and handicraft makers, as it includes home décor textiles, bath items, handcrafted antiques, as well as candle making, gifts, and more.

Once you have considered the online gift and handicraft business, you should know the channels through which these crafts can be sold. Often the beginning is by selling through pages and groups on social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

It is important to know the true cost of your product, as it is not limited to the price of materials and components that the product is made of, but also includes your experience and manufacturing time, marketing costs, customer service, and shipping fees. It is important to diversify your handicraft promotion channels so that you can easily find potential customers.

children play

Now almost no home is without children’s toys, it’s a great consumer market, and it’s always a good choice to go digital no matter what the cost of your business. If you have a limited budget, you can start selling certain types of games through social networks, but if the budget is large, you may expand the sale of various games through your online store.

In any case, good strategic planning must be done before starting to sell children’s toys online, by creating a list of the most important and popular toy products, and choosing attractive and fun toys that suit the child’s age, mentality, and curiosity.

Office and school supplies

Office and school products are essential consumer goods in any country. They include writing instruments such as pens and erasers, desk organizers, pencil cases, notebooks, and paintbrushes, as well as paper products, paper clips, sticky notes, and other art and office supplies.

Selling office and school supplies remotely requires the availability of a set of basics, on top of which is the need to understand the target market, and know the needs of potential customers from students, teachers, and others. In addition to learning how to run your business, studying the challenges you may face during the startup phase and beyond, and developing strategies to overcome them.

Auto Accessories

Car accessories are one of the best products for e-commerce, it includes a wide range of essential merchandise for car owners such as portable vacuum cleaners, seat and steering wheel covers, car phone holders, as well as car electronics, seat covers, floor mats, basic spare parts, and new car accessories. and used.

Setting up an online car accessories business requires a huge amount of capital, especially since many car accessories are very expensive. Therefore, you should study the accessories that you intend to sell before buying, make sure that they meet the needs of potential customers, and then determine a fair price for the product after calculating the costs of packaging and shipping so that you do not fall into a loss.

travel accessories

Imagine that you decided to go abroad, so what products might you need during your trip? You might want to buy luggage carts, bag locks, digital luggage scales, packing and compressing products, ergonomic neck, and back pillows, phone and laptop lockers, and other travel accessories.

These accessories are some of the best products to sell online, especially if you are keen on stocking new supplies and updating your product list regularly. Travelers are always looking for trendy products mixed with creative designs.

clothes and fashion

The clothing and fashion trade is widely popular all over the world, as it is one of the indispensable products. But before you start selling it on the Internet, consider a set of necessities, most notably studying the quality of clothes that you will sell. Ask yourself: Do you want to sell formal or informal clothes? Men’s or women’s clothing? How relevant is it to the target audience?

Do not forget to do market research, search for the best suppliers and manufacturers, and choose the best based on the quality of the clothes, the reputation of the supplier, and the specific budget, so that it is time to communicate with them before launching your online store because it takes a long time.

To increase your revenue selling clothing across your platform, follow best practices for attracting potential customers, such as including high-quality, professional photos of clothing, writing short, clear descriptions of size, size, and brand name, and ensuring that clothing images fit across all devices.

Shoes, bags, and wallets

Although shoes and bags are among the best products to sell on the Internet, their trading is full of challenges, because they are tangible products that need actual experience before buying. So, make sure to deal with reliable suppliers, and choose high-quality products. With the need to carefully inspect the products before receiving them from the suppliers to detect any possible damage.

Then you can display your products online in a simple and attractive way; For example, explain to the audience the quality of your products and the ingredients made by writing comprehensive and integrated descriptions. In addition to photographing products from different angles, including interior shots, and providing an easy return and exchange policy.

In addition to developing a successful marketing strategy that encourages the audience to buy, such as discounts, giving free gifts to customers, or sending samples to influencers on social media platforms to try and share them with followers.

drinking utensils

If you’re looking for a difference, why not consider selling premium drinkware online? Drinkware includes elegant teapots and decorative cups, bottles that keep drinks fresh, and reusable water bottles.

But one of the biggest challenges you may face in this field is the constantly changing customer needs. So always conduct regular customer surveys on customer needs and product feedback, and focus on providing innovative and unique drinkware with eye-catching designs.

Storage and organization tools

Storage and organization tools are products that are used for the purpose of organizing and storing things to keep them for a longer period of time, such as cosmetics and makeup organizers, food storage containers, as well as clothes and shoe storage boxes, desk drawer organizers, etc.

Before you start selling storage and organization products online, it is important to know which tools are selling the most on popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, as this can help you identify the products and the interests of your target audience.

Kitchen equipment and utensils

Kitchen equipment and utensils are among the most common needs of any household, and they are considered a low-risk and easy-to-implement e-commerce field. But if you are looking for excellence in selling kitchen supplies and equipment, it is better to have production lines based on creating unique kitchen tools, blending practical and fun to use, or buying from trusted suppliers, who have attractive and multifunctional kitchen products.

Steps to Getting Started in E-Commerce

Any project based on randomness and lack of planning will surely end in failure and loss. Selling online requires developing a strategic and marketing plan before starting a business, to enhance success rates and increase sales, competitiveness, and continuity. So, how do you enter the world of E-Commerce? How do you choose the best products for e-commerce?

First Step: Choose the Products to Sell

The starting point in the world of online commerce, you start by thinking about the problems that people face in their lives and how to solve them. It is not necessary for your product to be unmatched or your service complex to achieve high sales. The most important thing is to provide a product that is effective, easy to use, and contributes to solving a problem for the audience, with the need for the product to have a competitive advantage and value that gives you a strong position in the market.

You can identify the best products to sell online, by finding out which products are related to your interests and hobbies or backed by market research, and search for the most popular items on e-commerce platforms. In addition to this, it is necessary to analyze their suitability for the target market, verify demand rates, and review recent product trends. Hence, choosing the best e-commerce products that suit your business.

Step Two: Define your target audience

Suppose you promote products without defining the target audience or knowing the buyer persona, what is the result of that? Of course, you won’t get the attention of potential customers and you won’t generate any revenue, and thousands of dollars may be wasted on marketing ads directed to an incorrect audience in the first place. Hence the importance of determining the personality of the customer or buyer.

Therefore, this step is no less important than defining the products, as the target audience must be studied in depth to understand their requirements, interests, hobbies, and education level. Ask yourself: What are the ages of the segments and target groups? What is the entry-level of potential customers? What are their needs? Does the product you offer meet their aspirations? What are the most prominent buying behaviors that they follow? How does the product reach your customers?

Step Three: Establish Your Business

Once you have identified the products and target audience, you can start setting up your online business, choosing a unique and attractive name for your brand, and don’t forget to register your business in compliance with your country’s regulations.

And the implementation of this step comes after conducting market research and studying competitors and discovering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats using the SWOT Analysis method, during which you start appearing online to increase awareness of your brand, form a direct relationship with your customers, build trust and interact with them.

Step Four: Sell Online

Now, you have two options to start your online business, the first of which is to use and benefit from one of the existing sales portals such as Amazon or Noon. Millions of consumers make purchases through them, due to their loyalty and great trust in these platforms. It also helps new sellers to test the demand for their products, and measure the feasibility of establishing an online store to sell products or not.

However, despite these advantages, these platforms prevent sellers from building personal relationships with shoppers, do not enable them to view customer data reports, and receive high commissions for their services.

Therefore, creating a professional online store is the best option, as it gives you the independence you want, and through it, you can know all the data you want about customers, track all their movements before and after completing the purchase process, and help you build successful and long-term relationships with your customers, which gives you the ability to reach the fore.

Now hire a professional WordPress developer from Fiverr, the largest freelance platform, to develop a unique online store, and provide you with e-commerce solutions and protection means to ensure safe shopping through your store away from hacking and theft of personal data of customers.

Step Five: Promote Your Products

Fortunately, the marketing channels that help entrepreneurs and startups to promote their products and services are diverse. Most notably, email marketing, SEM marketing, SEO optimization, promotion through various social media sites, affiliate marketing, content marketing, as well as traditional marketing channels.

Marketing channels play a huge role in increasing brand awareness, expanding the customer base, and converting new shoppers into loyal customers. But you should know the effective and appropriate marketing channels for your audience, and they can be determined based on your marketing objectives, understanding the stages of the buyer’s journey, studying your audience and their locations, and the electronic media they use. This helps you to provide marketing content that suits their interests and achieve expansion and spread.


E-Commerce is a vast world that needs more work, effort, and perseverance to achieve your desired goals. At the beginning of your journey with online commerce, you need to select the best products for e-commerce very carefully, choose low-risk selling methods, and focus on the factors and channels that put you in control of your business.


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