200 Affiliate Marketing Fields and Places to Try in 2022

Affiliate Marketing: Finding the right area of ​​interest is important in the event that you are just starting your career in affiliate marketing and need to thrive in this incredibly growing field.

Just like traders and entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers need to identify a worthwhile area of ​​business while working on something they are passionate about. It is important to identify the area that motivates you every day. But it should additionally provide you with a continuous circulation of revenue, especially if you need a continuous supplemental income.

Advantages of Obtaining an Area of ​​Interest for Affiliate Marketing

Identifying your area of ​​interest (also referred to as “vertical”) – or the unique stage of the market you need to reach – is a feature that you can only access in the following ways:

Focus on a specific audience (for affiliate marketing)
Start with a smaller target market to build relationships faster.

Enhance the presentation of income and profits.

When you are able to address your fans more personally, you may discover their desires as well as the time and method they need to fulfill their desires. This understanding will make it simpler to identify the services or products that need to be offered and when they are being sold.

Appear as a professional within the field of your choice.

By specializing in a specific area of ​​interest, you can build your recognition as a personality fit for something related to your field. Being a Head of Concepts will build trust, which allows you to grow your fans more easily.

How do I discover an area of ​​interest?

You can take the following steps to determine the most worthwhile area that matches your interests:

Keeping abreast of developments in the market at the present time.

You can turn to the weblog and social media posts of respected companies or personalities in your chosen fields to study developments within the industry. Google trends and information media are also accurate assets for studies.

Check fee rates.

Study how much you will earn from each sale you make for your affiliate website or social network. But you may also want to realize that the packages associated with extra commissions usually consist of hard-to-sell merchandise.
Also, find out if there are different possibilities of monetization in this area except for commissions.

Move to low-competition sectors.

Look for an area with a lot of competition. Conducting keyword studies can give you an understanding of how important a particular area of ​​interest is. CPC method so that the competition is excessive due to the fact that people are paying for services or products, keywords and quantity research indicates the length of your market capacity in that area of ​​interest.

Check its traffic sources.

Visit the major websites and social media channels in your area. Then identify the assets that site visitors generate – organic traffic, paid to advertise, or posts on social media (and on what social platforms)?

Choose evergreen markets in particular.

It is good to discover an area of ​​interest with endless charm and perpetual market shopping that you can take advantage of every year – known as evergreen content to become commission shopping amidst changing customer needs from season to season. For example, customer needs in the health or home décor and furnishing sectors vary by season, but there are plenty of campaigns to try out of season. Meanwhile, marketers involved in gaming-related fields can experiment with the performance of the latest software and hardware, which can unfold at some point in an entire year. Shoppers are also interested in related goods, from clothes to toys and jewelry.

The 16 most profitable and valuable industries in 2022

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affiliate marketing,affiliate marketing,


Subcategories: Computers (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets), VPN, TVs, Remote Controls, Webcams, Microphones, Headphones, Headphones, Printers, Projectors, Software & Apps, Smartphones, peripherals (including power banks and chargers), smart speakers,

and GPS for cars, monitoring devices (for luggage, keys, elderly patients), drones, photographic and video equipment, network hosting, area hosting, virtual advertising, marketing software equipment (including search engine marketing analysis, Email control, competing adware, web page builder, paperwork and plug-ins)

Technology is a broad topic that covers almost all factors of living. As for the reason for this list, the obstetric subcategories specifically consist of equipment that people use in business, home office, entertainment, and education (home protective equipment, kitchen, and house cleaning fall under the home and garden concern area). It is the best for affiliate marketing

US consumers make up 33% of the entire global generation market, which is expected to be worth more than $5.3 trillion in 2022, according to CompTIA research. This quarter is expected to evolve further with the advent of remote work as well as the adoption of non-fixed and paid equipment that helps new marketers with financing as well as custom control and engagement.

affiliate marketing,

Games and eSports

Subcategories: video games, sports apartment service, sports lessons, live broadcasts, online and mobile tournaments, betting, sports tests, sports coins, sports tokens and keys (for people improvements and sports boosters), hardware and accessories (desktops, laptops, monitors and boards keys, mice, photo cards, controllers, headphones, joysticks, webcams, microphones, speakers, audio mixers, gaming chairs, desks) and related products including clothing, collectibles, and home décor. A great way to create a website and affiliate marketing.

The theme of gaming is growing as the network allows players from unique places throughout the arena to connect and play collectively in real-time. Statista estimates the global athlete population at 3.24 billion. Meanwhile, the Entertainment Software Association says there could be 227 million gaming fans in America in 2022. More than 40% of those who play video games achieve this for relaxation and relaxation, and over 12% of game enthusiasts call it ‘in line with the stats. from Newzoo.


Subcategories: music content materials, playlist applications, broadcast services, physical or digital devices, associated products (including clip tuners and virtual counters), studio equipment, soundproofing, recording software, DJ equipment, local karaoke structures, audio products,

Dance (clothing, shoes, and lessons), waterproof speakers, CDs, audio files, online lessons (for audio and hardware), pupil scheduling and fee control, event tracking, promotional services, music gift items Music boxes.

Gaining and demonstrating musical abilities will turn the track area into interest as online equipment for music learning and listening without difficulty in accessing. Allied Market Research predicts that the worldwide live streaming market will develop and grow to $24.71 billion by 2027.

The ever-growing range of options will continue to increase the consumption of music of every genre and the crossovers among various distribution channels. This consists of social media (particularly TikTok and Instagram among millennials) and video games (for teens) that turned into $21.6 billion in 2020, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

Dance is another sub-field worth exploring, being a widely used technique for self-expression or even advertising and marketing in this TikTok era. YouTube content suggests that American hip-hop music is becoming increasingly popular.

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affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing,


Subcategories: Movies (subscriptions and rentals), paid TV shows (sports and non-sports activities), movie tickets, DVDs, home theater gadgets and furniture, and collectibles. A great way to create a website and affiliate marketing.

The demand for video-on-demand streaming services for shows is expected to reach $94 billion by 2025 as it is known as OTT (sports and non-sports) video, even on smartphones. The excellent flexibility of time search as well as content material and pricing alternatives will keep movie fans coming back again for more information.

Meanwhile, the film agencies are so constructive that stay in broadcast and film can coexist. Comscore reports that the North American fieldwork place grossed $4.5 billion in 2021. However, theaters showing high-budget films featuring internationally beloved stars and computer graphics should top the spotlight offering to movie fans who have invested in huge amounts of screens and sound systems Excellent local.


Subcategories: telehealth, over-the-counter medications, blood testing, incontinence safety products, wound care supplies, diagnostic tools (stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, ear endoscopes), scientific alert systems, mobility aids (chairs) mobile devices, walkers, and scooters) ), equipment and furniture of medical institutions (stretchers, beds of medical institutions, defibrillators,

radiology instruments, breathing instruments), medical institution instruments (lab coats, disinfection blankets, and masks), bedroom aids (for sleep apnea), bathroom safety, speech therapy, monitoring aids for scientific professionals, wellness holidays, and wellness applications

Medicine is a promising place in the midst of an aging population and the pursuit of first-class scientific services and products to deal with ailments, allergies, and various ailments. The U.S. Census Bureau says that all baby boomers in America will be over 65 by 2030. Globally, one in six people may turn 60 or older during that year (or 1.4 billion),

In line with the World Health Organization. Furthermore, 90% of the $3.8 trillion in annual fitness care expenditures within the United States goes to people with persistent and mental illnesses, in line with statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

affiliate marketing,

fitness, and sports

Subcategories: gym and health club tools, local spa tools, private and corporate exercise programs, vitamins and supplements, hydration and restoration products, carry merchandise (apparel, shirts, shoes, and accessories), health generation and applications, running, golf, cycling Tennis, football, basketball, baseball, bodybuilding, swimming, surfing, snow sports activities, hockey, survival events, permanent sports activities, fan memorabilia. It is the best profitable area for creating a website and affiliate marketing.

Fitness enthusiasts make up a large market nearly half of the consumer segment in living longer and healthier lives, in line with Nielsen’s 2021 observation. The NASDAQ 2022 file says the fitness and health industry within the United States alone is worth more than $32 billion. Moreover, the Bureau of Labor Statistics launched a 39% boom among running shoes and health coaches by 2030 amid renewed enthusiasm for exercise.

Meanwhile, sports venues are seeing a return of fans, with more than 50% to 60% of fans saying they are excited to attend indoor events, based primarily on Morning Consult statistics for 2022.

personal financing

Subcategories: Budget tracking and billing management, Online banking and savings, Financial education for kids and adults, Financial data security, Credit reporting, and management, Loan application and management, Debt reduction, Portfolio management, and trading, Insurance (health, life), Disability, Liability Professional), money transfer, cryptocurrency trading, wills, and estate planning.

People welcome all the help they want to manipulate their money further, from non-public financial savings and inheritances to mortgages and credit scores. You can choose one of the affiliate applications so that you can profit even when you provide accurate financial assistance to others.

More and more investors are choosing to use online programs for financial advice (89%) and virtual ones to gain admission into accounts (40%), and there may be a growing attraction for bot advisors as their annual fees can range from just 0.25% to 0.50% of the amount managed. , which is half to less than half of the 1% of the amount managed annually to human financial advisors.

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affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing,

affiliate marketing,

outdoor activities

Subcategories: camping, terrain adventures (trekking, mountain climbing), hunting, shooting, fishing, boating, recreational vehicle driving, camper rental, luxury tents
The growing realization of the blessings of physical benefit to durability is shifting to outdoor activities which include the factors of excursion, entertainment, and sports. A great way to create a website and affiliate marketing.

Figures from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) show that the EBE was worth $688 billion in 2020. In addition, it employs 4 million Americans. More families are bringing their young children – under the age of six – on camping trips, consistent with the current BEA report. Just as in the United States, going hiking and trekking is the most popular outdoor sport in Europe, according to Deloitte’s Outdoor Consumer Report 2021.

Fashion and beauty

Subcategories: clothing (men, women, teens, youth), dresses, lingerie, shoes, jewelry, watches, bags and wallets, accessories, cosmetics, hair, pore, and skin care products.
Many beauty and fashion affiliate programs carry many brands and the fee may be up to 50% consistent with the sale. There are even a few new apparel manufacturers offering “rental packages” to customers and affiliates. In addition, this field is very popular today and is a great area for creating a website and affiliate marketing.

The popularity of slow fashion has also led to the birth of second-hand fashion for budget spenders. E-commerce is expected to squeeze the prosperity of the style enterprise into a trillion dollars in 2025, with the help of virtual and augmented reality experiences that can help you try on clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Meanwhile, cool merchandise remains viable regardless of lifestyle changes. The United States is withdrawing $22 billion of the $511 billion in the international market, consistent with market research group NPD.

affiliate marketing,


Subcategories: airline reservations, claims for delayed or canceled flights, accommodations (hotel, resort, or flight home), cruises, flight coverage policies, car rentals, European rides, dining reservations, tour guides Online, guided tours, attractions, and sports tickets, baggage and itinerary necessities, accommodation seating

Domestic and global flight is experiencing a revival, as travelers search for excellent deals garnered at some point in the shutdowns.
A 2022 American Express survey confirmed that travelers need more immersive stories, including consuming and buying from nearby small businesses (55%) and touring historical sites or similar sights (42%). Moreover, 79% of the participants stated that they plan to travel with their circle of relatives. Meanwhile, 43% of them stated that they are preparing to wait for the events of the amusement.

pet care

Subcategories: veterinary services, meals, nutrition, medicines, non-public care, hygiene goods (pee pads, litter boxes), cleaning products (for urine, feces, fur), furnishings, carriers, protective goods (collars, harnesses, dog doors, kennels), monitoring tools and services, pet care, A great way to create a website and affiliate marketing.

Demand for pet grooming items is expected to remain steady amid growth in pet ownership at some point in the area’s shelter months, as well as various animals, including fish, birds, and small mammals. In 2021, spending on pets was $109.6 billion among American families alone. The international pet grooming market was valued at $245 billion in the same year. The meals, homes, and appliances of these animals – which their owners treat as partners in lifestyles and a special circle of relatives.

home and garden

Subcategories: Interior design offerings, security, furniture, decor (wall art, vases, mirrors), lighting, bedspreads (pillows and mattresses), floor treatments (such as rugs and rugs), DIY initiatives and tools, kitchen gadgets, HVAC disinfection fragrances, cleaning and gardening products ( Furniture, tools, and plants) is a great area for creating a website and affiliate marketing.

Whether you’re staying in the apartment, or in a house, you need to show your new area to yourself, your family, or your subsequent landlord if you’re planning to sell. It turns out that homeowners who mixed the idea with the trick at some point within months.

American families spent up to $10,300+ on local development in 2021 based on the entire Angi report. Interior paints, bathroom upgrades, and smart home equipment installations were the most popular that year. Meanwhile, kitchen renovations and converting spare rooms into home workplaces or children’s rooms are what the 2022 Renovi Examination has revealed.

Food and drink

Subcategories: meal kits and subscription boxes, spice packs, snacks, broths, liquors, teas and accessories, breakfast cereals, effervescent products, cooking instructions, recipes, grocery delivery

In the all-new normal, home cooking will come in handy with the masses of caterers who tend to provide groceries or ready-made dinner ingredients that not only fit your budget but also your dietary preference or pleasure. The international market for prepackaged meals will reach $3 trillion, according to Valities by means of 2030. Meanwhile, 69% of dining venues reported that they might keep providing virtual ordering options. Furthermore, 75% of agencies that issued online subscriptions and revenue at some point during the pandemic have stated that they may hold these offers for the long term.

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affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing,

affiliate marketing,

Education and self-improvement

Subcategories: Getting to know Preschool, Homeschooling, SAT Preparation, Guidelines with College Credits, Reviews (Scientific Board Exams, Bar Exam, Financial Risk Management, and Project Management Certification), Code and Software Improvement, Enterprise Skills, Hobbies, English Languages Foreign, e-learning tools, mentoring builders, physical classroom supplies and furniture, textbooks, and fee comparisons for better educational institutions. A great way to create a website and affiliate marketing.

Online learning will continue to benefit from strong uptake in all age groups now that many people are comfortable with digital classrooms. Furthermore, many academic institutions adopt mixed academic models. 73% of college students who are better at school education need to show some online instruction below the completely new standard. Besides its tailor-made and cost-effective nature, online education makes it easy for people to learn from world-class experts anywhere.

Online courses for reskilling and reskilling will support planning for employment, advertising, or new jobs, such as starting a business. Furthermore, organizations expanded recognition and improvement of budgets via 57% means to garner strong utility in their workforce.


Subcategories: Partner searches for all kinds of preferences (age, race, religion, interest or enthusiasm, different courtship goals), courtship tips, roses, gifts
While free dating websites are popular, few singles tend to pay to find a partner that fits their lifestyle or background. Websites use personality tests of registered contributors to suggest a high-quality match, and the results are pretty impressive: 62% of those who have sought out online dating are already in a serious relationship. As 54% of singles visit dating websites to discover a unique romantic partner,

affiliate marketing


Sub arts and crafts: paper (die cutting, stamping, stencils) and textile industries, , knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, candle making, pottery and ceramics, carpentry, calligraphy, drawing, copy building, printing, planning, online lessons, books on Crafts

Artists and artisans will maintain promotion and promotion online after increasing the base of digital followers and buyers. Their meticulous, customized services pushed crafts’ income worldwide to $680 billion in 2021, according to data. Meanwhile, figures from IMARC Group confirm that the North American market is worth $270 billion in 2020.

Although more and more authors are promoting without delay to their readers from their websites, many e-book enthusiasts are nonetheless striving for a bargain and can appear in online bookstores at higher prices.

The results of a 2021 Pew Research Center survey confirmed that 65% of readers make a decision about print books, at the same time that 30% examine e-books. Over 825 million published books were submitted in 2021, the maximum (31%) of which were youth stories. However, enterprise insiders assume that e-books, audiobooks, and second-hand e-book income will push upward within the coming years if the supply chain continues.

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