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21 types of content ensure more visits to your site

Whether you’re a blogger, a content writer, on your website, or a business that uses content marketing, you’ve likely encountered an issue with ideas running out, sources of inspiration drying up, or an inability to come up with new ideas when trying to produce different types of content. This is a typical case among writing workers and those who use content promotion in general from site managers and e-marketing activities called “writer’s block” or “white page syndrome”, in which a person becomes unable to come up with new ideas and topics for content.

The situation worsens as a result of this situation when it comes to an audience of readers who follow different social media platforms, this audience only associates with you the content. Once you stop producing content, it will in turn stop remembering you and your name or your brand, and this is one of the most important reasons for imposing You must adhere to an ongoing writing and publishing policy and overcome writer locks or any other barriers to the content production process.

Therefore, we thought that providing you with types of content to use in your publishing strategy is one of the best ways to help you combat “writer lock” or white page syndrome and to inspire you with more unique and fresh content ideas and topics for your audience of readers and followers.

Here you will learn about 21 of the best types of content you can provide to your visitors, regardless of the specialty and the nature of the activities you do through the site. It is not necessary to use all of these types and adapt your content with them, but it is sufficient to use the styles that are most suitable for you and the range that you usually produce and that fits your site, to ensure that the content strategy continues and publishing at regular intervals to your audience and followers on different platforms:

1- Menus

Readers love this kind of different type of content. List articles like Top 10 Things, Top 15 Tips, and Top 6 Tools to get visitors to your website. Otherwise, what made you come to this page and read our article if you did not like the above title about 21 types of content for your site? In a study by the Digital Marketing Agency, Conductor, through which I tried to find out the effect of titles on the reading rates of articles, and what makes one title more popular than another, the study found that titles with numbers get a rate of visits and reading up to 36%, while regular titles that do not contain Numbers with a reading rate of only 15%.

2- How to

Content with “how to do” titles, such as how to write meeting minutes, how to write a professional business email, or how to sell your digital services, usually takes the nature of educational content somewhat, as through this type of content you can provide valuable practical methods, methods, and instructions to your audience with real benefit. Write articles about how they can make the most of your services, the products you offer in your store, or any other topic that interests your audience and gives them useful information on how to do things.

Others call this type of content “time-saving content” for a course of quickly giving users instructions, details, and instructions on how to do different things, away from long theoretical content and unimportant details, but telling your readers right away how to do it.

3- News

It is true that the news content is temporary and will not bring you long-term visits, but rather has a temporary benefit, that is, at the time of the spread of the news only, and you will not get readers and visitors to it after a short period of its history. But this is enough, as the news spreads very quickly, and soon turns into popular topics on social media platforms, readers flock to search for them on every page and site, which enables you to obtain a large percentage of visitors within a short period of time, which is the period of the spread of the news.

Follow the latest developments and developments in your specialty and the field you work in. If your site is in the technical field, follow corporate news, the latest technology releases, and international conferences, and pick up topics that can be good news content for your site and write about them. And if your site is a blog for a company or a business within the medical field, for example, follow the latest studies and developments in scientific research and publish its news first-hand. In news content, time is the most important factor.

4- Case Studies

Success stories
Success stories

Case studies can be in the form of an article, a blog post, a video, an audio podcast, or even a set of tweets on Twitter. A case study can be a success story for one of your clients or customers or even a success story for your business that you write to tell your audience about this achievement, how you achieved it and the difficulties you faced and how you overcame them, and explain to your readers how they can overcome difficulties in similar situations. We all like to read about the experiences and stories of others, how they achieved what they achieved, how they became who they are, and how they overcome the problems they face in their usual daily activities. This is what makes case studies an important type of content to get your audience excited about what you’re writing.

5- Educational content

The good thing about educational content is that it highlights your brand or your website in general as an entity with experience and knowledge in its field or specialty, which makes it produce content of this type, not anyone can write valuable educational content that provides a real benefit, only a few can do that and appear Appearance of an expert in that industry or field.

So add this type of content to your content plan, and make sure you write it well so that it provides the real value your audience is looking for, especially since the content of this type is “evergreen” i.e. it remains readable over long periods that may last for years because educational topics retain their value Over time, it remains valid for all time. You can also use the article writing services on Fiverr to get quality and efficient educational content that will continue to benefit your audience over time.

6- Reviews

Today, we no longer accept to buy any product or service immediately, but rather the diversity of parties that offer and sell the same products and the increase in competition between them and the pursuit of each of them to obtain the largest share of the market allowed consumers to have more buying options, which made us think a little before we accept this step.

The only thing we can do at this point is read other people’s reviews and opinions about that product or service. That is why reviews are a popular form of content these days. Write reviews about the latest products or services within your scope of activity, point out the pros and cons, give your opinion, and give practical tips on how to benefit from the product in order to help readers make the best purchase decision.

7- Comparisons

Comparisons of hosting companies

Comparisons are similar to the previous type of content because they also provide detailed information about services and products, but here it is not a review and the content is not about your experience, but rather it shows details of two or more services or products and shows the differences and advantages between them. The public is no less interested in comparisons than in reviews and personal experiences. So add this type of content to the list of content you are working on to enhance the power of your site with different forms and types of content.

8- Expert Tips

Expert Tips
Expert Tips

One of the less popular and widespread types of content because it requires more effort and research in writing and producing content in this way, it requires you to communicate with an expert in his field, which is also your site, and ask him several questions (directly, via e-mail or any other means of communication ) to make his answer the content of your website. But this is not the only way to write content of this kind. You can replace asking experts by searching their books, watching their videos, listening to previous interviews, and then extracting the most important tips from these sources to write the content you want.

9- Interviews

You will interview someone who is an expert in their field, meaning that the content is somewhat similar to the previous type, but the content in the form of interviews is more trusted by readers especially when the interview is with someone they know and trust, and this, in turn, will increase their confidence in you as a brand or website that offers this The valuable type of content.

Choose a specific topic that you want to talk about, find an expert in this field and trust, contact him and arrange the interview, select the points and questions you want to discuss and then you can conduct the interview, to later turn this interview into content for your website, this content can be on In the form of an article, blog post, video, or even a podcast.

10- Infographic

Tables, statistics, data, results of studies, facts, information, and even tips and guidelines can be made into a great infographic, interactive content that is desirable among the audience of users on various social media platforms and often turns into viral content. The design of the infographic on your site plays an important role in its spread and the number of visitors you will get, so make sure that you have a good design that meets all the requirements of quality and professionalism. You can use the design services on Fiverr to get a design service that provides you with the infographic content you are looking for.

11- Podcast Audio Content

Recently, audio content has become popular in blogs and websites of all kinds, and in many of them, you can hear the audio written content. This type of content will provide you with a new category of audience and users who prefer listening to the content instead of staring at the screen for the sake of reading, along with the Possibility to follow audio content in situations where reading is not possible, for example, while navigating public transportation.

Thus, getting a new source of traffic to your site through platforms specialized in podcasts such as iTunes, Sound Cloud, and others. It may have some difficulties for people who are not specialized in content production, and here you can request the services of specialists in this type of content from a freelancer to help you with the process.

12- Articles Series

Sometimes it is not enough to address and discuss an idea in one article or post, but some topics may require more than that. In this case, expanding the idea and distributing it over several articles to produce a series of articles on one topic will be more feasible and more effective.

A series of articles of this kind allows you to create a kind of excitement and suspense for your audience by promising them every time in more detail in the next article, an opportunity to improve your site’s configuration for search engines by writing several articles on one topic, which is preferred by search engines, and then linking The articles in the series are connected to each other to allow readers to move between its parts easily.

13- Lists of resources and links

This type of content is similar to “content lists” and is the type with which we started our list, but the difference is that lists of sources or links are often in the form of promoting other people’s content or services. In this type of content, you transfer your experiences, which may have taken a lot of time and effort to collect, to your audience and visitors to your site, which increases their confidence in you and the content you provide to them.

14- Controversial themes

Are you looking for ideas and types of content that will create more interaction on your site and different promotion platforms, ideas that are somewhat controversial and that always raise questions and motivate users to engage in discussions among the supporters of each opinion that can create the interaction you are looking for? But when writing and publishing this type of content, take into account that you will read some negative comments on the content, or perhaps provoke the indignation of some fanatics for their opinions, so be careful with this type and try to stay safe from raising the opinion of some groups of your audience and users against you.

15- Electronic brochures

Electronic brochures are an excellent way to write about a topic in a detailed and adequate way to discuss the topic from all sides and in more depth, in contrast to articles and blogs in which we have to limit any topic to a few pages at most. And you can recycle previous content on your site, to re-discuss the topic in more detail and on several chapters, and combine it into one booklet that you present to your audience professionally.

16- Q&A


Content that takes the form of answering a question has always been one of the best types of content used by writers and content makers in various disciplines, topics in this form are usually characterized by a simplified style that suits different categories of readers, content that is easy to understand and absorb and provides real value as it answers a question in a way Clear.

With a small post on one of your social media platforms, you can ask your audience if they have any questions they would like you to answer. You will certainly get a lot of questions that will serve as topics for your next articles. You can search for the most frequently asked questions within your niche and you will find more questions as well.

17- Guest Articles

What do you think of inviting someone to write an article on your site? One of the types of content where someone else writes an article or story and then publishes it for you is guest articles. If you are wondering what would make someone agree to share their story with you, there are many reasons, such as the person’s desire to stand out in front of your audience, get a backlink from your site, or tell their story to a new audience different from their traditional audience. And don’t forget that you too can do it.

Find people who are well-known in their field, experts, influencers, content creators, event owners, or project managers, contact them, and offer them to write an article for you, you may not receive a response from everyone you message, but you will definitely find someone who is interested in that.

18- Abstracts

Another type of content is used by many writers and content makers in various fields, including those who commit to summarizing a book to their audience monthly in one field, summarizing some lectures by prominent personalities and then publishing them, or you can summarize an educational course that you have attended recently.

19- Video

If you are committed to producing some videos and publishing them on YouTube constantly and at regular intervals that is great, you are using the second largest search engine after Google and it is used by more than a billion people per month, and thus you are building a good relationship with the people who watch your videos. But why stop here when you can exploit those videos even further, embed videos within the content forms on your site, surround the videos with new content, or you can publish a text version of the video on the site?

20- Studies, research, and statistics

It is useful to tell your audience the latest results of research, studies, and statistics in your field and the findings of experts, as this type of content is often a form of answering the questions that the interested audience has or solutions to the problems they face in their work and projects.

21- Expectations and future predictions

Perhaps you have some data that if you re-analyze and read it again you can anticipate some changes that may happen soon in your field or scope of your business, or perhaps experts in your field (your industry) are predicting some possible changes in the future. How about writing about these topics and telling your audience what to expect in the short or long term?

This form of content attracts the interest of broad categories of workers in the field and often turns into extensive discussions about whether this will happen, and how to prepare for these changes, which makes your site page a discussion forum for those interested.

Thus, we have come to know in this list more than twenty different types of content that you can use on your site to continue providing distinctive and renewed topics of content to your audience and followers with the best types and most attractive to readers and thus visitors to your pages. Now tell us, what kind of content do you prefer to use? And which one do you think is the best and most productive for your business?

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