28 Best Freelance Jobs of 2022

Freelance: The great and continuous digital transformation has contributed to a revolution in the field of self-employment, which is increasing day by day.

Accordingly, self-employment has become a trend that many people with experience and skills take, in addition to the flexibility it provides compared to traditional jobs. If you want to start as a freelancer, you must first choose the right career path, commensurate with your skills and the requirements of the labor market. What are the most in-demand freelance jobs? What are the skills needed for each of them?

Most Wanted Freelance Jobs

The pace of technological development has made technical jobs at the forefront as the most in-demand freelance job, followed by several other and various jobs. Here is a list of 28 freelance jobs that are currently in demand:

1-Software engineering

Software engineers generally have strong job prospects and earn attractive salaries that vary depending on the experience, country, and tasks assigned to the engineer. Software engineering is the most in-demand field of self-employment, and its job growth is projected to be 22% in the coming years. But who is a software engineer?

A software engineer is responsible for developing computer information systems, by designing and implementing software solutions. Those who wish to start in this field must have the skill of analysis and problem solving, in addition to the importance of having a background in computer science before learning programming languages, preferably acquired through an academic specialization or an intensive course.

There are many programming languages ​​available, the most important of which are Java, Python, and C-Sharp, but there is no need to learn all of these languages. You can learn about the nature and nature of each language and its uses, and then choose one language that you devote your time to learning and mastering.

2-Cyber ​​Security

Hackers look for any possible vulnerability to penetrate websites and obtain personal and financial data of customers and business owners, which makes cyber or cyber security a priority for every company on the Internet. The latest studies have indicated that the career growth in this field is 32% by 2030, which is much higher than the average number for the rest of the fields.

The job of the cyber security expert is to support the security authority of the sites and to test and examine the companies’ systems for any potential intrusion. This work is called “ethical hacking” so that the hacking processes are simulated, and then provides the means to fill the security holes. This job requires advanced skills in software development, computer science, and information security. You can also obtain professional experience certificates such as CREST, preceded by professional courses to get involved in the field.

3-Mobile Application Development

Not surprisingly, the field of mobile application development is booming among the independent professions, with more than 6.3 billion smartphone users. Thus, mobile phone applications become a means for operating and marketing corporate services, and the increase in demand for application development coincides with the increase in the number of companies, which puts you in front of a golden opportunity to enter this field and learn the necessary skills.

Mobile application development requires proficiency in a programming language that varies depending on the Android or iOS phone platform. Programming apps for Android need Java or Kotlin, and for iOS, you can develop their apps through Swift or Objective C.

Fortunately, you can use one language for the two systems, the most famous of which is Flutter filter language, or JavaScript, which Hsoob Academy offers you an integrated specialized course, to start mobile application development from scratch and professionally.

4-Website development

Researchers predict those job opportunities for web developers will increase to 17,900 each year in the next decade, due to the increased demand for programming and creating websites on the Internet, both from companies and individuals, making this field one of the most popular areas of freelance work for freelancers.

Website development requires many programming skills, from designing and developing user interfaces using HTML to structure the site and CSS for formatting primarily, as well as other advanced technologies such as Bootstrap to build websites compatible with different screen sizes. The second part of web programming is the development of the backend, which is the implementation of programming and linking operations with the database and server, using different languages ​​most notably PHP and ASP.NET.

5-Graphic design

Graphic design is a way for companies to visually communicate with customers, with the goal of communicating a particular idea or message in an artistic and creative way. So it is an indispensable tool for business owners, and one of the most important freelance jobs. Graphic design includes several different areas, such as designing advertisements and book covers, and designing the visual identity of companies, starting from logo design to user interfaces for sites and applications, taking care to provide a suitable user experience.

In order to become a professional graphic designer, you must have enough experience to deal with design programs, the most important of which are Photoshop and Illustrator. In terms of technical skills, it is important to have creative ideas and skills in choosing colors and consistency, which you can acquire and develop, through continuous training and visual feeding by looking at multiple business models.


6-Project management

Regardless of the field of business of companies, they are in dire need of project managers, to achieve the set goals through properly managing resources, careful planning, and organization of work. Recently, the demand for project managers has increased exponentially and has a projected job growth of 33% through 2027.

As the field of project management continues to evolve, an attractive option has emerged for project managers who are looking for more flexibility in their work, which is independent project management, one of the most prominent areas of self-employment. The project manager is responsible for many tasks, the first of which is defining the appropriate start-up and operating strategies, then starting to form the work team after identifying the required skills, and then leading it and monitoring its progress. Processes.

In general, a project manager preferably has an academic qualification in management or a related field and has strong skills in planning, analysis, and strategic thinking, in addition to important communication skills. The freelancer should also be familiar with how to use project management software and remote teams, such as Fiverr.

7-Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the fundamentals of companies as an effective means of promoting products and services and increasing brand awareness, so its demand among freelance professionals is increasing day by day. Due to the many aspects of digital marketing, the number of related jobs is very high, and it has a job growth of 33% over the current decade alone.

There are many digital marketing strategies that you can specialize in one or more, there are marketing through search engines, social networking sites, email, content marketing, and other technologies that are constantly evolving. But in general, e-marketing skills start from knowing the basics of marketing in order to build a solid marketing plan. This requires the skill of organization and planning and mastering the use of marketing tools such as analysis tools to make informed decisions, such as the Google Analytics tool.

8-Voice Commentary

Everything that we watch from commercials, marketing, documentaries, and animations, and what we hear on radio programs, needs an audio commentator, which is one of the most important elements that attract the listener and viewer. This field expanded with time to reach smart applications and video games. And it has a significant job growth for the coming years, by 32%, and therefore in the areas of self-employment that are most in demand.

Some may resort to obtaining a degree or a training course in theater or audio studies, but this is not necessarily as long as you have the ability to deliver balanced and interactive, eloquently read from the text, in addition to the ability to vary in sound levels and show the necessary emotions through it.

9-Video Editing

Video content is one of the most popular types of content, and it is used for advertisements, programs, and movies. There is a large base of YouTube channels, whose owners usually hire freelancers to edit and produce videos for their business, so this field falls under the required freelance jobs in our time, and the career growth of video editing in the current decade is equivalent to 29%.

A video editor’s job involves combining and organizing a range of shots and designs, which can be a large group that takes hours, for a video clip that does not exceed several minutes. Therefore, you need the skill of accuracy and focus first, and experience in video editing and editing programs, most notably Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. You can gain this experience with one of our professional training courses, or by continuous self-education.

10-Data analysis

Nowadays, data analytics has boomed compared to decades ago, and the data analyst job has become one of the most important freelance professions, with a 25% job growth over the next 10 years. Companies now rely entirely on data to make critical decisions and study the competing market and customer desires.

The data analyst examines big data, evaluates companies’ performance by studying their data over time, and then converts this data into simplified statistics and reports. Therefore, the analyst must possess mathematical and statistical skills, in addition to an analytical outlook. Data analysts also use specialized software and programming languages ​​such as Python. It is preferable to gain this experience academically first, to be familiar with all aspects.


Technological development has opened many horizons for companies by not confining them to a specific geographical location, as companies are targeting different regions, and therefore different languages. This increases the need for translators, as translation is no longer a job for translating books and scientific research only, but the content of websites and social media platforms as well. Its career growth has increased to 25% in the current decade between 2020 to 2030, and we find it very popular in the fields of self-employment.

It is obvious that the translator needs language skills, you must be proficient in the required language linguistically and grammatically, in addition to knowledge of the culture of the country of the language in order for the writing style to be compatible, and sufficient experience in the field to be translated. For example, if the translation is medical, it is important to be familiar with all relevant terms, in order to provide high-quality work. Reading every now and then will also help you to master the translation more.

12-Digital content writing

Content writing carries a heavyweight in the balance of the marketing and advertising strategy of companies, as statistics indicated that 87% of marketers rely on content writing to motivate customers to take a certain action, which creates many opportunities for this field and a place in the most sought-after freelance jobs.

Content writers have several specialized jobs, such as writing content for websites, in addition to content for social networking sites, writing newsletters, as well as writing product descriptions and videos. The content writer needs several skills, the first of which is writing sound linguistically and grammatically, the diverse creative style that you acquire by practicing and reading, and the skill of in-depth research to provide reliable and integrated content while making sure to employ SEO.


Texts often need proofreading and revision prior to the publication process, to ensure that they present an accurate and linguistically sound work. The proofreader performs this task as he is keen to correct any grammatical or spelling error, format the article with correct punctuation, in addition to modifying what is necessary to display coherent content, so we find that proofreading plays an effective role in the areas of free work for any written content, such as scientific research and content digital in general.

The proofreading profession in self-employment needs a deep knowledge of the required language, it is preferable to acquire it with an academic qualification, but what matters is full knowledge of the grammar of the language, its grammar, its morphology, and the spelling of words, in addition to the importance of the auditor having a critical eye for the text linguistically, with a precision that makes him pay attention to all the details and review Focused work.

14-Voice Transcription

Transliteration is defined as converting any audio or video speech into a written text so that the speech must be transmitted as it is without increase or decrease. It can be a transcript of academic lectures or videos, and there are many other examples. This field is a popular field in freelancing and micro-services and has a job growth of 18% until 2026. Many students, institutions, or owners of YouTube channels need this service.

Transliteration requires listening skills, the independent must be a good listener and be able to focus accurately to convey the correct speech, whether the speaker is fast or slow, this also calls for proper writing and knowledge of placing punctuation marks in the correct place. This job also requires knowledge of using text editors such as Word, and audio editing programs, such as VLC.


15-Managing social media platforms

Most companies and brands resort to social media as a powerful and effective means of promoting their identity and presence. This requires vigorous follow-up and continuity in adding content and interaction, and here comes the job of a specialist or social media account manager, which carries job growth in the future that is higher than the average rate by about 11%.

The social media specialist is responsible for scheduling the content, creating it, or supervising what it is and the designs required for it. This can be determined by following up on visions or performance metrics on the company’s accounts, such as the type of publications that receive more interaction, and the appropriate times for audiences. In addition to the need to respond and interact with followers.

This job requires the skill of analysis, in order to provide effective content that is compatible with the nature of customers, in addition to some marketing skills that help convert followers into customers, such as developing marketing plans to be worked on.

16-Business Consulting and Analysis

A business consultant or analyst is a person who uses his experience and academic background to solve problems facing companies in management or ways of development, so that he presents solutions aimed at increasing sales or improving workflow and quality, by evaluating the market accurately and knowing the needs of consumers. Investment firms, marketing firms, and banks usually need a business consultant. The profession of business consultant has a high wage and a career growth of 11%.

It is important for a business consultant to have an academic degree in management and business or any similar and related discipline, and he must have strong analytical and strategic thinking skills, in addition to planning skills, and make informed decisions quickly.

17-Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for almost every online business, with statistics indicating that 61% of business owners and marketers cite SEO as the most effective method for attracting new customers. This field has medium job growth and is developing and increasing day by day in the field of freelancing online.

There are many skills that you need to become a professional SEO expert, the most important of which are an understanding of search algorithms and experience using SEO tools such as Google keyword planner, supervising the creation of content compatible with SEO conditions, and building appropriate links, and then analyzing the results and deducing the most effective content and strategies. Using analytics tools such as Google Analytics.


A lot of brands have created their own blogs, and they need expert bloggers and writers to enrich the content professionally. Blogging carries a career growth of 8% until 2030. The demand for freelance bloggers in particular is increasing day by day, due to the flexibility of working with them and the presence of a large base of professionals among them, to join the list of the most popular freelance jobs.

A professional blogger and article writer needs to possess several skills, ranging from creative writing skills, search skills, and search engine optimization to provide content compatible with SEO requirements, in addition to the importance of mastering content marketing, to achieve the brand’s goals of attracting new customers through the blog. Most importantly, knowledge of the use of the content management platforms through which the work is published and modified.

19-Ad writer

Copywriting has become an essential part of corporate marketing campaigns, a job that has an above-average job growth of 7.3%, and that percentage goes up to 33% when your business is on social media platforms. Copywriters use their creative writing skills, to create innovative advertising campaigns for their clients.

Freelance copywriter tasks include writing slogans and key phrases, scripts for advertising on the web, communication, and TV platforms as well, and developing creative concepts for the company in general. There is no academic qualification required, but creativity and diversity in a writing style must be sound, as well as commercial awareness, understanding of the target audience, and general popular culture. It is also important for the copywriter to be aware of new trends and approaches in the field.

20-Remote training

The remote training job has been and still exists for a while, but the qualitative leap in this field and its prosperity in the areas of remote work began with the beginning of the Corona pandemic. Whereas everyone who wants to learn and professional a certain skill has turned to look for an online coach, and he has a career growth of 11%.

The independent trainer begins by preparing an integrated program, which addresses all aspects of the required skill while employing continuous follow-up of the students and giving them some tasks that help to refine the skill and professionalize the field. Usually, you need an academic qualification and experience to work as a training and development specialist, in addition to the skill in using distance education and training tools, such as the Zoom program.


Educators can choose the flexibility of working as freelancers in the teaching field. This is a fast-growing sector of distance education and work, which has achieved 11.5% job growth through 2030 and is one of the latest online academic improvement methodologies.

The online teacher first knows the strengths and weaknesses of the student, makes an appropriate teaching plan, and holds regular meetings with parents if the student is still in school, to inform them of necessary developments and observations. The teacher follows up with the student with the agreed lectures and dates and reviews his achievement of the tasks. The teacher needs to know the use of appropriate Microsoft software, presentations, and teaching systems, such as Zoom and Google classroom.

22-Electronic Games Development

Electronic games are among the most popular entertainment items in the current era, which makes game development and programming a promising future. The electronic games market has achieved a revenue growth of 25%, which means more demand for developers, as research predicts that the career growth of the game development profession will reach 9.3% by 2026.

The field of game development is very wide, and the salaries are usually rewarding. The developer needs to have designs, models, sounds, music, and others available with them as well. He must have strong programming skills, there are many programming languages ​​for game development, but you can focus on and master only one language, the most prominent of which are Python, C++, and Java.

Also appeared programs and drivers with which you can create 3-game games, such as Unity. All of these skills require professional training courses or an in-depth academic background, such as software development or electronic games.


23-Legal advice

Legal advice is one of the things that all companies and institutions need, and this field of self-employment jobs because it can be completed remotely and professionally, so many companies and individuals have resorted to hiring independent lawyers, to complete the necessary legal matters and obtain specialized advice. Overall, the legal profession and legal advisory profession have a career growth of 9% through 2030.

Of course, this field is suitable for those who have legal experience and academic qualifications in law, in addition to several other skills such as effective communication skills, the ability to solve problems, draft documents and contracts that require sound language and are free from typographical errors, and an eloquent and fluent writing style that gives clients confidence and clarity.

24- Accounting and financial consulting

Many companies need financial advice from time to time, to manage money efficiently and make profits, especially startups in general, investment and finance companies, and banks. An accountant or financial advisor provides advice on investments, estate planning, insurance, mortgages, taxes, etc., as well as discussing ways to improve financial performance. This field of freelance jobs has thrived due to its flexibility and effectiveness online.

It is preferable for the financial advisor to have an academic degree in this field such as accounting and finance, or to have training courses and experience certificates in the field of financial risk management and financial planning. It also needs the skill of analysis and making the right decisions at the right time.

25- Data entry

Data entry jobs are one of the most popular career choices for the self-employed, as data is now more important than ever and is constantly growing, reinforcing the need for data entry that adds, categorizes, and arranges data digitally to store on an easy-to-handle database, which is not a job They require full time, so we often find them in freelance jobs.

The data entry job is characterized by the fact that it does not require qualifications or many skills, all you need is accurate and fast writing, attention to all details, excellent knowledge of Microsoft programs, in addition to the ability to focus, as the amount of data can sometimes be, and the work required is large and accurate.

26-Digital Painting

Many companies need to hire digital artists to draw and design visual effects, used for different media such as motion pictures, electronic games, or even websites. Digital painting has a 6% job growth in the next 10 years, which is close to the average growth rate of 5%.

Having the talent for drawing from the beginning in the freelance helps him go a long way in the beginning, as it is a very important skill, but it can be acquired through continuous training when there is a passion for it, in addition to technical skills. The digital artist must be proficient in the use of electronic design and drawing software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

27-Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant function arose with time and continuous development, so entrepreneurs and project owners need to devote themselves to their work more without undue pressure, which has increased the demand for virtual assistants to work on accomplishing some administrative and technical tasks for the client via the Internet, such as scheduling appointments and organizing Meetings, managing email and social media accounts, data entry, the list goes on.

Virtual assistant skills are not exclusive to a particular discipline and are generally diverse. The most important of these skills are organizing and managing time tightly, persuasion and negotiation skills with clients, in addition to the importance of having decision-making skills, as many responsibilities will be entrusted to you to determine what suits them. It is also important to know how to work with computers and some programs, the most important of which are Microsoft programs and online meetings.

28-Customer Service

The interest of companies in providing an easy and enjoyable experience for customers has increased their keenness to hire assistant staff and customer service specialists and respond to their inquiries, or communicate with them to promote the company’s services. This service is one of the popular freelancing professions because it needs an online presence and does not require many qualifications. And have average career growth in the coming years.

Those working in customer service need strong communication and listening skills. And the ability to understand the client’s requirements and be fully aware of the company’s working mechanism and what its services or products are, in order to be able to answer any inquiry, and this job also needs persuasion and marketing skills when needed to gain potential clients.

In conclusion, the self-employment market is very large and includes many other fields, and it is constantly evolving, making it always expandable. So take it as an opportunity to develop your skills and get freelance job offers. You will find a lot of projects and businesses on Fiverr, the largest freelance platform. Join us to start a unique and distinctive experience in the online work sector.

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