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5 of the best WordPress hosting for beginners in 2022

Web hosting, one of the critical components of every successful website, is often overlooked. Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your needs can improve SEO and increase sales.

In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best WordPress hosting for your website and help you decide, we’ve run speed, uptime, and reliability tests.

WordPress hosting services come in all shapes and sizes.

Shared WordPress Hosting, Dedicated WordPress Hosting, VPS, Managed WordPress Hosting, WordPress Cloud Hosting, Server Cores, Various RAM, CDNs, SSL Certificates. Endless.

What are the requirements for choosing the best WordPress hosting?

You will be surprised to hear that WordPress is a lightweight script compatible with almost all good web hosting companies.

The simple requirements put forward by WordPress are:

  • PHP 7 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.6 or later or MariaDB version 10.1 or later
  • HTTPS SSL support

Due to the popularity of WordPress, the best WordPress hosting comes with one-click WordPress installation options.
All the WordPress hosting companies listed in this guide offer full support for running a WordPress site.

Things to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting provider

Speed, security, and reliability are all essential factors that you need to consider when choosing your WordPress hosting.
However, the most crucial factor to consider is your “needs”. Assessing your needs before purchasing WordPress hosting can save you hundreds of dollars.

Best WordPress Hosting in 2022

1 . Bluehost – Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners

Bluehost is one of the most popular WordPress hosting options for beginners.
This is because they offer great shared WordPress hosting solutions at incredibly affordable prices. It is also specially designed for people who are new to building websites.

If you get stuck, they have 24/7 support via phone or live chat. . They list their support number and live chat options on their site, and you can reach them within a couple of clicks.

They also offer great analytics and SEO tools to help you improve your site’s performance – while attracting more visitors.

Their search engine optimization (SEO) tool scores and tracks how well your website ranks for specific keywords. This gives you a good idea of ​​how to optimize your site for better search rankings.

They also provide WordPress hosting that supports whatever direction your business grows.

Let’s say you’re starting with a standard shared WordPress hosting plan and want to install WordPress. They have an easy one-click install to make this happen. Then if your site continues to grow and you want to upgrade to managed WordPress hosting to speed up your site and improve security, they have that too. Or if you’re going to get more control by upgrading to a VPS or dedicated WordPress hosting, they have plans for both.


  • Well-known brand
  • easy to use
  • Reliable performance
  • Fast and useful support


  • Increased renewal prices
  • Daily backups cost extra

Performance (runtime and page speed)

After reviewing over 40 web hosts, we found that a good benchmark should be 99.93%. So ideally, we wouldn’t want to see anything less.

Fortunately, Bluehost passes our test quickly, maintaining our online test site with a 99.95% uptime rate for the past six months.
This translates to only 42 seconds of downtime per day, which hardly affects the experience of your visitors when browsing your site.

Performance (runtime and page speed)

And regarding page speed, our test site with Bluehost showed an average load speed of 726ms over the past half year. While this does not compete for the top positions, it is not bad either. Altogether, you can trust Bluehost’s solid performance – no matter if you have a blogging site or a traffic-heavy e-commerce store.

security options

With the cheapest WordPress hosting plan, Bluehost offers a free SSL certificate and a free CDN (Cloudflare). The higher-level plans come with the add-on for spam experts, domain privacy protection, and server backups. Also, you get more advanced security features like SiteLock, which helps prevent malware attacks.

Another form of protection provided by Bluehost is Codeguard. This additional service gives you daily backups so you can go back to a previous version of your site, in case it gets hacked.

The last security tool worth noting is Google’s Postini. It provides spam protection for your email, so anything suspicious is prevented from reaching your inbox in the first place.

support quality

Bluehost provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, and email ticket systems. Moreover, they have a vast knowledge base filled with answers to frequently asked questions and other useful information.

We went ahead and tested the live chat option, and the experience was excellent.

We got our questions answered quickly and the representative was very well informed. Some of the responses felt stuck, but the follow-up questions asked for helpful answers.

Pricing and plans

All Bluehost plans include a free one-year domain name, SSL certificate, CDN, and one-click WordPress installation. The prices below are applicable with a 36-month subscription.

the planpriceIt includes
Basic$2.75/month to renew at $8.991 website, 50 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, free domain, 25 subdomains, 5 email accounts
Plus$5.45/month renewable at $11.99Unlimited Websites Unlimited Storage Unlimited Bandwidth Free Domain Free SSL Unlimited Subdomains Unlimited Email Accounts
Choice Plus$5.45/month renewable at $16.99Unlimited Websites Unlimited Storage Unlimited Bandwidth Free SSL Free Domain Unlimited Subdomains Unlimited Email Accounts Domain Privacy + Security Extra Security
PRO$13.95/month renewable at $26.99Unlimited Websites Unlimited Storage Unlimited Bandwidth Free SSL Free Domain Unlimited Subdomains Unlimited Email Accounts Domain Privacy + Security Extra Security Optimize CPU Resources

The point is, that Bluehost covers everything you might need from a host. This is what makes it best for novice website builders.

2. Hostinger – Best Cheap Hosting Plans

Hostinger is one of the most affordable WordPress hosting.
Their lowest plan is $1.39 per month.


All of these prices are promotional offers, so they will go up when you renew. But you can lock in those exorbitant prices on a longer subscription.
They offer four years of hosting for $1.39 a month if you pay for four years upfront. This is a great deal.

Even after the promotional pricing ends, the price is still very low.

The best part is that Hostinger doesn’t feel like cheap WordPress hosting.
It feels like a super host, from marketing to the user interface to managing your site.

Uptime, site speed, and support are all good too. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with 24/7 support whenever you need help. Don’t expect it to be as good as the other hosts but the value for every dollar is unbeatable.


  • Cheap prices
  • Easy to use control panel (hPanel)
  • Good support
  • Good Features


  • Daily backups are not available with the two cheapest plans
  • Free CDN is not available with the two cheapest plans
  • Sometimes unreliable performance

Performance (runtime and page speed)

Over the past six months, Hostinger has shown an average uptime of just 99.86%, despite a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This translates to 2 minutes and 4 seconds of downtime per day. Compared to other hosting services we tested, this is not a great result and can actually disrupt the user experience to a great extent.

Performance runtime and page speed
Performance (runtime and page speed)

However, what Hostinger lacks in uptime, they make up for in a 6-month average of 360ms. This is the second best page load time on our list, which proves they’re doing something right.

However, considering that in some months our test site showed a perfect uptime of 100.00%, we won’t deactivate Hostinger just yet – hopefully, they can address the root causes of the outages.

security options

When it comes to security, Hostinger offers only the basic features with their cheapest hosting plans. With our Single WordPress and WordPress Starter plans for beginners, you’ll get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, access to FTPS, and weekly backups.

If you’re interested in anything else, like SSH access, daily backups, or DDoS protection thanks to the free Cloudflare CDN, you’ll have to get a more expensive plan.

Overall, Hostinger doesn’t seem to focus much on security features on their site, unlike some other web hosting services. So, if you want more security features, you should use plugins to secure your site or get a more expensive plan.

support quality

Hostinger offers 24/7/365 customer support via email tickets and live chat. However, the live chat is only available to logged-in users. There’s no phone support, but Hostinger has branches all over the world, so you’re likely to get help in your preferred language.

First, we tried Hostinger’s ticket system by filling out the contact form on their site. Within about 10 minutes, they sent out a helpful response, however, the other responses actually took more than 20 minutes.

Second, we tested the live chat. The estimated response time in the chat bubble was 20 minutes. Unfortunately, waiting times as long as this can be a drawback – especially if you’re having a pressing issue. It took 32 minutes for the support person to contact us and we received more responses within about 3 minutes.

Despite the initial delays, all the responses we received were helpful and we were able to resolve our issues.

Finally, in addition, to live support, Hostinger has a large knowledge base, a database with tutorials, and a blog that you can research on your own.

Pricing and plans

All plans offer managed WordPress hosting and include a free SSL certificate, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and at least weekly backups.

the planpriceIt includes
Single WordPress$1.99/month renewable at $3.991 website, 30 GB SSD storage, 1 free email account, free SSL, 100 GB bandwidth, 2 databases (3 GB), weekly backups
WordPress Starter$2.99 / month, renewable at $5.99100 Websites, 100GB SSD Storage, 100 Free Email Accounts, Free SSL, One Free Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth, Multisite WordPress Sites, Unlimited Databases, Weekly Backups
business WordPress$5.99 / month renewable at $10.99100 Websites, 200GB SSD Storage, 100 Free Email Accounts, Free SSL, One Free Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth, Multisite WordPress Sites, Unlimited Databases, Daily Backups, Free CDN
WordPress Pro$11.59/month renewable at $19.99300 Websites, 200 GB SSD Storage, 100 Free Email Accounts, Free SSL, One Free Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth, Multisite WordPress Sites, Unlimited Databases, Daily Backups, Free CDN

3. InMotion Hosting – Best WordPress VPS Hosting

InMotion offers really excellent technology, a variety of plans, and a huge range of old customers.

InMotion also gives you a huge self-help knowledge base. So if something is wrong, there is likely to be a guide to help you.

Customer support is also among the best.

Try for yourself. The 90-day free trial period of InMotion for shared WordPress hosting is one of the longest to use and gives you plenty of time to test out the InMotion support team.

InMotion’s plans are straightforward and nearly identical. During the upgrade, you will get faster servers, databases, websites, and additional subdomains. It’s a straightforward approach that we prefer, especially for small businesses and websites that aren’t overly complex. No need to worry about annoying sell-offs or confusing levels.

Even entry-level plans have excellent customer support. It’s 24/7 via 5 communication channels: phone, chat, email, tutorials, and questions and answers, all of which are actively answered.

I also appreciate that none of this support is hidden or hard to find. The phone number is placed at the top of the page and the chat support login is easy to find in the admin panel.

There is nothing more annoying than 24/7 support which requires you to first figure out the connection methods on your own. It is a waste of time and tells me exactly what I need to know about the host.

I also appreciate that support is available at your level – whether you are just starting out and need someone to guide you through the final basics with a friendly and supportive demeanor, or you want someone who can talk about the specs and technical nuances like a pro.

InMotion also has some of the best VPS hosting options. They even have two types of VPS hosting so you can get the exact amount of support or flexibility you want.

In addition to shared WordPress hosting, InMotion offers managed WordPress hosting upgrades, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers.


  • Good value for money
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Free non-stop site migrations


  • No free backups with the cheapest plan
  • High-cost entry plan

Performance (runtime and page speed)

As with other web hosting companies, we’ve been monitoring the performance of InMotion’s shared WordPress hosting plan for some time. Our data for the past six months shows an uptime of 99.94%, which equates to 16 seconds of daily downtime.

Now, this isn’t the best uptime we’ve seen by far, but it’s still above the 99.93% benchmark we recommend.

Performance (runtime and page speed)

However, when it comes to page speed, InMotion shows impressive results with an average of 6 months for a page load time of 291ms. This can be considered a high page speed which is good for SEO and user experience.

security options

In terms of security, InMotion works well. All of their plans include a free SSL certificate, SSH access, a web application firewall, and a security suite with protection against malware, hacking, and DDoS attacks. Automatic backups are part of all plans except for the cheapest WP-1000S plan.

On top of all that, you also get SPAM Safe™ email protection, optional automatic WordPress updates, and a staging environment to safely experience all changes.

So, given that InMotion pricing plans start at $6.99 per month, we wouldn’t expect any fewer security features — at least when compared to the competition.

support quality

InMotion has 24/7/365 support for all questions related to sales, support, your account, and billing. You can contact them via live chat, phone, email, or even Skype.

We tested InMotion’s live chat. There was an initial waiting time of a few minutes before a support agent called but we still had quick solutions to our issues – although they had to investigate the issue for a few more minutes. Overall, our issues were met with friendly and professional responses as well as helpful recommendations.

In addition to 24/7 support, InMotion has a support center with over 5,000 articles and guides, with a separate section for any WordPress-related content including guides for more advanced users. They also have a blog with lots of relevant updated content.

Pricing and plans

All managed WordPress hosting plans include a free domain and SSL certificate, as well as unlimited bandwidth and email accounts. The prices mentioned apply with a two-year subscription. InMotion also has a rare 90-day money-back guarantee (with 6-month plans).

The table below shows the prices of the plans if you subscribe pricesWordPreapplyingsting for one year subscribe

the planpriceIt includes
WP-1000s$6.99/month Renewable at $9.991 Website, 50GB SSD Storage, Free Domain, Free SSL, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, 2 Databases
WP-2000s$9.99/month renewable at $12.992 Websites, 100GB SSD Storage, Free Domain, Free SSL, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, Personal Jetpack, Automatic Backups, 8 Databases
WP-3000s$12.99/month Renewable at $17.993 Websites, 150GB SSD Storage, Free Domain, Free SSL, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, Personal Jetpack, Boot Code Cache, Auto Backups, 13 Databases
WP-4000s$20.99/month renewable at $33.996 Websites, 200GB SSD Storage, Free Domain, Free SSL, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, Jetpack Professional, Boot code Cache, Dedicated IP, Auto Backups, 15 Databases

4 . DreamHost – Most Expensive Month-to-Month Hosting Plan

DreamHost offers a great shared WordPress hosting plan – at very reasonable rates.
In fact, their monthly plans start at $2.95 per month. This plan includes one website with unlimited traffic, along with a free SSL certificate.


If you’re interested in saving more money, their one-year contracts start at $2.95 per month, which is still great even though it’s not the lowest on this list.

Besides the great prices, DreamHost also stands out for the way they manage their web hosts. They don’t use the standard cPanel that most hosts use. Alternatively, DreamHost offers a fully customized dashboard for managing your website. This is great for developers who want more control over their websites.

10 Best Web Hosting Providers for 2022

There is a problem: it makes it more difficult to migrate things from DreamHost. However, migrating to DreamHost is easier than ever.

The free migration plugin allows you to migrate in a few steps. You will also be able to expand your hosting as your site grows.

If you are running a non-profit organization, I highly recommend DreamHost. They offer an unlimited free shared WordPress hosting plan for enterprises.

DreamHost is one of our three recommended WordPress hosts, and it includes some managed WordPress hosting in its basic shared plans. It also offers a managed plan with more bells and whistles called DreamPress.

It has an industry-leading free trial – a 97-day full money-back guarantee – and transparent pricing that doesn’t increase after your initial contract.

The free trial period is the longest in business – 97 days. Since DreamHost does not offer promotional rates, the price will not jump after your first contract goes up. This is one of the cheapest WordPress hosting available, and it’s a great option for anyone looking to save every dollar.

Customer service is less conventional. Email support is available 24/7, but you can live by the lowest rates during business hours. If you want technical support over the phone, you have to pay an additional $9.95. However, if you want to get managed WordPress hosting plans from DreamPress Plus or Pro, phone support is included along with other premium features.


  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Best pricing practices (no higher renewals)
  • Rare 100% uptime guarantee
  • Auto backup


  • Many security and support features are not included

Performance (runtime and page speed)

DreamHost offers a rare 100% uptime guarantee. If one of their systems fails, you will be compensated, which is why they were able to make the list. But unfortunately, despite the warranty, the average measured uptime of 6 months was only 99.78%. This means having 3 minutes and 13 seconds of downtime per day, which can really affect your work. The effect isn’t huge, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement to reach the promised 100%.

DreamHost 1
Performance (runtime and page speed)

Now, when it comes to page speed, DreamHost doesn’t show the best results either with a response time of 1430ms.

These results put DreamHost last on our list of best WordPress hosting, but it’s still better than what you get with most other hosting options.

security options

DreamHost offers a Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for free with all of their plans. On top of that, they have free domain privacy, SFTP, and SSH access, as well as automatic daily backups, essential WordPress updates, and security.

With the three more expensive Dreampress plans, you will also get the Jetpack plug-in which protects against brute force attacks. Dreampress Plus and Pro plans include Jetpack Professional with many additional security features.

Overall, when it comes to security, DreamHost is somewhat similar to Hostinger in that they don’t seem to focus much on security, apart from the basic features that they have to offer.

support quality

DreamHost has in-house WordPress experts to provide email tickets and live chat support. The most expensive plan also comes with priority support.

The live chat support option is available to all registered users through the dashbprovideplan mail specific hours (5:30 AM – 9:30 PM PT). At all other times, you can chat with our 24/7 help bot that directs the most complex inquiries to customer support through emdash provides to test their level of service, we spoke to their chatbot which generated an email ticket, where we contacted DreamHost outside of living chat hours. We had to respond to an email thaprovidesmatically sent with our question and received a detailed response in less than 3 hours.

Although the response to the email ticketing was a bit tweaked, we did get the help we needed and also got some links to additional resources.

In fact, DreamHost has a well-organized knowledge base and even a user forum whereticketingfor helwawas s p outside of support hours.

Pricing and plans

All plans include pre-installed Worand automatic security updates, free domain, free automated migration, uncalculated monthly waste and bandwidth, and automated daily backups. Prices apply with prepaid plans. The most expensive Dreampress plans are the managed WordPress hosting packages. monthly waste

to planpriceIt includes
Shared$2.95/month renewable at $6.991 Website Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited SSD Storage Free SSL Auto WordPress Updates Automated Daily Backups Free Domain
Dreampress$16.95/month1 Website, Unrestricted Bandwidth, 30GB SSD Storage, High-Performance Cloud Hosting, One-Click Staging, Built-in Caching, On-Demand Backups, and One-Click Restore, Email Accounts with Dedicated Domain,
Dreampress Plus$24.95/month1 Website Unrestricted Bandwidth 60GB SSD Storage High-Performance Cloud Hosting One-Click Staging Built-in Caching On-Demand Backups and One-Click Restore Email Accounts with Dedicated Domain Free Jetpack Professional

5 . Verpex Hosting

Verpex is a relatively new hosting company launched in 2018. Operating out of London offices
Bulgaria and Bali have data centers in Canada, USA, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, Germany, India, Singapore, and Australia. They specialize in shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting (managed and unmanaged), Magento managed hosting, and domain registration.

The Verpex website is well designed and resourceful; however, it is only available in English, and all prices are in US dollars.

Features and ease of use

Verpex offers cloud (shared) web hosting via three different price plans – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Plans vary based on storage limits and the number of hosted sites. However, all three come with unlimited monthly bandwidth in addition to the following standard features:

  • cPanel
  • Softaculous installer
  • SSD storage
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • free domain
  • Daily backups
  • Free site migration
  • LiteSpeed ​​web server
  • 99.5% Uptime Guarantee

All shared hosting accounts run on CloudLinux OS, which securely isolates each account from others on the same server. This protects your site from external threats and ensures a fair allocation of server resources.

All plans are supported by SSD instead of traditional HDD storage. SSD storage is faster and more stable in processing website data. In turn, this is reflected in your website’s loading speed, stability, and overall performance.

The cPanel is also a standard feature that comes with all plans. It is known for its easy-to-use management interface and many useful built-in tools. One of these tools is the Softaculous one-click installer, which is easy to use and supports hundreds of popular CMS applications and software, including WordPress.

Pricing and support

All plans are available on monthly or annual billing cycles. Annual billing cycles come at the lowest average monthly cost, and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can pay by major credit/debit cards or PayPal.

The site contains a comprehensive knowledge base covering the most important topics. There is also a blog that looks at general issues. If you don’t find your answers there, you can always contact support (available 24/7) via live chat, phone, and email. I went for a live chat and immediately got in touch with a knowledgeable agent who answered all my questions.


For a new host, Verpex has a lot to offer. Its plans have a range of features, and it has a global network of data centers. In addition, customer support is helpful. However, the prices are not suitable if your budget is limited, and they do not offer dedicated servers. If you’re not sure about Verpex, check out this complete list of the best web hosting services.


  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Responsive and helpful support
  • free domain
  • CloudLinux operating system


  • Does not offer dedicated servers
  • Prices are not competitive

How to find the best WordPress hosting

By following these rules, you’ll be happy with the host you get and won’t have to switch anytime soon.

So how do we rate web hosts? What matters?

Let’s review all the basic elements.

Site uptime

Uptime is the most important component of a good web host. If your site isn’t ready, you won’t make money or gain an audience.

First and foremost, you want a web host that has great uptime. This means that your site is always available and never interrupted.

To try to avoid the “just trust us” promise of near-perfect uptime, most hosts offer some sort of guarantee of at least 99.9 percent uptime. However, this guarantee is not a great one. It just means that your bill can be deducted in the event of any unplanned downtime. There is a lot of nitty-gritty on these guarantees too, including not accepting self-reported or third-party uptime data, and not offering refunds for downtime that was beyond the host’s control.

Site speed

When you are searching for the best WordPress hosting, you should think about getting the best speed, site speed affects everything related to your site.

Do you want to rank your site in search?

Get a quiplanbsite.

Want conversions on your site?

Make it fast.

Want happy users?

speed it up.

Every part of your business is affected by the speed of your site.

There are some nuances in site speed.

In the early days, I needed a fast “enough” host. It doesn’t have to be fast but it has to be fast.

Think Amazon. Back in the day Amazon just sold books, their site should have been fast but didn’t need to be instant.

Now that so many people are using it for all their shopping, Amazon can never be fast enough.

The older you are, the faster you want to be. If you plan to build a high-traffic site, you will need a host that can maintain super-fast speeds on large sites.

Customer Support

When running your own site, a web host’s customer support is the most important thing a web host can offer.

Researching usage reviews doesn’t always give you a definitive answer about the quality of support particular web host.

Watch out for great reviews on top posts, they don’t always reflect reality.

There is one true test to assess the quality of customer support at any host.

Support customer support test.

Pretty much every WordPress host has some kind of money-back guarantee on their shared hosting plans, which means you can set up your own website and see whSupporthink of the service at relatively low risk – just your time and any additional fees for you signing up, such as paying for domain registration. We recommend g to Customer Support during that trial period. Have a live chat, open tickets, and hop on the phone as often as possible to see if you like what you’re being offered.

Most web hosts offer some kind of free trial period. I recommend using this time to delve into your host’s customer support – their knowlepossibleter and especially their supplying team across all channels. This will tell you the real story.

traffic volume

The amount of traffic you get has a huge impact on choosing the best WordPress hosting you need.

For a site that gets 300 visitors every month, any standard WordPress hosting package would be good enough. As long as your web host has strong customer support, you are good to go.

As you get older, all sorts of little details become more important.

Is the PHP on your server updated regularly? Do you have a CDN for your content?

Is your site backed up daily and can you get it back in 15 minutes if something goes wrong?

Do you have an SSL Certificate? Can your server handle a huge spike in traffic during marketing promotion?

Whenever I have a bigger site I look for premium hosting that takes care of all this for me. And if I’m planning to build a large site, I’m looking for a host who can easily scale it up to millions of visitors every month. I am happy to pay a premium price to ensure an easy upgrade in the future.

And if you plan to stay under 50,000 visitors/month, get a standard shared WordPress hosting package. There is no reason to worry about advanced things.


While you don’t want to overpay for hosting, you definitely don’t want to pay less either.

Avoid choosing a host exclusively over price.

Most of the basic WordPress hosting plans fall in the $10 to $20 per month range. Yes, there are chances. Some are promotions that expire upon renewal. Others host plans with terrible support and uptime.

My rule is that if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Migration chancesures

Make sure when you choose WordPress hosting that it will provide you with the ability to migrate an existing site easily and quickly.
Even a basic WordPress site can be a real problem to migrate. First, you have to set up a new WordPress installation on your new host. Then you need to export the content database from your old site and import it to your new site. Finally, you have to reformat everything in WordPress like theme, plugins, and settings.

It is possible to skip all of this.

Some hosts will offer a one-click migration of popular site builders like WordPress.

If you are switching hosts and handling migration, yourself, look for an easy migration feature. This is a great way to make the final decision once you’ve narrowed it down to a few final options.

Host management

Here’s how a regular ho works:

  • After registering, you will get the login information.
  • It takes you to log in to cPanel. cPanel is an application on your server that allows you to manage it through a user interface without having to know how to write anything.
  • You can configure your server as you like.
  • There is an FTP option to manually upload files to your server.
  • There are also quick options to install WordPress and other site software if you want.
  • You have full access and can do anything you want. It’s “Choose Your Own Adventure”. Install WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or your entire site code manually.

Most web hosts work like this.

There are also managed web hosts. These hosts customize your hosting environment and manage much of it for you.

Kinsta is the best example, it is a managed WordPress host. Instead of logging into cPanel which lets me do whatever I want,

Kinsta gives me a login to its custom interface designed specifically for managing WordPress sites.

When a web host is optimized exclusively for WordPress, three main things happen. First, it’s faster than any shared WordPress hosting provider could dream of. Everything can be designed to make WordPress work better, whether it’s improving website caching or fiddling with command line tools. The host just needs to know how to support WordPress.

Second, sites become more secure and stable. A managed WordPress host can build a system that anticipates, absorbs, and fixes all WordPress vulnerabilities. This means fewer malicious attacks and less downtime.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for small businesses: administration and site maintenance just got a lot easier. This service is vital because managed WordPress hosting is much more expensive than shared WordPress hosting services.

While I give up some flexibility from not having a basic web server like other hosts, the managed host takes on a lot of ongoing tasks that I usually have to handle myself.

If you have a small business site, a regular host is fine. If you are building a larger site, a managed host will save you a lot of time in the long run and is well worth the extra cost.

Out of hundreds of WordPress hosting companies, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 8 picks for the best WordPress hosting in 2022.

If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting on this list, I highly recommend Bluehost hosting, the prices might be a little high with Bluehost hosting but it is worth every dollar.

If you lack experience or know you’ll need more guidance, or if your features are limited, look no further than Bluehost.

DreamHost offers the best rates for month-to-month hosting, while Hostinger offers some of the cheapest all-in-one hosting plans.

For websites that need to rely on fast loading speed, Inmotion is a great choice, especially for shared WordPress and VPS hosting, respectively.

Bluehost is one of our recommended WordPress web hosts

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