7 of the best apps to get a virtual phone number

Virtual Phone Number for Business Phone Call Manager Smartphone calls from various non-public smartphones can grow to be very annoying,

depriving you of your privacy. Not to mention, it won’t give you the results you want because you are hiring more people.

Virtual Phone Number – This is the reason why many new and established business owners are using various digital smartphone apps to have a variety of smartphone numbers assigned to their business.

Digital smartphones with a virtual phone number allow you to apply equal diversity to computers and more. You can without difficulty make pre-calls, document voice messages, and determine the percentage of broad diversity among individuals.

You can install a virtual phone number on digital smartphones quickly and without difficulty. Simply download the app to your smartphone or computer, that’s it

Here, we’ll talk about our selection of widely varied and fun smartphone apps for small businesses, and more.

When do you need a virtual number?

Whether you have a small business website or an e-commerce store, providing a concise way for customers to connect with you can help you grow your business.

All companies have a permanent presence of more than 24 years, so a lot of users and customers need to connect with and reach them.

There are many online communication stations, but nothing beats the human touch with the help of listening to a real human at the station opposite the line.

Most companies consider owning landlines as good enough. However, they soon discovered just how powerful traditional landlines are in terms of handling corporate and buyer calls.

This is what different digital smartphone apps can help with. It offers you the after benefits over traditional landline and cell phone numbers.

  • You can apply for your virtual number on the smartphone with cellular applications, laptops, computer phones, and various devices.
  • You can share a single number with all businesses and transactions.
  • Through the app, you can control call forwarding, waiting, ringtones, etc.
  • Messaging, voice and text message content, transcribed to email, and low-cost local/global smartphone calls.

However, let’s see several cool and various smartphone apps that you may use.


Nextiva is a virtual number provider for the highest quality digital smartphones on the market. They make it very easy to control your virtual number, and a variety of using their applications on your computer, phone, tablets, etc.

You can also keep your original number and use it with Nextiva for HD VoIP voice calls. It also allows you to obtain the smartphone numbers of digital organizations with unusual geographical locations.

Nextiva has a powerful set of functionality built into every plan which includes forwarding, auto-answer, voicemail to email, unlimited call waiting, and call analytics.

Pricing starts at $20 per user, per month.


Grasshopper offers a diversified smartphone provider of clean virtual numbers for startups and small businesses. It comes with a cellular app that allows you to control your organization’s smartphone device from any gadget and from anywhere.

Private calls and separate corporate calls use the same tool and in no way go through a name. Grasshopper combines all the important functions in one package with name forwarding, voicemail, enterprise texting, enterprise VoIP, WiFi calling, auto greeting, and more.

Pricing starts at $26 per month for one number and three extensions.

Ooma Office Phone

Ooma is a popular VOIP company that offers virtual phone numbers without fees and at cheap rates. You can load a virtual number for any Ooma plan. By default, they may pre-select a default number for you, however, you can also choose a completely new number.

Ooma workplace comes with all the powerful functions you might take care of like digital receptionist, call queues, music, queue, smart cellular apps, and more. Setup is very easy, and you can set it up in minutes.

Pricing: Starts at $19.95 based on the month that comes with the free number, plus 500 free minutes. You can purchase additional minutes at discounted rates.

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Google Voice (Free)

Virtual phone number application. Google Voice is your top priority. If you already use G Suite, you can integrate it with all the different Google apps you already use in your organization.

Individual customers and app owners can use the Personal Plan to get virtual numbers and call everywhere in the US and Canada for free.

The Personal Plan does not give you access to MyZelt, business phone functionality included in the Business Plan, or coverage from strategy/auto-answer, desk phone support, etc.

Pricing: Free for private use. And it has plans of $10 per user/month.


Phone.com is another top-notch option for getting a virtual digital domain. They provide low-cost personalized deals for startups, executives, and small businesses.

Additionally, it provides low-cost calling charges to a few European and Canadian international locations by counting them as local minutes. From a functional perspective, you get cellular apps, contact forwarding, digital assistants, IVR menus, text and fax content, and more.

It has consistent pay-by-minute plans that let you pay a lot less based on your entire usage. However, it can become quite expensive without problems as the desires of your organization grow.

Pricing: Consistent minute payment plans start at $12.99 per month. Unlimited plans start at $29.99 per month with the compatible extension.


eVoice is a popular smartphone organization that provides global coverage, particularly within the UK. It provides a range of enterprise smartphones and free and near virtual numbers for local areas.

Their plans consist of call controls, a digital receiver, an outgoing name app, conference calls, and more. You can get virtual phone numbers assigned to the UK, EU, Canada, US, and many different international locations.

You can choose from more than one plan, each with an exceptional set of clients that you can load and a fixed amount of calling minutes. The call forwarding fee is basically entirely dependent on the vicinity and extent of forwarding.

Pricing: Starts at £7.50 depending on the month of the user.


Freshcaller is a virtual business phone software provider application. Suitable for small businesses and start-ups, it offers low-cost plans to suit all budgets such as Coordinated Pay Per Minute Plan with Limitless Agents.

You can get numbers from all over the world, unlimited numbers, or hide the number near you, and more.

It consists of all the standard functions you would want including controls for calls, working hours, cellular applications, shared lines, SIP connections, and much more that you can discover on your own.

Pay in line with pricing $19 in line with the matching month rate

We want this article to help you discover top-notch digital communication applications in your organization.

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