7 of the most important labor market skills you need

labor market: We were taught as children that we have to go to university to find a job and raise a family, but they didn’t tell us that what we would learn at university might not be what the job market needs. At the university we learned a lot of general concepts and principles, we memorized some of them and forgot some. There is a simple problem with education in general, you may have a role in this problem as well, the problem is simply that they give you fish and hook, but they do not teach you to fish.

They offer you a swimming pool, in which the water does not exceed your waist, after which you graduate and be thrown into the ocean without depth. They teach you that this book is the best and the exam will not come out of it, all you have to do is remember it to get this appreciation, but it did not prepare you with the labor market skills that you need in your career.

They did not teach you that this skill is one of the skills that qualify you to swim in any sea, whatever its density, they did not teach you that the most important thing that makes your personality is not that information or content, but your ability to deal with it. If the system is “broken” – your capabilities – then any inputs to that system will only result in broken outputs as well.

What you learn in university is the ability to deal with any data in one way, although there is no one type of data, with the life we ​​live, one way to deal with all these data with their differences will only increase your life in misery. What are the skills required in the labor market that you did not learn at university?

Selling skill

Any job in this world is based on the principle that you own something and others need it, whether it is material or moral. On the other hand, you also need something that someone else has and so on. Therefore, the ability to sell is one of the most important job market skills that you must develop. Think about it for a moment, a job interview is all about selling your skills to that company, presenting the value you have in such a way that the company can appreciate it, and then hiring you.

If two people who have the same skills and qualifications required for the same job apply, then the one who has the selling skill will get the job, because he was able to show the value he will add to the company while the other one was not able to formulate his skills with the same efficiency.

Freelancing is no different, except that you will need to sell the value you have to more than one company and more than one person. What about “realistic selling” selling products and services, can you achieve increased sales only when you have that skill? To master the selling skill, you must learn how to present ideas and products well “Presentation”, and you must learn to write “Copywriting”, the first to deal face to face, and the second to deal from behind screens.

Negotiation and persuasion skill

In the example of a job interview, suppose you had the selling skills to write the attached letter in a good way, and display your skills and qualifications well, and then you were accepted for the job, to come to the point of negotiating the salary, compared to someone who has the skill of negotiating, you may get a lower salary than him.

This skill is one of the most important self-employment skills because you will need it in every project or work contract that you will face, because the number of differences you will face between customers and employers are many, some of them understand exactly the financial compensation for your skills, some of them do not know anything about your work, they just want you to get the work done She receives a fee that does not affect his budget.

On the other hand, if you are a business owner or founder of a startup company, the negotiation skill will benefit you in contracts, recruitment processes, acquisitions, and other things that you will meet with your company.

The most important principle of negotiation skill is not to make the other feel that he has been exploited or defrauded, do not make it look like war, because sooner or later he will find out what happened, and in this case, you may have won a deal or an employment process but you lost a relationship that may benefit you in the future, always treat the principle of “Win-Win Situation”.

Planning skill

There will come periods when you have to work with maximum energy, and other periods with minimum energy, what you learn in university is to study hard all the time, but what about working hard, what motivates you, and what motivates you to keep going? Is pressure what makes you work at your best, or is it your desire to master a particular discipline?

Of these things you do not have the opportunity to know about yourself during university, you only choose one case to reach what you want, but what about development and improvement? The skill of planning and organizing will help you develop your skills in work and personal life and make you more productive.

communication skill

One of the most important skills of the labor market is the skill of communication, which does not mean non-stop conversation, but rather that good communication comes from listening well first. Good communication skills are characterized by clarity, clarity of idea, meaning, tone, and intent.

Communication comes in several forms, including individual communication from one person to another, face to face, by telephone, by writing, or an individual’s communication with a group of people, and it may be in the form of print, as well as body movements and facial expressions as a form of communication. Communication skill is important in all fields. The leader needs communication skills, and the marketer needs communication skills and others.

Collaboration and teamwork skills

Having the skill to be an effective member of the team, manage your relationships and deal in a healthy and positive way with the team and receive various instructions from the team members towards achieving one particular common goal is what cooperation means.

It is one of the most important labor market skills to be able to adapt and perform your duties effectively while creating a positive work environment with the rest of the team members. You can develop the skill of cooperation by partnering with a group to finish a university project, engaging in a volunteer activity, or joining a team sports club such as soccer.

Problem-solving skill

Problem-solving skill is important in finding solutions to problems and obstacles that will encounter you on your way to achieve a particular goal, and this skill includes logical thinking, research, analysis, and linking. You will need this skill in resolving conflicts with team members that may be a result of the interdependence of tasks between you and the rest of the people, the lack of communication between you, or due to differences in performance standards.

The problem-solving skill will benefit in developing different aspects of you as well when you discover the shortcomings in them, the closest example of this is when you discover that you waste a number of hours on social networking sites, and these hours can benefit from them in achieving a goal, then you have to research and analyze the problem to be able to find Practical solutions that you apply and follow to get rid of this problem and achieve your goal.

Learning skills and professionalism

You cannot learn this at a university where you are studying more than one subject at a time. Professionalism does not come overnight, but it takes a lot of time and effort, there is a popular theory that it takes 10,000 hours to master something, and it seems very discouraging.

But think for a moment, how many hours a day do you waste and spend on other things that miss the opportunity to become a professional in this specialty? Another matter, is this thing that you are wasting your time on, that you can make contributions to your professionalism in this specialty?

How much time do you spend on social networks? Very simply, you either replace it with another time to study the specialty or use these networks to help you professionalize this specialty. I will tell you about my experience with the second solution, which is to use these platforms to help you become professional.

One day I decided to make these networks work for me, I unsubscribed from some pages and unfollowed some people, I ignored a lot of posts, I retweeted and liked certain posts even if I didn’t really like it – as long as it was in the field I wanted to do – I followed the influencers in that field. For example, in writing and digital marketing, I follow Neil Patel, Jeff Goins, Darren Prause, and others.

The strange thing about this way is that it automatically makes you stay away from social networks. Whenever I see an article that attracts me, I open a tab in the browser to read it and close Facebook. If you want to replace social networks from the start, then popular freelancing sites are enough to spend most of your time reading, discussing, and studying the specialty you want and interest you. As well as follow blogs and education sites such as Fiverr.

The idea is to spend most of your time on the major you want to master, maybe approaching 10,000 hours over time. Apply the principles of replacement or use in other matters according to convenience, for example, lost time in transportation is indispensable, so use it in what is appropriate, such as listening to audio files or downloading some books to read on the phone or tablet.

In conclusion, the skills of the labor market are important and you have to develop them constantly and with experience to be able to achieve success in your field. You can add a panel in the Ana tool and put in it a task application explaining what you want to develop in the skill of writing content, as an example.

And you put a news reader application and a favorite, in which you add specialized sites in this field, so you can follow them constantly, and the Pomodoro application, which will help you organize your time to become more productive, these methods help in developing your skills as an entrepreneur. Is there another skill that you would like to develop and find important for the job market and for entrepreneurs?

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