9 ways to create and design a news website using WordPress

create and design a new website using WordPress: It has become easy these days to create and design a news site on the Internet to convey and display news in one specific field or many areas, thanks to the development of methods for creating,

designing, and managing websites, including the way to create a site through the WordPress content management system.

As a result, the number of people aspiring to create and design successful news sites has increased, and that is why we will explain in detail in this article the best and easiest way to create and design a news site, starting with choosing the site’s topic, passing through the technical steps of creating it through WordPress, and ending with monetizing site visits to profit from it.

Why do you intend to design your news site using WordPress?

WordPress is the best way to create various types of websites today, including news sites, due to its technical features, which enable it to greatly facilitate the creation and design of a news site, as well as being a completely free and open-source system.

When you use WordPress to create, design, and manage your news site, you don’t need to write a lot of code, in fact, you probably won’t need to write any code at all, and you won’t need to pay a web developer most of the time. You have to spend a large amount of money.

WordPress also provides many tools and features that make it easy to manage news sites and publish content very quickly, such as:

  • A very powerful and easy-to-use news (and non-news) article editor.
  • Excellent media tools that enable you to publish photos and videos accompanying the news.
  • The most recent news articles are displayed at the top by default, which is ideal for news sites.
  • The ability to add functionality to the site according to what you want through WordPress plugins.
  • The ability to modify or completely change the design of the news site based on hundreds of free templates.

There are also many other features and tools available in WordPress that make it easy for you to manage your news website and publish news in it greatly, and more useful features and tools are added to it continuously, and of course, you will be able to use it for your site in the future.

Steps to create and design a news website

The process of creating and designing a news site includes a set of technical and non-technical steps, and all of these steps must be carried out professionally in tonsure the site’s success, especially with the large increase in the number of news sites, and thus the difficulty of competition.

That is why here we will explain in detail all the steps involved in the process of creating a news website, and we will focus more on the steps that determine the design and appearance of the news site in order to be able to create a site with a unique design that is not similar to the appearance of other news sites spread on the Internet.

But before we explain the steps in detail, we will first list them in the following list, so that you have an initial idea of ​​how to create and design a professional news site:

  1. Choose the topic of the news site.
  2. Get a domain name.
  3. Get web hosting.
  4. Installing WordPress on hosting.
  5. Installing and designing a distinctive news template.
  6. Install the necessary plugins.
  7. Learn how to write and publish news.
  8. Promote the site and get traffic.
  9. Invest visits to profit from the news site.

Step 1: Choose the topic of the news site

The topic or specialty of the news site determines how many steps must be carried out when creating it. The way to implement the steps of creating and designing the news site can differ from one specialty to another a little in terms of the necessary additions, appropriate design, and so on.

For this, you must first, before starting the creation of your news site, determine the field or areas that you want to cover, that is, will you publish political news, or you will publish economic news, or you will publish scientific news, or you will publish news in another field, or you will publish news in multiple fields.

If you are going to run your news site yourself, and would not prefer to hire or collaborate with several people in managing, setting up, and publishing, we do not recommend covering more than one specialty, as this will be very difficult or impossible for you, but if you will be collaborating with other people, It can cover as many specialties as you see fit.

While choosing the niche for your news site, be sure to follow these tips, as they will be useful to you in the future and will make it easier for you to carry out the work and manage the site:

  • Choose a major or specialization that you and your team are passionate about, as this will help you keep working.
  • Select a niche that has an audience intoet enough traffic, and use it to achieve your goal.
  • Don’t pick a topic that is difficult to compete and results in search results on, as this will increase your chance of failure.
  • Make sure that the specialty you will cover is suitable for what you want to invest the site in, whether profit or otherwise.

Step 2: Get a domain name

The domain name is one of the most important requirements for creating and designing a news site on WordPress, as it is the address that enables visitors to access the site through their browsers, and it is necessary to choose and obtain a suitable domain name for the topic of the news website so that it is easier for followers to remember it and enter it in the browser bar. When they want to see the latest news.

A domain name can be obtained in many free and paid ways, but free methods do not provide a professional domain that instills confidence in the site in the hearts of visitors, so it is necessary to obtain a paid domain from one of the good companies that provides domain names

It is also worth noting that some web hosting companies provide within their plans a professional domain name as part of the benefits of the hosting plan, and this domain can be used for the news site, but we would also like to point out that this feature usually comes with a hidden financial cost, so perhaps it is preferable to buy a domain name Separately, purchase hosting that does not provide a domain name for free.

Step 3: Get web hosting

Web hosting is also one of the main requirements for creating and designing a news site, just like the domain name, as it is not possible to create a site without it, because all the files, content, and data of the site that enable visitors to browse it, see the news, watch pictures and videos are stored in it, and send it to them upon request.

There are many types and plans of hosting provided by web hosting service providers for website owners, and a cheap shared hosting plan is usually suitable in the beginning, but it is preferable to get flexible cloud hosting that provides high performance and reliability of the website.

Digital Ocean offers high-quality cloud hosting with plans starting at $5 per month, this company can be counted on for fast and reliable hosting to run all sizes and types of websites including small news sites with low traffic and huge news sites that get thousands of visits per day. I recommend hosting (Bluehost)

Step 4: Install WordPress on your hosting

After obtaining the domain name and hosting, you must install the WordPress content management system through which you will create, manage and design the news site on the hosting, as this system allows you to do all these tasks very easily and without programming experience.

To install WordPress on a web hosting, there are many ways, and the way to do this can vary depending on the control panel of the web hosting used, but usually, the main steps in all methods are the same, and we explained two of those methods in the article (How to download and install WordPress on the hosting) Where you can view the article and install WordPress by following the detailed steps in it.

Step 5: Install and design a unique news template

After installing WordPress on the web hosting, the step comes in which to determine the appearance of the news site, which is to install a suitable news template for the site and modify its design to become an ideal or almost perfect fit for what you want, relying on a set of tools and methods that enable modification to the WordPress template.

There are many ways to get a WordPress news template, such as:

  • You can also assign a developer or development team to create and design a customized news template for you, in which case you will never need to modify the design of the news template, but it costs a lot of money.

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How to design a news website

If you have installed a ready-made WordPress news template on your site and want to modify its design, there are many ways to do this, the most important of which is the method that depends on the website appearance customizer, as this tool is easy to use, and its options are usually sufficient for most news sites in a case Use a template that has good customization options.

In order to use the customizer to modify the design of the WordPress news site template, activate the template that determines the most appropriate appearance for what you want, then place your mouse pointer on the (Appearance) option in the side menu of the WordPress backend home page, then click on the (Customize) option from the menu drop down that appears.

You will be taken directly to the WordPress theme customizer that enables you to change the design of your news site with a range of appearance options, including options for selecting colors and shapes, showing and hiding elements, adding specific effects to them, and more.

There is also a section in the customizer that shows a live preview of the design of the news site, where you will be able to see how the option you selected will show your site in this section directly without having to leave the tool or go to the home page or any other page of the site.

The design and appearance options provided by the WordPress customizer vary depending on the template used, meaning that the template determines the extent to which the design of the news site can be changed, so if you want a highly customizable news site, be sure to choose a new template that has many and powerful customization options

Tips to follow while designing a news website

You can make the modifications you want to the design of the news site through the customizer or any other way to make it look its best and make it attractive to visitors, but in tonsure that the design and therefore the project does not fail, follow as much as possible the following important tips:

  • Create a clear and appropriate horizontal navigation menu for the news site that will benefit the visitor and make it easier for him to access the information he wants.
  • Text and background colors should be contrasting to make it easier for the visitor to read the news. It is preferable to use black for the text and white for the background.
  • Be sure to include a large number of news pages (eg the home page), and if possible, make the site show more news when you get to the bottom.
  • Dedicate a well-placed section of the site that shows breaking news, as this will keep visitors coming back to your site frequently for the latest updates.
  • Use the sidebars to display groups of news that may be of interest to the visitor, such as the most read news, news related to the story the visitor is reading, and so on.
  • Make sure to make the site mobile-friendly, as many people prefer to know the news through their smart devices, and of course, you want to please them.
  • Be careful to use coordinating colors and beautiful designs that will appeal to visitors.
  • Add a section where readers can post comments expressing their opinions on the news.
  • Dedicate several places to photos on the home page and news pages.

Also, during the design of the news site, you must stay away from anything that hinders the visitor’s experience and makes it worse, as this will reflect badly on the site, and if you want to know how something affects the behavior of visitors, you can use A/B testing

Step 6: Install the necessary plugins

WordPress plugins or WordPress plugins are the main features that made the system powerful, as it allows website owners to add functionality that WordPress does not provide by default to their sites without having to write code, just by installing a simple program capable of doing the job.

Although WordPress provides by default most of the functions that a news site may need, there are a group of plugins that will help in designing the news site, adding new functions to it, improving its performance, and making it easier for its articles to publish search results, so this step is important To create a successful news site.

Notable plugins that news sites may need include:

It helps you secure your news site, and protect contact forms from spam.
Yoast SEO:
It allows you to improve the SEO of articles, which helps you to get higher search results.
WP Rocket:
It enables you to improve the performance of your site by relying on the cache.
It optimizes and compresses images, which is especially useful for news sites because they usually include a large number of images.
The following plugins can also be useful to you in some cases if you want to improve your news site:
News & Blog Designer Pack:
It helps design the news site by providing the ability to display publications in different ways, in addition to many other advantages.
WP Latest Posts:
It provides you with the ability to create your News Feed page and its sections in a modern and professional way in the form of beautiful responsive sliders.
Contact Form 7:
It allows you to create and customize a contact form in order for visitors to send you messages and inquiries, thus helping you improve your news site.
You can send instant notifications to visitors who don’t mind, and this enables you to increase your site traffic a lot.
Sassy Social Share:
It is easy for visitors to share the news that you publish on a large number of social media platforms.
And if you need a specific functionality on your site, you can search on the internet for a plugin that can do the job, then you can download the plugin from the plugins section of the official WordPress website, where there are thousands of free WordPress plugins that can be downloaded with complete safety.

Step 7: Learn how to write and publish news

After carrying out all the steps of creating and designing a news site, as mentioned earlier, you can start writing and publishing news directly, and with time as your site grows, you can continue to improve and build it, including building ratings and tags, changing its design to be better and more suitable for the preferences of visitors, etc.
Step 8: Promote the site and get traffic

After creating and designing the news site and starting to publish news on it, the stage of promoting it comes to getting visits to invest in achieving the goal of creating the site. Although this task seems difficult, it is actually quite easy to achieve if you follow the right practices and methods for optimizing the site and directing visitors to it.

Step 9: monetize your visits to the news site

There is always a reason for creating and designing a news site, and oftentimes it is to make money by monetizing site visits. After the launch of your news site and the traffic, the rate is high enough, you will be able to monetize these visits for profit in one of the ways that allow profit from websites, the most important of which are:

  • Ads, where you can make some money by placing ads of ad networks such as Google Adsense on your pages.
  • Affiliate marketing means providing clients to companies through your site and obtaining a percentage of the profits achieved by those companies.
  • Selling products, where you can attach an online store to your news site, and sell digital or physical products related to the topic of the site.


We also want to draw your attention that you may need to perform several actions while managing your news website. If it is difficult for you to implement one of them and you need explanations, you can use the search box on our site to access a detailed article that will help you perform the required action.

With this, dear readers, we have finished explaining how to create and design a news site in detail, and we would like to point out in conclusion that it is necessary to seize opportunities when there are important events that belong to the site’s specialization by writing about them with high quality, this will increase the number of visits and contribute to the Achieving goals and maintaining the progress and success of the news site on a permanent basis.

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