Aehra unveils a super sedan worth $160,000

The curvy electric hypercar from Italian company Aehra, which will go into production with its SUV brother in 2026, has eschewed the creases and folds of the current auto industry.

The 600kW Aehra sedan draws on the design elements of the Aehra SUV, debuted late last year, and has a single profile line designed by former Lamborghini design chief Filippo Perini. It has a restricted peak speed of 265km/h.

The 5.1-meter Aehra sedan shares the seven-seat SUV’s base and battery pack, and Aehra anticipates US pricing to begin at $160,000.

Aehra co-founder, chairman, and CEO Hazim Nada said that the introduction of the Aehra sedan, which comes just eight months after we unveiled our first SUV model, and the recent news of our partnership with Miba Battery Systems “confirm that Aehra remains firmly on track in its strategic mission to deliver a step-change in the design, customer, and ownership experience of ultra-premium electric vehicles.”

And to ensure we keep our commitment to combine an incredible driving and ownership experience with excellent design and technology, the final production versions will resemble the models we unveiled when they hit the road.

Aehra intends to debut in Europe and North America in 2026, with China and the Middle East following soon after.

Aehra has designed a long, slender, perfectly proportioned supercar sedan using Austrian cells that is 5.1 meters long, 2.0 meters wide, and only 1.43 meters high. Still, it currently has nowhere to be built.

With a carbon fiber body and a large portion of its chassis built of forged carbon fiber, it extensively uses lightweight technology and can employ gullwing doors for both the front and back seats.

According to Perini, “With the Aehra sedan, we dare to go even further and fully exploit the exceptional design freedom born out of our founder Hazim Nada’s philosophy and vision, and Aehra’s ground-breaking use of only the most cutting-edge technologies that the global automotive and aeronautic industries have to offer.”

“Many other sources served as inspiration for the Aehra sedan’s design. In Italy, we can feel the impact of art and architecture wherever we look, and we also see beauty everywhere—beauty that results from the simplicity of expression and aesthetically pleasing usefulness.

“Every line and aspect of the Aehra sedan shows the passion and dedication for the quest for ideal proportions.

It follows Aehra’s maxim that “form must always follow function”; the sedan is the antithesis of baroque design culture, without pointless ornamentation but brimming with feeling.

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