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Astra Theme: We understand the value of how a good template can make a huge difference in the success of a website or not. As excellent Astra theme users, we are in a great position to provide an honest review of the Astra WordPress Theme

Astra is a free WordPress theme developed by Brainstorm Force. It’s incredibly lightweight, it’s incredibly easy to customize, loads in less than half a second, and we’ve grown to an active install base of over 300,000 users in less than one year with a 5-star average rate.

Brainstorm Force is a web development company based in India. They are a group of professional WordPress developers who, along with Astra, have developed many other plugins.

Some well-known add-ons are Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder and Elementor. It expands the capability of said page builders by adding new widgets, blocks, elements, or custom templates.

They’re also the team behind Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, which turns the Gutenberg editor into what we might call a “WordPress thumbnail builder”. Adds advanced custom blocks with expanded features and capabilities.

The Astra theme can be upgraded to the premium version by purchasing the Astra Pro plugin. It is a plugin that gives you access to the premium units of Astra.

As an agency and software provider for web designers and agencies, we can truly understand how a product like this can make a real difference to the productivity and bottom line of a website project.

The wrong choice of a WordPress product for your website can wreak havoc on your project.

For example, in one of our early projects, our clients decided late in the project that they might want to implement WooCommerce later, so a WordPress theme that supports WooCommerce became a requirement.

Having already chosen a component that wasn’t designed for WooCommerce, we realized that this would have a negative impact on the entire project, and we’d have to start a lot of customizations from scratch if we had to choose a different product at this point.

But do we have to stick to it for the client’s sake? We decided to deal with the problem when (and if) it appeared.

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But it is clear that choosing the right tools for the project is essential. Choosing the right WordPress theme for a new site or site upgrade is exactly the same.

The design that can be worked on is usually chosen in the very early stages of a project. This means that the impact on the success of your project will be significant if you make the wrong decision.

You are likely to discover problems with your selection only when you are at an advanced stage of your project. So the right choice of the element to work with is critical to a great project result.

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Fortunately, the KTV model is usually a good choice. We’ll explain why we should go ahead with this during our Astra WordPress Theme Review.

But first, let’s start with the basics in our WordPress Astra theme review.

Theme Astra?

Astra is one of the most popular free plugins available on and it’s one of the first you find in the Most Popular section, along with those installed by default on WordPress like Twenty, 29, and 27.

Astra has over 700,000 installs and a high 5-star rating from 3563 out of 3640 user reviews at the time of writing, making it one of the highest-rated WordPress themes of all temporary.

The growth rates have a good comparison with Divi, by the way, I also featured more than 35 Divi thread examples here). The success of this powerful brainstorming product is based on the fact that it is extremely fast, highly customizable, and has an elegant look and feel that gives your website a polished feel.

In addition to being available as a free download of the WordPress CMS, there is also an Astra Pro version which can be found on

As you can probably tell, it’s an incredible achievement to become one of the most popular items in the WP directory. The biggest achievement is that it was achieved in a short time, with version 1.0.0 year in April 2017!

And how long since its release has no other commercially supported theme managed to dislodge Astra from this coveted position?

Astra has received great praise, especially from great WP effectors like Elementor’s Chris Lima and Ben Pence.
One of the standout features is that it is lightning fast. This is perhaps what has greatly contributed to the popularity and success of Astra.

So much so that the preview version of the Astra theme loads in less than half a second – 384ms for it exactly! We aired this on one of the live deserter shows, The Outdoor Adventure. It’s a great performance.

On the WPAstra website, it is claimed that the site loads in less than 0.5 seconds, which as we can see is an easily achievable result.

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The Risen why the site is so fast is twofold:

Less than 50 KB Default Size
It avoids the use of jQuery which degrades performance by preventing rendering and uses native JavaScript instead
But let’s dig a little deeper and see what it has to offer.

Astra Template Features

Check website predefined web templates in WordPress 2020
This is why this is a WordPress come-ci Clearly seeking to create a website. Talk about the obvious!

Can you how one actually shortens the time needed to create such a website?

As has become the norm with the most popular products, WordPress themes no longer present themselves as blank page that must be built from scratch.

Popular Astra now includes a number of predefined website “templates”, for lack of a better word, which is configured as part of the actual installation or configuration.

CES sites do not offer “extension sites”, “beginner models” or identical sites for specialized sites. To name a few, you will find that there comprehensive starter sites for

  • Restaurants
  • financial advisors
  • Different types of agencies
  • medical and health rentals (clinics, doctors, dentists, etc.)
  • Education and courses
  • Modification in shape and sport
  • Food and drinks
  • Websites for pets
  • Different types of e-commerce shops and websites
  • Online courses and learning management systems with specific support for LifterLMS and LearnDash
  • Service providers such as cleaners, plumbers, electricians, etc.
  • Freelancers, Creators, Bloggers, Photographers, and Artists
  • Accommodation and travel
  • Conferences and Conferences
  • house, garden, building, architecture
  • beauty and health

and much more……

Best theme for Elementor 1200x630 1

There are in addition to the 100 sites to dispose of the distributions and other three sites in the form of an introductory page selection box. There are different types of themes for:

  • Articles page generator or
  • Beaver Builder
  • Prezi
  • Gothenburg

Note that some of these starters are only available for specific page builders, sometimes they are only available for Astra Pro or other premium packs. As part of WordPress 2022 Astra template review

Effective sites to import into the new polling site in a convenient location just like people and users.

Personalization without code

While as many as a few years ago, the creation of websites was the world of web designers and developers, who had a good knowledge of coding, the revolution in the online business industry changed all that.

Small business owners, affiliate marketers, bloggers, marketing professionals, hobbyists, design agencies, and digital marketers all have different needs to create their own specific types of websites.

The number of different types of people who will be engaged in creating, updating, and maintaining a website continues to grow and increase.
Topic sellers, including the most successful such as the power of brainstorming their products, have shifted in this direction.

Essentially, you’ll find that being a web designer, programmer, or having coding knowledge is no longer a requirement for creating a website.

Page builders, which we will discuss in the next section, are also an essential part of this concept of no coding. Using a page builder such as Elementor and Beaver Builder is an integral part of easy-to-develop websites and is part of starter templates.

While we don’t think web designers are in the minority, the number of people who don’t have coding experience but are creating their own sites is on the rise.

Vendors have shifted their focus accordingly and designed WordPress themes and products like Astra Pro that can be fully customized without having to touch a single line of code or dig into HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other site coding standards.

The Astra theme is easily customizable without the need for any coding knowledge at all, in particular using all the configuration options in the different sections of the template.

This can be done through various functions:


Website layouts can be enabled through the feature of Astra Pro, which gives the end user the option of choosing from Boxed, Full Width, Maximum Width, Quilted, and Fluid layouts. Spacing can also be adjusted to suit user needs using margins and spaces around elements.
You can use the Site Layout module to customize the overall site layout.

Header and Footer Options

Various header and footer customization options are available, which can also be expanded to choose the Pro version.
Extended header options are available if you choose Astra Pro, such as transparent header, sticky header, mobile headers (where you can specify device breakpoints), page headers, and many more.

A Complete Suite of Tools to Grow Your Business Online 1200x630 1


Fonts and typography are one of the elements that people usually want to have complete control over and the product delivers on this aspect. With 700+ Google Fonts fully integrated and a free custom fonts plugin, there is no shortage of fonts to choose from. Additionally, it is easy to control the print size depending on the device to enable full responsiveness, with plenty of additional conversion options such as converting text for titles, the font size in PX or M as you prefer, and other printing options.

Colors and background

Since any website you create needs to match your brand colors, the Astra theme is completely flexible and customizable when it comes to this aspect. Headers, content, pages, archives, blogs, sidebars, and footers are all fully configurable, although, for some subtleties and tweaks, you’ll have to choose the PRO version.

Blog Layout

If the site you are planning will also focus on blogging or content marketing, the configurations of the look and feel of your posts will be important and you will not be disappointed. All of the layouts are available in Astra Pro, grid, build, list, date box, excerpt, and others are available. Infinite scrolling and post pagination are also built-in.

Universal Design Options

In terms of other design options, the Astra theme also offers a lot of flexibility. The brand logo can be left-aligned, centered, or right-aligned, and there are different layouts you can use for the footer. The Astra Pro theme also allows customizations for mobile device headers, headers, and layouts, the custom icons above and/or under content, and plenty of other customization options.

Astra 2.0 and other updates

With the success of the first version of Astra, it wasn’t long before the team decided to take the product on and on. Version 2.0 and various other updates since many other features of the theme such as better customization with better UX, a new global tab to customize anything across the site in one place, improved performance and performance tuning options, new title options, and even more customization options.

WooCommerce integration

An important feature that most websites will require these days is full WooCommerce integration, ensuring that creating an online store can be easily achieved through the template you use or purchase. This product, again, delivers on this aspect, especially with the Pro version. Grid layouts for products, infinite scrolling, the off-canvas sidebar that can be triggered with a click of a button, a quick view option for product images, various gallery options, a drop-down shopping cart, and other integrations.

Best WooCommerce Theme Built to Boost Sales 1200x630 2


The Astra model comes in two main versions. The free version that can be downloaded from the directory is limited in several ways.
We always believe that when designing a website, you should always choose to get the premium or pro version of the products you use.

First of all, you are supporting product developers, without them, there would be a great industry.

Second, by choosing a premium, you are not putting yourself under the limitations imposed by the free Astra theme. You are also entitled to support from sellers – we think this is the ideal scenario where both players in this deal are winners.

However, if you’re not looking to buy, or maybe you’re working with someone who has limited resources, the free version can be an option for you.

The Astra Pro model also comes in a number of packages:

  • Astra Pro ($59)
  • Mini Agency Package ($169)
  • Agency Package ($249

As a customer, you can choose either annual or lifetime packages from the Astra Pro theme.
As the name suggests, the annual version must be renewed every year, while the lifetime is a one-time purchase.

As you can see, packages are actually set according to the buyer’s needs. As a one-time buyer, the Astra Pro version is probably more than enough for you.

If you’re a recurring web designer or run a marketing or web design agency, the agency package will make more value in the long run because it contains all the possible functionality, including a number of beaver and Elementor builds plugins, along with a WordPress Portfolio plugin and more. 100 start-up sites for agencies.

Once you start using the template, you can probably use this as a “platform” for many of your future web design projects. In this case, it is ideal and better value if you choose a lifetime deal. Even if you use this for a handful of projects, you’ve got a lot of value out of it already.


As you can see in the review, Astra WordPress Theme Review shows us that it is a great overall choice for your web design project, not only from what we say but also from the huge amount of positive ratings this site gets across the board. While this product is still young, the company behind it already has a great reputation for creating great WordPress products. Astra theme does not disappoint and we recommend it wholeheartedly, both the free and the premium version.

Given the boom of the internet and the need for businesses and individuals to have their own websites, Astra‘s offerings are irresistible. With it, you can have a professional website for free. There are no mandatory upgrades or pro versions required for decent functionality.

Of course, if you need more powerful customization features and add-ons, there’s Astra Pro. It makes building a website so easy that even a middle school student can create a professional-looking website.

Having said that, we think the Astra Pro is a must-have if you want to maximize its customization capabilities. The annual license is cheap at only $59, and if you decide to change to a lifetime license, it can easily be done at a relative price. In addition, your license can be used on unlimited sites.

The Mini Agency package is the best bang for your buck if you use either Beaver Builder or Elementor to build your site. Powerful plugins really make these page builders even more powerful. The best thing about this pricing plan is that you don’t have to buy the premium versions of the page builders, thanks to the Ultimate Addons. Therefore, you do not have to purchase and manage separate licenses for your sites.

As for the support, while there is an improvement, we can say that the support provided, in comparison with other sellers, is excellent. Obviously, they are slower during weekends and maybe even during holidays (which is still understandable). Support is one of the most important things customers look for when purchasing a premium product, so they should probably work on improving that support outside of business hours.

In the end, their support is still great compared to many others (which are often slow no matter what day or time of year), or even incredibly primitive support.

Astra Pro is definitely worth the money, especially if you are using Beaver Builder or Elementor. It’s great for users who want to be able to design their site without the help of a web designer. Page builder compatibility combined with extensive customization features and powerful add-ons gives you a full suite of tools that will enable you to easily create beautiful, attractive, and professional websites.

So go ahead, you won’t regret launching your next website with the Astra template!

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