Best Places to Find Popular Products in E-Commerce

Every major online resource looks for the best-selling products, and you’ll likely realize what it feels like to see e-commerce developments crisscrossing ups and downs much sooner than you risk taking advantage of them.

I’ll be blogging about validated techniques to learn about developments so you never have to watch from the sidelines again.

With a thorough understanding of what you are looking for and how to move quickly, you can stay ahead of the curve and make big profits by promoting popular merchandise.

What is the most popular product?

A popular product has a lot of hype around it.
It is a product that studies the sudden, slow, or seasonal upward rush in hobbies and occupations, leading to sales growth.

It is a “fashionable”, cool and popular product.
A popular product can appear for some reasons.
Suppose a participant in basketball wears the shirt of a famous player, then this shirt may be in high demand. This is just an example
The demand for this type of sportswear will likely increase significantly.

Lifestyle and cultural modifications can also provide an upward spur to product development.
For example, hundreds of thousands of people across the sector began working from home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

This has led to an unusual call for things like home exercise equipment, home workplace equipment, cooking appliances, and utensils. Trends can increase regularly as human attitudes change.

For example, customers are becoming more aware of environmental issues, which has strengthened the advocacy for green merchandise. These developments seem obvious in hindsight, but I will show you how to anticipate developments earlier than they may have missed due to their benefit of them.

Various types of product development

Popular merchandise is divided into 3 categories: fashion, trend, and developing market.
This is determined by the tolerances of the product, which is why the demand for it will remain constant.

Where do you find the most popular products?

I suppose the main purpose you are looking for here is to understand where and how to identify popular merchandise for online promotion.

You may have started dropshipping and need to increase your odds of choosing a successful product.
Perhaps you are browsing a website and looking for the next huge problem to increase your income and profits.

Or maybe you need to promote in a tier 1 marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy and need to distance yourself from the competition.

Wherever you are on your e-commerce journey, you can use the strategies and sources below to select, pick and choose popular e-commerce items with confidence.

Best sites to find trending products

There are many resources available for online merchants who go to great lengths to find products. We will talk about these sites below.

Marketplaces (AliExpress, eBay, Etsy)

Most online marketplaces have a “Top” or “Best Selling” section.
The more you rate these pages, the more you will be able to spot trends as they arise.
Here are the popular product pages:



You should bookmark and test those pages normally.

Marketing and what are the types of e-marketing?

Facebook Ads

This little trick for identifying popular products is especially useful for retail businesses.
Type “Free International Shipping” into the Facebook search bar.
Filter search results by ‘videos’ and ‘latest’.
This will show you video ads for dropshipping products. You get an understanding of what you’re targeting based on engagement (likes, views, and comments) for each video.



Kickstarter is a platform where aspiring marketers seek crowdfunding for their product ideas.
On the teacher page, you can click “Discover” and then “Trending” to find the tasks that attract your attention the most.

There are many examples of fast sellers that beat Kickstarter tasks in the market.
While this isn’t always the absolute ethical style of business (each style has its own), being aware of Kickstarter can also help you grow your skills.



Thieve is a lesser-known provider of popular merchandise.
They are basically express merchandise from AliExpress sponsored by the creators.

This method is that the goods are not the most popular, but also aesthetically pleasing, and this is useful for attracting people’s attention on the Internet.

Thieve offers you the option to filter merchandise primarily based on the merchandise you are heading to.
Every time I test Thieve, I identify something I need to shop for myself, which is a great indication that it’s worth promoting.

Amazon Bestseller

Amazon Bestseller
Amazon Bestseller

Amazon Bestseller is a treasure trove of real-time trending merchandise.
You can see exceptional promotional items on Amazon in all subcategories.
These are items that may be true in vogue, rather than fashion predictions.
But if you can discover a similar or complementary product to one of the best sellers on Amazon, you could be a winner.



Trendhunter is a powerful platform that stores ideas and insights across a wide range of industries.
It uses big data, artificial intelligence, and human researchers to determine stakeholder insights.
The site operates in peak 20 daily, weekly and monthly trends, which mostly consist of merchandise.

Think with Google

Think with Google
Think with Google

Think with Google is a useful tool that provides insights and ideas entirely based on the large amounts of statistics that Google collects. Segmentation of growing retail categories is of particular importance.

Here you can see popular merchandise and categories that are mainly based on statistics from special countries.
You can subscribe and receive emails of incremental developments every week.



SaleHoo is designed to help online merchants find popular items and rely on suppliers. It has unique equipment for your favorite online merchants and shoppers.
SaleHoo tracks over 1.6 million items purchased online to accurately determine their potential.

At SaleHoo‘s Market Research Lab, you can dispose of merchandise based on promotion rate, co-promotion rate, and stage of the competition.

The stats come from Amazon and eBay, so it’s honestly a higher metric for what’s trending right now.
If you’re into dropshipping, SaleHoo Dropship is the most effective one that gives you the latest merchandise on AliExpress, so you don’t need to spend hours looking through the webpage yourself.

Once you decide to promote a product, you can upload it once to your Shopify account and keep it from the SaleHoo Dropship dashboard.

SaleHoo is like a helper that supplies you with popular merchandise every day, and it is basically entirely based on real-time statistics.


In the end, you can do a little market research. You can start by looking at how a lot of similar merchandise is displayed on the Internet, which includes Amazon, brands, and personal online stores. If you are able to shop in bulk, you may get higher deals. You need to look for items that can be 100% promoted.

I have indicated some places where you can search for products. Of course, there are many sites, even thousands, on the Internet, but here I simply simplified a few things for you and wrote some sites that have a lot of momentum today from merchants looking for the best and most popular products.

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