Black Friday: 11 marketing ideas that will make your sales boom

Black Friday. The Philadelphia police could not have found a better description of the post-Thanksgiving mayhem of the 1950s than the name Black Friday. City shoppers and tourists used to celebrate this time of the year on two occasions, the first on Thursday when they celebrate Thanksgiving, and the second on Saturday when they enthusiastically watch the football match between the army and navy teams.

This made Friday, which mediates the two occasions, a day when the city suffers from congestion in traffic, and long lines extending outside the stores, as Philadelphia residents and tourists full of the festive atmosphere rush to shop, which sometimes reaches the point of looting shops.

So Black Friday is a name given by the Philadelphia police to describe the state of emergency that the police are experiencing on this crazy day. And all subsequent attempts to improve his reputation by choosing another alternative name for shops in Philadelphia, such as Big Friday, failed, as the gloomy name prevailed and has maintained its survival for decades.

Black Friday is no longer the shopping season only in North America, which celebrates Thanksgiving, but also in various parts of the world. And if we take into account that online shopping takes up a large share of shopping on Black Friday, it becomes necessary for anyone who sells anything on the Internet, whether it is through an extensive online store or a startup website for a company; To take care of Black Friday as a season for shopping, and to strive to achieve as much as possible to increase sales on this day.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday or White Friday as we sometimes call it is the day after the American Thanksgiving Day. It is usually held on the last Friday of November every year. This day marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday shopping season for consumers, so stores are massively intensifying their promotions, by running discounts to convince shoppers to buy products from their online and offline stores.

Black Friday has morphed from a one-day shopping season into a four-day season, starting on Friday and continuing through the weekend on Saturday and Sunday, and ending on Cyber Monday. Usually, different types of cuts are used for each of the four days. For example; 50% off all products on Black Friday, buy one get one free on Saturday, 30% off a select category on Sunday, and 50% off online purchases on Cyber Monday.

However, there are no rules for the four days, as stores are free to choose the discounts that are suitable for them, which ultimately aims to increase sales in general. Basically, products such as: (clothing, electronics, toys, home appliances, and travel) enjoy the lion’s share of the total sales that occur on this day.

Black Friday started in the USA, as it turned out, and then moved as a marketing tradition to the UK and Australia, and from there to the rest of the world. With the advent of online shopping sites, the shopping season is becoming more popular year by year, as we shall see.

What is the significance of Black Friday?

The numbers in Black Friday shopping stats indicate that it has become a lively season for shopping, capturing the attention of everyone who trades on the Internet. According to Finder, the well-known comparison site; Total spending on Black Friday in 2018 was more than $90 billion, averaging $483 per person. In the UK, Q4 sales account for more than a quarter of annual revenue; Exactly 30% of the proceeds.

How do you prepare for Black Friday?

1- Plan your cuts

In order to avoid inventory problems, the wrong choice of products to be included in the offers, or offering discounts higher than the profit margins your business has made, it is recommended that you make a plan for the discounts that you intend to offer your customers during Black Friday. You can make a simple plan in the form of a table that you design using an easy-to-use application such as Google Sheets. The table includes the following elements:

  • the product
  • The original price
  • Black Friday price
  • Sale start date and end date.
  • Offer type (flash, discount coupon, etc.).
  • Promotional channels (email, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  • discount serial number; If there is.

If you need to get rid of stagnant or outdated merchandise, offer (buy one, get one free), and if you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, offer price discounts to attract new customers.

2-Make sure your website is ready for Black Friday hits

It is expected that the increase in the number of visits is one of the important symptoms that you will notice on your site on Black Friday, so even if you own an online store based on a strong software system, it is possible that the rapid increase in site visits will lead to a weakness in its performance, and the main reasons are E-shopping sites are slowed down by things like servers lack scalability against high traffic, slow loading of web pages due to too much functionality or graphics.

On the other hand, the last message a visitor would like to see on your site on Black Friday is a message that includes one of the following phrases: “We’re sorry”, “Wait a few seconds”, or “We are currently experiencing a large number of visitors”, so it is imperative that companies prepare Well for the peak that is expected to occur on this day, and to make sure that your site is ready for this big day, you must consider the following:

  • Intuitive requirements for seasons: As with any sales season, the site should have an effective and simple user interface and a seamless payment experience that includes multiple payment methods. You can include an option such as Google Pay that makes it easier for shoppers to buy products online by auto-filling their saved data, This makes the payment process faster.
  • Ensure site speed: 46% of shoppers say they never return to a slow website. So if your store pages take a lot of time to load, customers will turn away from you. BigCommerce offers an online store-friendly solution, Akamai Image Manager, which automatically adjusts image quality based on browsing screen size, and shop owners who use the platform have noticed a 70% improvement in page load time.
  • Server Capacity Testing: Use a tool like Load Impact to make sure your server capacity is adequate for the expected heavy traffic, and to avoid any sudden downtime.
  • Pay attention to the content of the error page: Even if an error page appears to the user, you can still use it to your advantage. Use the error page design to deliver a message that represents your brand to the visitor without making them feel uncomfortable. Designed in a distinctive, delightful, and attractive way.

3- Start early

Now that you’ve got your sales plan in place and your site ready for Black Friday, you’re ready to launch your promotions for the big day. Don’t wait for the Black Friday week to start implementing your campaigns, but rather implement it two or three weeks ahead of time. Sometimes stores start promoting in September or October. In any case, the earlier you start, the more customers will be interested in your campaigns before they get showered with offers from other competitors. There are many ways to get an early start, take your pick:

  • Create a paid advertising campaign to re-acquaint the audience with your products.
  • Pin a post on your social accounts announcing your Black Friday promotion.
  • Launch an email campaign announcing your upcoming promotions, or add a Black Friday reminder at the bottom of your email to customers.
  • Create a Black Friday sale hashtag that includes your brand name.

Various marketing ideas for Black Friday

1- Free gift with every purchase

This idea is widespread in stores and is favored by many shoppers, as everyone loves free things. Choose cheap products with free shipping or low shipping costs, and present them as gifts to every customer who makes a purchase on Black Friday, and it is preferable to make a place for them on the home page to see them, visitors, clearly.

  • There is more than one option for how to present gifts:
  • If profit margins are high, give the gift with every purchase.
  • Set a minimum purchase that includes a free gift. For example, get a free gift with every purchase of over $40.

Freebies take different patterns depending on your industry. It could be cufflinks if you sell men’s clothing, and it could be women’s bracelets and earrings if you deal in women’s fashion. And in the event that you sell household items, the gift may be a cooking pot, a makeup brush, or a skin cream if you have a beauty store.

2- Flash Sales

This idea relies on the element of surprise in presenting offers and encourages customers to return to the site from time to time to learn about new discounts, and offers a greater discount than the original discounts for Black Friday. For example, if you offer a 30% discount on products, a Flash Sale may offer a discount of 40% or more.

Flash Sale works best for stores with high traffic and would be an ideal solution for you if you have stagnant inventory or want to generate revenue quickly so you can add new products.

Schedule time apart from work and sleep when choosing the timing of flash sales to ensure customers are online, and when they are launched; Let your customers know via email and social media that a flash sale offer is available. Since you’ll probably be busy during this time, it’s best to schedule your social media posts in advance, and don’t forget to add your banner to the homepage during the hour between the offer.

3- Gift Guide

Gift guides help find you when someone is thinking of buying a product they like for themselves or as a gift for others, for example, gift guides might take names like gifts for perfume lovers, perfumes for her, and perfumes for them. They are all examples of the gift idea that a person who loves a certain type of product is looking for or a friend who wants to buy a gift for a person who loves this type of product. There are two ways to easily create a gift directory:

  • Create a Manual collection on the store: Add all the product pages that will be included in the gift catalog, so that this collection will be populated automatically.
  • Announcing the directory in the form of a post: Add an article to your blog about the products included in the directory, and choose a title for it, such as 20 gifts for lovers of oriental perfumes. This method improves the directory’s appearance in search engine results. And if you want to outperform your competitors, keep track of the gift guides they add, and then create a gift guide with more products than they offer.

In order to give the gift guide more publicity, include it on the home page in a distinctive way, or on other pages of the store that have a high traffic rate. You can also send gift guides to your customers via email. And if you decide to add the directory in the form of a blog post, share this post on your social accounts, or drive more traffic by creating a paid directory ad on Facebook Ads.

4- Address feelings intelligently

Findings from a 2017 study of the phrases that most impact consumers on Black Friday show; That traditional phrases such as: “Hurry up to buy” and “This offer will not last” are no longer encouraging consumers to respond to the advertising message to the extent required. Instead, the study referred to the five feelings that lead to a higher response from consumers, and how they can be addressed in the appropriate tone:

  • Feelings of challenge: It can be addressed using phrases such as: “Are you ready?”, “Prepare yourself.”
  • Feelings of friendliness and warmth: These can be addressed using phrases such as: “We wish you the best”, “Because we appreciate you ..”, and “Wait”.
  • Feelings of encouragement: It can be addressed using phrases such as: “I am almost there”, “Work for the sake of ..”, and “The right before others”.
  • Guilt: You can address her with a phrase such as: “Great deals, don’t miss it.”
  • Feeling the magic: You can address her using phrases such as: “You have to try it”, “We offer ..”, and “Own it: New Black Friday inside”.

5- Extend Black Friday by more than one day

This idea has become more popular recently, as most online stores extend the period of Black Friday offers for more than one day, perhaps four days or a week, and this helps to attract more customers and increase sales. You need to focus your efforts on Black Friday first the most popular, during which offers the coolest deals on all products, and the rest of the day give deals for the best-selling products that are popular.

6- Add new products

other than discounts on already existing products; New products also find their place on Black Friday, and you can add them in one of two ways. The first is by adding new products a few days before Black Friday so that your old customers will find them when they visit the site, so you can achieve sales of new products without promotional costs, as you just added them in a heavy shopping season like Black Friday.

And the second way is to add new products that are available for sale exclusively on Black Friday. To make new products more attractive, add the phrase “exclusively on White Friday” so that people know that the product will only be available on that day, so the customer will have the urgency and conviction to buy the product now because it will not be available tomorrow, and it is preferable to add a countdown timer that calculates Display time until the end of the day using ready-made applications, which will help you add a timer with a beautiful design.

7- Emails

Email marketing is one of the most important promotional channels that generate good sales, and when you use emails in Black Friday marketing, you should pay attention to the following regarding customer types:

Offer your existing customers a special discount when they buy on Black Friday.
Send potential customers Black Friday offers and entice them to visit the website to learn more, and make sure your messages don’t take the form of a crude promotion that will put customers off the newsletter or report it as spam. And if you are promoting a specific group of your products; Include a link to each product page in the message to make it easier for the reader to make the purchase directly.
With Black Friday approaching, send all customers a chain mail like this:

  • Offer.. for three days only.
  • Take advantage now and buy…
  • Today is the last day to show…

8- Unveil Black Friday deals in advance

To grab your audience’s attention for Black Friday deals before they even begin; Create a video or photo of the discounted products, then share it on your different social accounts. This will get the audience ready and excited about the discounts you will be offering on this day and may share them with friends and family. When designing a video, it is not necessary to include an audio commentary, but it is possible to suffice with sound effects, or it may be designed without sound.

9- Use hashtags

If you trade in popular and commonly used products, such as clothing, electronics, and household items, add hashtags that refer to Black Friday to your social media posts, in addition to your usual hashtags. For example, you will need to add hashtags such as #BlackFriday, #Sale, #BlackFridayDeals, and #BlackFridaySale, as some people use hashtags to find suitable discounts and offers.

10- Create a paid ad

Allocating part of your budget to paid advertising will help increase your brand awareness with potential customers, so create an ad for your products that includes a mention of Black Friday or a reference to deep discounts on best-selling products in order to attract attention.

Black Friday is very busy with advertisers, which means higher CPC than usual. Therefore, if you intend to advertise on Facebook, for example, consider adding your ad a few days before Black Friday, on the one hand, this will save your advertising spending. On the other hand, it will be a beta test by which you will measure the effectiveness of the advertisement before that day.

11-Use interactive games

Offer your customers fun and attractive surprises on the site with interactive games, such as the wheel of fortune, scratch cards, and peel-offs. These games extend the time your customers stay on the site and make the shopping process mysterious and fun at the same time. Use the right tools to add these games to your advertising campaigns.

Finally, what’s next?

Now that you’ve determined which of the above marketing ideas to use on Black Friday, there’s one last important final step, which is preparing the promotional content required from the beginning to the end of the campaign. As it turns out, the promotional content consists of many elements, banner designs, flyers, and advertising texts, which makes it necessary to prepare all of these elements in advance in order to launch your promotional campaign at the right time successfully, specifically you must do the following:

  • Designs and banners: You will need to prepare the designs that you will share with your social media posts, the designs that will include in emails, and the ones you use in videos, in addition to the banners that will appear on the site’s home page.
  • Social Media Posts: Write relevant posts and hashtags in advance, then use the post-scheduling feature to have them added automatically. When setting a post, choose the times when your audience is on social media.
  • Advertising texts: Entries, mailings, and advertisements need pre-processing and a professional writing style, so all texts that will be used should be prepared in order to be ready for publication.
  • If you do not have experience writing marketing content, you can add a project on Fiverr, and you will find many freelancers willing to complete the required project.
  • Create a campaign schedule: Use Hubspot’s free content calendar template to list all the marketing ideas you’ll use; According to a detailed schedule as shown in the previous picture.

Black Friday has made its way into the world as one of the most important shopping seasons.
Preparation for it should start now, not tomorrow. I hope the marketing ideas presented here will inspire you to successfully market on Black Friday and get yourself a piece of the huge consumer pie for the day! If you have other Black Friday marketing ideas, share them with us in the comments.

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