How to make stunning Instagram designs in 6 simple steps

Over 1.28 billion people use the Instagram platform every month. The Instagram platform must be one of your top objectives to grow your brand, draw in your target market, and increase sales. You can only accomplish this by creating expert Instagram designs that appeal to your target market and convey your message.

What do Instagram designs mean?

Instagram designs cover all forms of visual content posted on the Instagram platform. Whether it is an image, an infographic, or a carousel, each has various goals, such as raising brand awareness, promoting a good or service, disseminating knowledge, or engaging with customers.

The significance of creating expert Instagram designs

Today’s Instagram designs are crucial to a brand’s success since they are how it interacts with its target audience to spread its message and establish successful relationships. As a result, creating expert Instagram designs is crucial.

A favorable initial impression

Instagram designs represent the brand’s image and the caliber of its goods or services from the audience’s perspective. Professional designs demonstrate that this company is considerate, elegant, and deserving of patronage, eventually translating into actual sales.

Get new follower

Excellent Instagram designs boost your follower count. If the plan is expert, captivating, and caters to your ideal client, the viewer will be drawn to it from the very first second, visit the brand page to learn more, and eventually be persuaded and follow it.

Boost follower interaction

The audience on social media sites interacts by leaving numerous comments and sharing posts. Thus you will not be successful in The more followers engage with the publications, the more likely it is that more people will see them. This is because professional Instagram designs and an adequate description of the design are the only way to encourage the audience to take this action.

public perception

Since Instagram is a social networking site where visual content is the main draw for users, Instagram designs offer a fantastic opportunity to affect the audience’s emotions and mood. As a result, brands are successful at influencing their audience through design aspects like colors, fonts, and visuals.

superior to rivals

Competition is challenging in all industries since every business wants to stand out and connect with the audience uniquely from rivals. Consequently, creating distinctive Instagram designs aids in the brand’s success and helps it stand out from competitors.

What kinds of designs can you find on Instagram?

Four distinct types of Instagram designs—each with a different application and approach to design—have arisen due to the growth of visual material and everyone’s desire to stand out on the site. These types are:

1-Design with a single image

While it is the most basic sort of Instagram design and the simplest way to engage the audience, the structure consisting of a written text and a noticeable and expressive visual element is, according to statistics, the second most popular type of content on the platform after short video reels. It may be promoting goods, posing a question to the general audience, conveying a particular message, or showing facts or a proverb.

2-Informational graphic

Much information and data are represented via infographic design through appealing charts, graphs, and texts. The content can be provided in one original and creative infographic design rather than in a lengthy article or another.

3-The carousel

The Instagram platform allows users to include up to ten Instagram designs in a single post. Previously just a way to include lots of personal photos, the Carousel feature has evolved into a fun way to present a topic in an integrated manner and communicate brand values to the audience more meaningfully and helpfully.


Although being the most interactive Instagram design style, stories do not draw in new followers; instead, they encourage current followers to engage in dialogue through page messages and forge close bonds with clients and followers.

Instagram layout design categories

It is not the best practice to share designs arbitrarily and separately on Instagram because the Instagram page’s success depends on the consistency of its methods and its ability to create a seamless, polished appearance.

  • Exchange strategy: The exchange strategy is based on switching between two types of designs, each with a distinct identity, whether in terms of colors or the design style so that the overall form aids in the easy use and dissemination of your message.
  • Class diagram: By giving each of the three Instagram designs a distinct identity and a related story, you can use the class diagram to convey a new tale in each row, giving the page the appearance of a magazine with a unified style.
  • Influencers and companies utilize outline borders to provide simplicity and consistency to their Instagram pages. When putting up your Instagram designs, add a white or black frame of the same size.
  • Diagonal chart: An oblique chart is a terrific option for people obsessed with organization and planning because it uses constant diagonal lines throughout similar Instagram designs, especially regarding online shops and how things are displayed.

The most challenging and professional Instagram layout is the puzzle layout, where each post is a piece of a bigger picture that the client only sees when he visits the Instagram page to view the complete designs. The most crucial factor is to retain the quality of the individual photographs.

The essential equipment required to create expert Instagram designs

Aside from websites that provide amateurish ready-made design templates, any professional designer needs the following programs to create unique Instagram designs:

  • Photoshop is the most often used program among designers since it offers a wide range of tools and capabilities that let the designer create and edit expert Instagram designs.
  • While Illustrator and Photoshop share several tools and capabilities, Illustrator stands out for its capacity to handle and produce vector graphics.
  • Although Indesign is more frequently used for print design, it offers specific pre-made templates that aid designers in creating polished Instagram graphics.

What qualifications do Instagram designers have?

Whether you want to assemble a whole design team or hire a pro-Instagram designer, you should consider the availability of the following skills:

Knowledge of the design concepts

A professional Instagram designer must be familiar with fundamental design concepts because they serve as the foundation for all future innovation and creativity. This includes comprehending concepts like balance, hierarchy, alignment, repetition, and contrast and putting them into practice when creating Instagram designs.

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It is not necessary to think for hours on end to come up with a brilliant new idea; rather, what we mean by creativity is the systematic approach that the Instagram designer uses to help him concentrate and think creatively so that he can produce unique and original Instagram designs that are not similar to those of his rivals.

successful communication

To get good Instagram designs that appeal to the target audience and accomplish the brand’s objectives, it is essential to communicate effectively with the client before the design process even begins. This can be done through verbal or written communication before the design starts.

marketing expertise

Instagram designs that are aesthetically pleasing and have appealing colors and visual components do not necessarily translate into successful designs since the design must first accomplish the marketing goal for which it was created, which depends on the stage of marketing that the plan is in. For instance, techniques at the awareness stage differ from those at the selling stage. Therefore, a competent Instagram designer should have a basic understanding of sales and marketing.

How to create fantastic Instagram designs

Contrary to popular belief, creating Instagram designs does not start with the actual design stage. Instead, several crucial stages that will elevate the design process and ensure a high-quality end product comes before this stage, including:

1-Visual identification, first

Your brand’s scope, objectives, and visual identity should all be reflected in any new Instagram designs. As a result, before establishing the goal of the needed structure, the target audience and the brand’s commercial and visual identities should all be clearly defined. This information should then be recorded during the selection and design processes.

2-Establish the design’s goal.

Ensure each design has a purpose and adheres to the thorough marketing strategy you have already created for your Instagram profile. This strategy should contain your marketing objectives, meticulous research of your business and its competitors, and several other things. Monthly schedule that covers the month’s designs and content.

As the purpose of the design is to direct the customer to do something, such as inviting them to visit your website, buy the product, or start a conversation, you can include this call-to-action within the design or the post description, creating Instagram designs will not be effective if there is no real call to action for the customer.

3-Seeing feeding

After deciding on your design objective, carefully examine Instagram accounts with a similar focus. Find the most outstanding and well-liked designs among the intended audience. You won’t copy them, but by observing them, you may ascertain the essential components for creating effective Instagram designs for this demographic. It will also assist you in coming up with new ideas.

4-Choose your fonts and colors.

Color and font selection must adhere to the brand’s visual identity, but originality resides in choosing the font’s size, color, placement, interstitial spaces, and incorporating effects. While more color options are available and more colors are used in the brand’s visual identity, your skill lies in selecting the right color combination for this design and its intended message.

5-Describe visual components

Instagram designs heavily rely on aesthetic aspects, which are chosen depending on the nature and function of the design. All agree that the picture or graphic must represent the design’s substance and aid the audience in comprehending its message and appeal, whether it be a pre-made image, a custom graphic, or a combination of more than one element. tags and brand affinities.

Realistic imagery is becoming common in designs these days. You can branch out and utilize photographs of actual individuals who resemble your target audience to express the design message rather than using graphics in every design. These authentic pictures give your article more life and realism.

6-Hiring a skilled Instagram designer

It’s time to set up your perfect Instagram layout once you have chosen the right font, colors, and images for that layout. This level requires proficiency in various design software and a solid understanding of design principles and color schemes. If you lack the required knowledge and abilities, we suggest hiring a skilled Instagram designer through Fiverr, the largest freelance marketplace.

Here, the Instagram designer’s job is to use design tools. To balance visual components, messages, and spaces according to design principles, create professional Instagram designs that will help you go viral and reach multiple target audiences quickly and with little work.

Once you have a polished design, please share it with an engaging description and the appropriate hashtags. Then, keep an eye on your plans and check them frequently. Learn what the general public and experts think of them. Measure the designs’ performance indicators.

In conclusion, once you begin producing and sharing your Instagram designs, don’t stop doing so. Brands flourish on Instagram because of consistency, so keep posting designs and monitoring your engagement until you see the desired results.


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