The difference between WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting

Now you no longer want committed web hosting if you want to create a specific website online,
Thus, you are not obligated to purchase WordPress hosting if you want to create a WordPress website online, or woocommerce hosting if you want to create a web store.

But there are motives for web hosting companies to dedicate a portion of their assets, particularly to WordPress and WooCommerce sites, particularly, due to the price of WordPress website hosting or WooCommerce website hosting is more expensive than shared website hosting.

So, we can talk about the distinction between WordPress website hosting and WooCommerce website hosting, and differentiating between them and shared website hosting

Distinguish between WordPress website hosting and shared website hosting

We will start by explaining the basic distinction between WordPress website hosting and shared website hosting and then we can evaluate it using WooCommerce website hosting. The main difference between them is the internal server configuration because the WordPress website hosting server is equipped with committed and optimized assets to improve the overall performance of your WordPress website online,

As an example of storage form, a hard drive (HDD) in shared web hosting can be the slowest form of storage, and a solid-state drive (SSD) in WordPress website hosting is 30 stars of an HDD, thus increasing your website loading speed you’re online.

The distinction also comes with add-ons, as every website hosting can also include add-ons that include a domain, SSL certificate, etc. However, WordPress website hosting can also include add-ons that are unique to WordPress, such as automatic updates, And a bunch of all-important paid plugins and themes at no cost.

These differences affect modern fees so that you can regularly set the price of hosting your WordPress website at twice the price of shared web hosting, in particular, if it is managed remotely.

These differences range from one website hosting one business owner to another, few website hosting companies now make any distinction between WordPress website hosting and shared website hosting,

The simplest distinction is the simplest contact, which is taken into account as a form of marketing, marketing, or fraud! But what we’re almost talking about these days are companies that definitely make a distinction. Let’s say it roughly as follows:

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WordPress website hosting features

Ensures Uptime: It is one of the top important functions of WordPress website hosting, as the maximum number of website hosting companies offer an “uptime” guarantee on WordPress website hosting of up to 99.9% and is now completely no longer available on shared web hosting.

Server Speed: The server speed of WordPress website hosting has been improved, due to the fact that the maximum number of companies that offer WordPress website hosting relies on SSD storage, and a few different technical things like instance caching plugins.

Number of Users: Hosting companies divide their servers into fewer clients on their WordPress website hosting than on shared website hosting, which is the primary reason why you should ensure uptime and server speed.

Technical Guide: Most web hosting companies dedicate a WordPress technical guide, this should be on the WordPress website hosting customers in a simpler way, to explain all the technical issues to consumers associated with modern web hosting and WordPress in particular, or the technical guide for For WordPress website hosting can be distinguished from shared website hosting, for example, speed of interaction or availability 24 hours a week.

Security Level: The degree of protection of WordPress website hosting is better than shared website hosting because of the double security against unusual place threats.

Ease of setup: Most WordPress hosts include seamless setup and set up functions, for example, one-click setup of WordPress, or WordPress preset while shopping for a WordPress website hosting.

Free Plugins: Hosting companies provide some paid WordPress plugins at no cost with WordPress website hosting as a jetpack example.

The distinction between WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting

The main difference between WordPress website hosting and Woocommerce website hosting is the additional capabilities and is now no longer within the server configuration itself, however, let’s explain what WooCommerce is.

What is woocommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most popular online store appearance platforms, and it is a third-party plugin built on WordPress.

WooCommerce was first considered in 2011, and in just a few years it managed to generate 2 million customers, so Automattic offered WooCommerce in full, it’s worth noting that Automattic is the same agency that owns WordPress, and now the variety of WooCommerce customers exceeds 10 million, i.e. 35% of the total number of digital store customers.

WooCommerce is free, and also open-source, so you’ll discover great editing and handling flexibility, as you may discover collections of unique templates and plugins related to it.

What is woocommerce website hosting?

Before we get into the information of distinguishing between WordPress website hosting and Woocommerce website hosting, we must first explain to you the means of WooCommerce website hosting, due to the fact just after analyzing the previous paragraph, you may feel pressure roughly distinguish WordPress website hosting from Woocommerce website hosting, Although WooCommerce is an external plugin for WordPress.

Therefore, the maximum number of WordPress hosts is suitable for WooCommerce without problems, due to the fact that, as mentioned, it is miles just an external plugin for WordPress.

But WooCommerce website hosting can be described as more convenient than hosting a WordPress website with some additional capabilities that make it easier to feature WooCommerce and facilitate a few different things that e-commerce store owners need.

WooCommerce Hosting Features

The advantages of WooCommerce web hosting are related to how digital stores work themselves, and they are broken down into five factors as follows:

caching optimization
Caching is one of the most critical capabilities of WordPress website hosting because it saves a duplicate of your web pages within the browser so that someone can refer to it while traveling to your web page again, thus it will increase the speed of your web page loading and reduction of pressure on the server.

But this reliance cannot be fully implemented in digital stores, where there are some pages that should no longer be used for caching, for example, fee portal pages, product inventory, and various important pages.

Therefore, the maximum number of woocommerce hosts runs on the most appropriate caching, which mechanically recognizes and excludes important woocommerce pages from caching, however, excludes certain components of the web page and leaves out various components including snapshots and videos.

For example, woocommerce website hosting is based on a tool that mechanically recognizes cookies and local pages and excludes them from the caching process.


Online stores use a large variety of databases, such as all web page facts of consumer facts, the number of products, colors, descriptions, orders, etc. are saved in separate databases.

Also, the maximum number of site visitors to online shops depends on trying to find products, therefore, all databases may be requested and searched from the server, which will put more pressure on the website hosting agency servers, and this will aim your web page to slow, You may have to purchase a larger web hosting plan.

Also, e-stores cannot rely on caching quite as we defined in the previous point, so web hosting companies deal with higher databases in websites that host e-stores, or allocate special databases to relieve stress on servers.

For example, in a few companies a woocommerce website hosts search databases called Elasticsearch, which makes the server use the least amount of server resources possible while trying to find products, and in a few different companies they install committed databases that reduce stress in By 75% while downloading databases, and 95% by search results.

Technical assistance

Technical assistance is one of the most important possibilities for hosting a WooCommerce website in maximum agencies, due to the fact that while your online saving is compromised or technical issues are presented, it can lead to a shortage of customers and, for this reason, a direct economic loss, in particular, If the leave period is long.

Therefore, web hosting agencies provide technical assistance to e-stores, which should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with an absolutely fast reaction speed, so that they can handle your online keeping issues as quickly as possible. For this reason, reduce losses as much as is viable.

Uptime guarantee

The time you save online is one of the primary and decisive factors. If a consumer wants to order a specific product and discovers your web page is not there, they will look for an opportunity and can locate it in extreme cases, you may lose the consumer permanently.

Therefore, website hosting agencies offer the largest applicable uptime guarantee in WooCommerce website hosting, for example, some agencies offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on WordPress website hosting, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee on WooCommerce website hosting, The distinction between 99.99% and 99.9% may also show a bit of your face due to the fact, however, actually, it expresses discrimination of eight hours according to the year, which is more than forty minutes according to the month.


Backups are generally necessary for all websites, however, they will increase in importance in digital stores as they consist of consumer data, income history, products, inventory, and relaxation of important details.

Also, the databases rotate periodically, while the consumer makes a specific request, he can switch more than 1/2 of the existing databases and your website.

So, website hosting agencies offer backups for a daily fee or much less on woocommerce website hosting for free, for example, one agency offers hourly backups on woocommerce website hosting.

FREE Extensions

The Whooocorms extension is free, however, there are a large variety of paid extensions that boost your online sales.

Therefore, some website hosting agencies offer that extra equipment for free with WooCommerce website hosting, which is a positive element in increasing the value of WooCommerce website hosting over WordPress website hosting.

For example, some agencies have partnered with WooCommerce, which is why they offer equipment to customize your online savings for free while purchasing WooCommerce website hosting.

Free Templates

Hosting agencies offer a range of free and prepaid paid templates for online shops, which you can totally count on to increase your online savings, and this is very convenient, especially for beginners.

For example, one company offers 10 paid templates for free with all online saving plans.

Experimental differences

Trial variations are shortened versions of your web page, which are organized and changed before you publish, for example, if you need to switch to save access online, you can enter access and start changing, at which point second trial versions of your web page are issued on which the desired moves are made and then the desired moves are published.

This is not suitable for online shops, due to the fact that the consumer may also order a certain order and pay for an alternative within the databases, therefore, you want to periodically replace the demo model, in particular if the time of change is long.

Therefore, some web hosting agencies that offer WooCommerce web hosting create a device that periodically updates the databases inside trial variations or cookies and hub documents are excluded from trial variations and pulled immediately while trial variations are published, and this problem you will not encounter Now at the limit of traditional WordPress sites.

Due to some of these advantages, you can determine the value of your WooCommerce website hosting at a very high price from the website hosting WordPress, however, there will be no distinction between WordPress and WooCommerce website hosting in a few web hosting agencies, and the best distinction is that the best beyond communication is the best.

Differences between WordPress website hosting and WooCommerce website hosting
We will now give you an explanation of the distinction between WordPress website hosting and WooCommerce website hosting
Or not
In the latter case, a business provides WordPress website hosting starting at $4.99, with the following functionality:

  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Free domain for one year.
  • Professional email.
  • 30 GB storage space.
  • The average monthly traffic is 25 thousand.
  • Scan for malicious documents as soon as possible in line with the day.
  • But as we evaluate WooCommerce website hosting from a similar business, you will discover that it starts at $15.99 and comes with similar functionality as WordPress website hosting similar to the following:
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Unlimited traffic from month to month.
  • Scan for malicious documents and viruses periodically throughout the day.
  • To display a wide variety of products.
  • There are no fees for transfers.
  • Access to additional LuoCommerce equipment worth up to $3,000 USD for free.
  • And certainly, the big difference between WordPress website hosting and WooCommerce website hosting in the previous instance really deserves the distinction.


Woocorms offers the most effective nominal website hosting, while we rate WordPress website hosting, you’ll discover it starting at $1.99 and with the following functionality:

  • One more effective site.
  • One hundred gigabytes of SSD storage space.
  • Free transfer of your web page to A2hosting website hosting.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

While visiting our WooCommerce website hosting within a similar business, you’ll discover it’s starting at $1.99 as well, with identical WordPress website hosting functionality, but with similar software as well, because the business has the most effective name modification that allows you to target customers and advertising.


It can now be said from all of the above factors that shared website hosting is quite suitable for WordPress, however, WordPress website hosting provides you with some additional functionality, and in a shared website hosting you are obligated to make important little guides periodically, for example, Replace WordPress.

Shared website hosting and WordPress website hosting is usually suitable for WooCommerce, however, WooCommerce website hosting offers some important e-store-specific add-ons that enhance the overall performance of your web store.

It should be noted that the website hosting the themes themselves is the primary problem in figuring out which excellent Website hosting is suitable for your webpage, whether it is a remote WordPress or WooCommerce site or not, for example, hosting a WordPress website with huge assets from a specific website Hosting a business enterprise can be higher for online stores than a website hosting WooCommerce with assets restricted than every other website hosting a business enterprise.

The distinction between WordPress and WooCommerce hosting can be a distinction between the most efficient names and identical server assets and other functionalities, so you need to evaluate and evaluate the functionality of each hosting website one by one and note the difference between them and is it really worth the distinction?


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