Learn about the new iPhone SE or iPad Air before you buy

Apple recently released the third generation of the smartphone “iPhone SE”, which here came

in an unusual combination, because it combines the fastest advanced “Apple” A15 Bionic

processor – plus that can be obtained inside the high-end iPhone thirteen – and a vintage

design, this is not Almost of its kind from the “iPhone 6” remote smartphone from 2016.

By imparting this amount of overall performance on this class of gadgets, the American

corporation seeks to provide the consumer’s safety of destiny. Apple usually updates its cellular

devices with iOS for five years, so the iPhone SE may be supported by Apple until 2027.

Fifth-generation technology

The wi-fi technology supported by the completely new Apple smartphone suggests the fateful

path of the American enterprise, as it helps the fifth generation of communications, even

though the antenna appears smaller than the 13th iPhone.

The differences between the “iPhone SE” and the high-end iPhone 13 are within the display

equipment because the first version is based on a 4.7-inch LCD screen that is not vibrant in

comparison. After all, the screens are mainly based entirely on the “OLED” (OLED) generation

inside the second generation. However, the battery life patterns of the two phones are equal.


The digital camera is one of the biggest and notable shortcomings of the iPhone SE, although

the American company sells its new gadget by relying on a “completely new digital camera

system”, this refers to the simplest new software that can gain from advanced overall

performance for the main processor. A15 Bionic and there is no alternative to the lens and

sensor with a precision of 12 megapixels.

The consumer can take real photos while taking pictures in the sunlight, but with the sunset

and the darkening of the digital camera flaws look compared to the iPhone 12 and 13; Since

the “iPhone SE” now no longer includes the night mode that should be available inside the

luxury models, the differences also arise while you need to zoom in on the remote shooting

targets, where photos lose several items while the default zoom is on.

Apple took a similar approach with the release of iPad tablets, as it provided advanced overall

performance to the iPad Air by equipping it with an M1 processor, but with flaws in various

aspects. In terms of planning aspects, tablet PCs are distinguished by their large slanted bezel

and present-day design.

There are almost no differences between the smallest version of the iPad Pro (11 inches) and

the version of the iPad Air (10.9), because the screen looks smaller, in addition to providing

blocks of color; The colors of the iPad Air are not limited to gray and pink, but also crimson and blue.

Economy inside a digital camera

Similar to the “iPhone SE” smartphone, Apple has saved on the digital camera, because the

consumer needs to be happy with a wide-angle digital camera, and this is enough for the

consumer’s needs for pictures or taking pictures, but “the iPad Air tool cannot be compared to

the “iPad” tool Pro” when it comes to photo and video editing, the Fifth Era-assisted processor

excels inside the iPad Air tablet.

The American company has developed the digital camera for self-portraits inside the iPad Air,

where it currently works with a resolution of 12 megapixels instead of 7 inside the previous

version, in addition to assisting the Center Stage function, which keeps the consumer inside the

center of the image automatically during calls. the video.
In general performance terms, the “iPad Air” goes in the direction of “iPad Pro” rather than the

simple version labeled “iPad”,

And if the consumer desires to have an easy laptop, he can count on the simple version “iPad”,

although the “iPad” Air has a higher screen and a newer design, and the iPad Air calls out to

fate by relying on the M1 processor. In saving several photos and videos, he should take into

account the capacity of the garage, which is sixty-four or 256 GB, and it cannot be multiplied more.

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