Actions we advise you to take before launching your site

How to launch a WordPress website: Many website owners get upset after discovering the primary mistake on their website which is analyzing traffic and leaving a negative impact on the site.

Of course, it would be terrible if the person who spends time on your website does nothing positive, this can leave a permanent negative effect on your website, even if the error is corrected later. What should be done to get away from this problem?

The answer is to build your website from scratch so that it is completely ready before it is released to the public.

Real web page appearance guides, their sections, and various information about the realization of

your web page and continuous connection of its traffic,

Whether you have a WordPress web page or any other web page, this text can be the

an exceptional guide to making a list of the most important assertions that you must make before

launching your web page, so that one can stay away from the capacity issues that traffic might seem It will leave a bad impression on your website.

In this text we can deal with 3 prevalent headings, we can deal with the methods to follow before we start to layout and optimization of the web page, and then we can go straight to the methods to follow.

Keep all of this in mind during the planning and optimization phase, after which we highlight

the actions to be taken after launching the webpage to users.

Actions to be taken before designing and developing a web page

Define and customize a web page

The first step, and the cornerstone upon which subsequent tactics may be based entirely, is to determine the area of ​​interest of your web page. Will the web page be a blog post for virtual blog articles and posts? Or are you inside your online launch system? And different alternatives. This preference will help you create a platform that will allow you to create this type of website cleanly and less expensively,

You need to write a complete list of the offers that you may offer via your web page, for example, if you plan to offer a carrier to import and download documents to the potential web page, you want to achieve great web hosting.

And by keeping the big facts expected to be downloaded and uploaded by customers on your web page, which is also unique when you are planning to launch an enterprise website,

Read more: What is WordPress? The simple explanation for beginners.

Market and information competition study

In any enterprise-related topic where you may spot competition, there are quite a few big competitors so you want to check your invoices and provide you with prominent plates to beat the competition.

You can take advantage of the competition that the market imposes on you if you can monitor your market and properly identify the products and services offered through the competition, take advantage of its strengths and exploit its weaknesses to overcome them against your offers. to your customers.

Therefore, before you start designing the web page, we suggest that you monitor the market and accurately determine the privacy of the web page.

Choose key phrases related to your web page’s area of ​​interest

One of the most important things you need to deal with before you start designing your web page is to identify the key phrases that your visitors or customers use and that your target via the content of your web page.

For example, if you are planning to launch a domain that provides the simplest recipes for weight loss, in this case, you should select several keyword phrases that can be closest to the area of ​​interest of your web page that has important searches.

A phrase that includes “weight loss recipe” can be higher than “weight loss recipe”.

Even though they are all legitimate keyword phrases for these sites,

the primary goals are intended specifically for the audience, and visitors to the site are more likely to benefit It and achieve search results.

Choose Website Hosting & Domain

One of the important steps that you must take before you start planning your web page is to decide exactly where your web page is hosted,

the facts of your web page can be uploaded to be publicly available on the Internet, as well as the domain, that is the unique hyperlink in the web page your,

One of the top domain tips is to select a domain that doesn’t contain many phrases or characters. Try to select a quick and easy connection that is straightforward for site visitors to look at and without the hassle of looking for it again.

Visual identity and branding plans

A visual identity is an identity that has an impact on the customer A visual identity is not only related to the layout of your organization’s logo or the appearance of your website but also includes many elements that help your customers and website visitors remember when a web page arrived. Shape the web or logo and make it an effective reproduction of difference and success in their minds.

Determine how to use it within your web page layout

Website making plans and optimization techniques vary a lot, and there are a few techniques that are less expensive than others, and some are more environmentally fun and less difficult to fiddle with and prepare for later.

So, before starting your web page, we recommend you to reach out to professional website builders and gain some ideas and desires on which to build your web page, so get some advice from the professionals. And making sure of some of the exclusive basic elements of site-building techniques and working on important points, including:

  • What security certificates will a net web page get?
  • Will the web page on the web be editable in a fast and accurate way
  • The gadget will re-work and personalize the internet
  • Are the site links clean and smooth or complex?
  • Will there be a complete website admin panel that will allow the administrator to manipulate the website without trying to gain advanced programming skills?
  • Web page speed and time taken to open internal pages should be as small as possible.
  • Is it possible, not or is it no longer possible to create memberships for online site visitors for a web page on the Internet?

The items we have indicated above are the first items that you need to order roughly at the same time you are discussing customizing a web page on the internet with your favorite web page developer, for your way of getting familiar with the web page roughly. You enjoy your site visitors.

There are many current and advanced technologies for growing websites,

for example, the popular WordPress platform is used to design websites cleanly,

WordPress offers large collections of security options and a long list of templates, designs, and plugins that you can rely on to set up your web page and provide an experience Browsing highly likable to clients.

Read more: How to start a blog and make money from it.

Improve user enjoyment of your website traffic

In the planning and optimization part of the website, you have to pay close attention to the factors that help in providing an easy, clear, and comfortable browsing experience for your traffic. Here are the main factors that you should not forget to check.

  • Ensure that there are no empty pages without useful content in your traffic when you enter it. Every webpage of your website on the internet needs to include the precious records that a visitor can get.
  • Use CDN Offers to improve website loading speed and global performance.
  • Always try to speed up the loading of the website online as much as possible, the faster the website is on the internet, the more the consumer will enjoy it.
  • Optimize the dimensions and shape of the font you use on your website on the Internet, do not use oversized or illegible fonts, and check the fonts and their sizes on the screens of special widgets, the most important of which is the mobile screen.
  • Make sure the site is online and all of its internal pages are like-minded with smartphones. This complete guide allows you to make your website easy to use via cell phone, as most website customers are nowadays using smartphones to surf the internet.
  • Customize a 404 Errors webpage that searches for internet traffic to your website after entering wrong or non-existent hyperlinks within your website on the internet.
  • Ensure that every link within your website on the Internet is working properly, whether it is hyperlinked to pages in the website itself, hyperlinks to external websites, or web pages.
  • Set the thumbnail for the favicon that appears on top of the online website tab within the internet browser, to set your website branding
  • Place social media icons and upload hyperlinks to your pages on social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. This will help you expand your fan circle on private social media platforms, and you can also automate posting via IFTTT.
  • Show your website layout online to your friends before launching it, and ask for their ratings on the factors you want to develop or improve.
  • You no longer underestimate any concept or idea that can be very useful in your website on the Internet in the long run.

Actions after launching your site

Now that you have completed the initiation phase, the gathering of ideas, the level of design and development of the website, and its complete internal pages. We will then go directly to the most important steps to help you efficiently release your website online without errors and eliminate the first high-quality impact on your website visitors.

Take a look at the site loading speed

After completing the planning and optimization section of your website and before launching your website online to the public, you should first take a look at your website’s loading speed online, we recommend the following tools: isitwp, gtmetrix, or Page speed which gives a rating for the overall performance of your online website as well as some tips for increasing your website speed on the internet.

Test the look of your website online on all browsers

Test how your website looks online on all browsers
You can tell that the browser will not help to display your site on the Internet in this case, you can consult an Internet developer to fix the problem for you.

Add a website to webmaster equipment

The first step to improving your website online.

visibility of influences is to display your website

online on the Google console or Google Webmaster Tools,

an important device that allows you to detect when your website is being accessed in searches.

Add your online website to Google Analytics

If you need to get useful facts about the international sites where your online visitors come from, the common age of your visitors,

the language they speak, the hyperlinks they got here on your website, and the maximum number of visitors your site spends time on its pages the various facts are very useful,

you can link to the well-known Google Analytics service, which provides you with facts that help you bring your website to the Internet.

Prepare an electronic advertising plan on your website

After achieving the level of launching the website online and making it available to everyone, you may eventually have to promote the advertising of website content online and try to get as many website visitors or customers as possible interested in the website content material.


Don’t get ahead of things and don’t rush to build and run your website. You must first take care of the pre-launch stage of the site, and understand your competitors. All of these factors help present your site in a way that attracts users.

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