Optimizing WordPress SEO with Schema by SmartCrawl

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged to be very vital and important because it allows

your web page to reach a lot of readers around the world for free,

routing through engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., and at present, this is not always possible

without site configuration and access to search engines.

Probably the largest number of website owners care a lot about the search engine optimization

of their websites, by developing distinctive content materials, using suitable templates, or increasing the rate of the web page, however, there are a large number of website owners who forget about it without feedback on The scheme or maybe you do not know what the scheme is.

Therefore, in this article, we can go on an adventure to study the schema, its importance, and

its wonderful effect on the overall performance of SEO engines, as well as address a very vital point of using the Schema Types Builder function inside the SmartCrawl extension.

What is Schema?

In theory, it is believed that the method of archiving sites is easy, because – in short – it relies upon search engine spiders, which can be specially designed computer programs, to gain acceptance in the pages of your Internet site in the way they are archived and

subsequently displayed within search results. As we know, it takes some time for your web page to be analyzed by the search engine,

after which it is given a proper rating among the different sites that publish comparable

content material, and although it is a bit complicated,

it is very effective because spiders hunt The web page analyzes your site content in theory –

the content of your web page is thought and understood, and then you try to present it to

your readers.

This method is called Schema, and it is a fairly successful call concerning programs like spiders,

as you know, people do not always interfere with this method,

which ends up now and then in spiders that do not understand the content from your web page in the first place, which leads Your site’s content will not appear in search results. So,

now and then a spider comes to your web page and looks at the content material, so they don’t understand it! This may also damage your web page’s ranking, or it is no longer properly

archived now. To illustrate this issue, Schema was launched.

So Schema is an instant method where your web page can inform search engine spiders – in the context of a slow-moving method – about the content of your web page openly and

clearly. Schema is also used with emails,

which is understandable because it can be quite useful and straightforward. Schemas are

developed and prepared through a collaborative mission called which aims to

promote affiliate facts in all places, including your web page.

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The importance of Skima

These schemes mainly help search engine spiders like google and yahoo in a modern way in understanding and ranking the content of pages on the internet which leads to great development within the engine and understanding the content easily. is also funded and supported with the help of major companies within the

specialized search engines such as google and yahoo,

specifically Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex, in case your website depends on search engines such as google and yahoo, then you should pay attention, to Skima is very necessary And you should take care of it

What is the effect of Skima on SEO?

It has an impact on the overall performance of search engines like google and yahoo directly, and it currently has a top-tier functionality as one of the most static types of stats used today.

Some steps that can be defined as a guide for using Skima must be considered, and they are as follows:

  • Skima should be officially covered for your website
  • You must use Skima for your website content material on the Internet or for web page content material
  • Codecs can be used JSON-LD and RDFa Thumbnail Facts
  • Skim app on all pages linked to the home web page
  • The web page allows Google to archive it with the help of robots.txt code

Add SmartCrawl to WordPress

Several WordPress plugins give you control over Skima quickly and simply, and the best thing about these plugins is the SmartCrawl plugin, which we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

This plugin improves overall performance and site evaluation within Google and various engines, along with the various equipment expected for a search engine marketing plugin. Here is a summary of the most important extension capabilities:

  1. Ease of modification
  2. Create a report on the overall performance of search engines on your web page
  3. Ability to edit name and metadata
  4. Improve the overall performance of your web page through social networks
  5. Create sitemaps
  6. page analysis
  7. Improve spider crawl performance and overall speed
  8. The hallmark of Skima embed pages
  9. Create a custom Skima
  10. Integration with various search engine marketing tools

Control Skyma through SmartCrawl

The SmartCrawl extension differs in that it gets the job done routinely and automatically. On the other hand, it is based on JSON-LD data. This extension places Skima files via the extension in a tag (header) on a web page.
The collection of snippets obtained indirect download is varied to include magazine articles, public pages, activities, events, questions, regularly requested products, and more. As part of contemporary download updates,
It turns out that things got a lot more experienced with the protected type generator inside the SmartCrawl download, which similarly allows you to customize Skim skins, with which you can select and edit a specific Skim, from the following Skima:

  1. Article
  2. Event
  3. FAQ Page
  4. How To
  5. Local Business
  6. Product
  7. WooCommerce Product
  8. Recipe schema
  9. Job Posting schema
  10. Movie schema
  11. Course schema
  12. Books schema
  13. Software Application schema


Improving the overall performance of engines like Google is becoming a necessity, and it’s not always a non-compulsory factor that you might do or ignore. Skima is a site leader in improving the overall performance of engines like Google and improving the way your website pages display on the Internet in search results.
In addition, Skima is a prime and essential site if your online website serves an extraordinary purpose, otherwise, you need to give your site everything to make you stand out from the competition.
Get started now to configure Skima for your WordPress website online if you wish, and get started

with SmartCrawl is a great start.

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