Personal Marketing: 4 Ways to Promote Yourself Professionally

Many milestones have changed in the business world in the twenty-first century, and marketing methods have had the largest share of this change. In light of the intense competition in the labor market, whether at the level of self-employment or at the level of companies and brands, it has become necessary to develop self-marketing methods, so what is known as personal marketing appeared to meet that need.

If you want to stand out among your peers, you must master the art of self-marketing, as it is the main driver of success. But what exactly is personal marketing? What are his distinctive strategies? This article is an integrated guide to everything you need to know about the concept of personal marketing and its steps.

What is personal marketing?

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Personal Marketing

Personal marketing or personal advertising are two concepts that have recently emerged in global circles, not only at the level of companies but at the level of groups and individuals as well. If we want to describe these two concepts in a few words, they are the art of managing the image of an individual or company in the minds of customers in a professional manner.

Let’s analyze together these words to get to know this concept in detail:

Personal marketing is an art: it simply requires a plan, strategy, far-sightedness, appropriate means, and tools, as well as a large dose of commitment and dedication to establish a positive image in your field.
Image management: What is meant here is the value of an individual or a brand and the share of interest it has with customers.
The individual or the company: Personal marketing is no longer limited to institutions and brands, but has become an urgent necessity for both individuals and groups seeking to enter a specific job market and win the attention of the target customer base.
Realize that personal marketing is not just a few steps you need to complete but an ongoing business strategy that will accompany you on your entire career journey and will be the mainstay on which you will build your success and reputation in the short and long term.

What is the importance of personal marketing?

Do you really need to master the art of self-marketing to succeed in your marketplace? The short answer is yes, absolutely, because any success you will achieve without a tight marketing strategy will be short-lived, and the companies and institutions that appeared and entered the market forcefully and then withdrew after heavy losses are a good example of the importance of personal marketing and its role in the success of individuals and companies alike.

The benefits of personal marketing cannot be limited to specific items because it affects all stages of work, but the main fruits that you will reap from professionalizing this field can be summarized in the following points:

  • Imposing yourself or your services as an indispensable option in the job market. This privilege will not only affect the amount of work but also the quality of work opportunities you will have; Meaning that you will be able to choose the type of projects you will work on and charge, to some extent, the price you are satisfied with for the quality of your services.
  • Come a long way in the competition market, because a lot of your competitors in your field don’t take personal marketing or they don’t know how to do it. Thus, you will easily bypass these competitors and be a preferred choice for them in the field of work.
  • Personal marketing will widen the awareness and attention that you will get for being a shining icon in your field, and this will not only bring you more job opportunities and clients but also your competitors to ask you for help with the issues or problems they encounter adding high value to your career.
  • You will be able to choose from among the job opportunities what you see fit or what he wants to work on, instead of being forced to work on a project whose return does not satisfy you or the person you deal with, and the reason is the lack of opportunities you have.
  • Attract the attention of entrepreneurs or large companies, whether to invest your startup or your individual skill in a comfortable and profitable framework or through the funding you receive to start your own project through these companies or investors.

Personal Marketing Terms: What you need to shine in the crowd

Of course, you will not be able to reap the previous benefits of personal marketing easily, as it requires that you put enough effort into it. But the question remains, are there certain conditions for success in the field of personal marketing, and what are the skills that you must have to master the art of self-marketing?

In short, you should gather as many of the following skills as you can:

  1. Social skill

In order to be able to firmly establish your presence as a primary choice in a particular job market you must be able to communicate and build good social relationships, especially with individuals or companies associated with your field of work. Make sure to interact with these people constantly, and there is no harm in providing some help for free, as this will leave a very positive impact on them.

For example, if a project owner asks you to see the validity of a project that someone else has worked on, do not reject his request because he chose someone else in the beginning. On the contrary, try to help him and identify the flaws in the project. This will establish your scientific and practical value with entrepreneurs and make you the number-one choice in their upcoming projects.

  1. Persuasion skill

In many cases, your skills, services, or even products are sufficient and at the required level, but your ability to persuade the client to adopt your skill in his project is not enough. The golden advice to master the skill of persuasion is self-confidence. You must be confident in yourself and confident in your ability to get the work done. If you do not start with confidence in yourself, how do you expect the customer to trust you or your product?

  1. Negotiation skills and flexibility

You may not always be able to get your favorite offer, so sometimes compromises are okay, but don’t make yourself or your product a cheap commodity at any price. That the client realizes that you are negotiable and that it is possible to reach a solution that satisfies both parties will make you a destination suitable for all types of entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, if you always insist on your opinion, do not accept only tempting offers from some customers, this will make you an option that is not on the table even for the customers you target from that style, so make sure that you find a space for negotiation in the way you deal with customers.

  1. Analysis skill

During your journey in personal marketing, you are an “employee marketer for yourself” and one of the most important skills required of marketers is the skill of analysis, and we mean the skill of studying and investigating areas of interest and the required aspects that clients or project owners are looking for in individuals.

  1. Technical skill

Marketing at the present time strongly requires great technical skill and a good ability to comply with all marketing tools and means in establishing your value in the labor market. This skill includes social media, e-mail, website management, affiliate marketing, and others.

  1. Sense of creativity

Most people tend to think in traditional, tried-and-true ways, and here you should take advantage of this fact and think differently. It’s okay to think outside the box from time to time. Try to think of a different way to do business in your field of specialization, add your own flavor to it, to be a little different from your competitors’ peers, and if there is no room for excellence in your field, try to come up with a new way in the way you present the work.

How to start your own marketing journey

Perhaps the biggest obstacle facing many individuals and startups that pushes them away from starting a solid marketing plan is not knowing where to start or what strategies to adopt to succeed in this field. Below we will present the most prominent personal marketing strategies that serve as short-cuts for you to master the art of self-marketing:

First: Building a personal identity or brand

Perhaps the first and most important step in personal marketing is building a brand or personal identity. We can summarize the concept of personal identity by answering three questions: Who are you? And what do you offer? How is it different from your competitors? Each of these questions involves the foundations of personal identity and branding.

  1. Who are you and what do you offer?

Because customers and entrepreneurs tend to hire and adopt the products or services of people who know their details. How do you put this item to good use? Well, writing an accurate CV, if you want to work as a freelancer, or presenting a clear message to the company and its goals is the key to success.

  1. How is it different from your competitors?

Another important question that you need to answer yourself first. Do you have distinctive skills, professional capabilities, and equipment, or a different and creative approach to work? You must have an ammo of things that distinguishes you in order to push clients or project owners to choose you among the sea of ​​competitors around you.

Second: digital marketing

Personal Marketing3
Personal Marketing

After digital or electronic marketing has dominated the business arena, it has become necessary to take advantage of this emerging field in any marketing campaign you launch for yourself or your organization, otherwise, you will be late to catch up with the competition in the labor market.

If you are wondering about the advantages of digital marketing, we can summarize them for you in three points: cost, effectiveness, and comprehensiveness. The cost of digital marketing is very simple compared to traditional marketing methods and campaigns, the effectiveness of one successful e-marketing campaign is many times greater than any marketing campaign you might conduct in the traditional way, in addition to the huge audience base that you can target through digital marketing, which means a wide inclusiveness of any campaign you launch.

Digital marketing includes all the marketing activities that you can conduct online, from social media marketing to video marketing and email marketing to sponsored ads to marketing through your own website.

Third: Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the marketing strategies that have emerged recently that have changed the concept of traditional marketing as we know it. Content marketing is a type of indirect marketing of a product or service by providing useful content, helping customers, and answering their questions about everything related to the product.

Content marketing exploits all the tools that e-marketing and traditional marketing employ, but in a slightly different way.

Perhaps McDonald’s unique experience is a perfect example of how content shopping can be used professionally, as the company announced that it will launch an “Ask Any Question You Want” event through its official website and through live interviews. In this service, customers can ask any question to the company, including the ingredients of the foods it offers around the world, and the company promised frank and honest answers to all questions, whatever they are.

The company here does not market its products directly, but it has built awareness and confidence among its customers that it is a transparent company that strives to provide satisfying meals. The ingredients of the meals are no longer a secret; Through this event, customers can ask about the ingredients of any dish the company offers. In this way, the company gained the trust of customers and marketed itself and its products indirectly through the transparency and information is provided about its various services.

You can also market yourself, and here are some simple content marketing ideas:

  • Make good use of social media, through publications and useful content that provide a scientific or practical benefit in your field of specialization to your followers and friends, and commit to presenting the content in a systematic manner, because this establishes a professional image in this field for your followers.
  • Try to collect in a personalized list the email addresses of all customers or entrepreneurs interested in your services or product. Remind them regularly in emails of your skills and services, and if you’ve made some progress or taken new courses and developed your skills, be sure to keep this list up to date.
  • If you own a website, try to take advantage of this arena in marketing content for yourself, and dedicate a portion of your site to answering customer inquiries. If you don’t have a separate website, you can use discussion and FAQ communities like Fiverr to showcase your expertise by helping others.

Fourth: Write a distinguished CV

If you want to get better job opportunities, you have to play on the chord of presenting yourself in a professional manner, how? With a distinctive CV that is certainly attractive, the CV will be the link between you and many of the jobs you are applying for. And the difference between writing a great resume and a traditional one could mean you win or miss out on a lot of job opportunities.

Here are some golden tips when writing your CV:

  • Do not exaggerate your skills or capabilities, but rather make sure to mention your qualifications without increasing or decreasing them.
  • Try to make the details as brief as possible and include all the data that the company or project owners may be looking for.
  • Ensure the linguistic integrity of all the details you mention in the CV.
  • Ensure the integrity and accuracy of the personal information that you include in the biography, such as name, method of communication, and others.
  • Organize and organize your ideas well, to remember which qualifications you have from the most prominent to the least sought after.

Personal Marketing Mistakes: What You Should Avoid To Reap Success

Many fall into the trap of rushing when it comes to the beginning of their personal marketing journey, and they quickly fail miserably in any campaign they run for themselves or their companies. In the following, we will review the most prominent personal marketing mistakes that many people make and that must be overcome and avoided if you want to succeed and lead in the labor market:

  1. Imitating others: the biggest trap

Creativity and difference are not easy and require double effort, and here many freelancers and companies are unable to overcome the barrier of traditional excellence and end up imitating their competitors not only in the way they do their work but even in the way they market themselves.

This blind strategy may work at first, there’s no denying it, but you will quickly find that your success begins to fade as the requirements evolve and the need for a new personal marketing method. In addition, project owners and clients tend to have different viewpoints and innovative working methods, because they will represent the raw material for a distinguished and successful business project.

So, make sure that you stand out in your work and in the way you market yourself, and do not blindly imitate others, but benefit from their experiences and come up with your own marketing strategy that is dyed with your unique touch.

  1. Get away from your field of expertise

Sometimes, in their personal marketing career, individuals and companies tend to delve into other areas and touch on topics outside of their brand or specialty, which distracts customers from their main area of ​​specialization. So make sure that you focus in all your marketing activities on your skills and capabilities.

  1. Everyone obeys

Here, we mean by everyone’s compliance, accepting all offers that you receive, or targeting different types of customers and entrepreneurs through your services or products. You must choose a specific category to target through your marketing, otherwise, you will find yourself stuck in a lot of projects that you do not have enough experience with and may end up negatively about your career and your competence.

  1. Reveal a lot of details

It is good to attract more clients and entrepreneurs to you by informing them about the details of your product or service and how to achieve it, but do not go overboard and reveal the subtleties that you rely on in your work. It is the fruit of your long efforts, so do not make it accessible to everyone, but be satisfied with the details of what the customer needs in order to choose you from among all.

  1. Excessive self-purification

It’s nice to show your skills to clients through different marketing channels and strategies, but don’t praise yourself for what you don’t have, and don’t offer work that isn’t entirely your personal product, even if you participate in it. The wrong image in the minds of customers creates high expectations and expectations about you, and you cannot achieve them, because you simply do not have sufficient qualifications.

Personal marketing is a golden means that you should not miss, but try to invest in it enough time, effort, and money, because it will be the title of your success, whether you are an independent looking for a quick start in the field of self-employment, or you are an entrepreneur who aspires to enter the competitive market strongly through his products or services.

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