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Pinterest Marketing: Your Complete Guide for 2023

Pinterest Marketing: Facebook is undoubtedly the first website that springs to mind when thinking of social media marketing, followed by Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

These social networks are so well-liked by marketers because they are effective.
However, one of the most well-liked social media sites for marketing is Pinterest, and if you can think outside the box and exercise a little ingenuity, your business can profit from it.

This might be one of the reasons that many small and medium-sized firms, especially B2B companies, don’t take it seriously.
However, failing to utilize a Pinterest marketing strategy is a mistake your company cannot afford to make.

Because if you neglect Pinterest when utilizing other social media marketing strategies, you are surely losing money. Pinterest has an estimated 700 million monthly visitors, making it the fifth most popular social media platform.

As of 2020, there were more than 322 million profiles on the social network Pinterest. because the website has a unique selling proposition (USP) which is its visual appeal, making it a visual search engine.

Utilizing Pinterest for business is the best way to connect with your target market and bring relevant traffic to your website. When driving social media referral traffic to the websites it links to, Pinterest is second only to Facebook.

What exactly is marketing on Pinterest?

A social media platform focusing on sharing visual content is called Pinterest.
Users, or “pinners,” can search for, organize, and share pictures and videos online. As a result, it ranks among the top search engines for visual content.

Pins are the images and videos users post, links, hashtags, and descriptions.
Pinners can choose to order their pins into virtual pinboards, often known as bulletin boards.
Users can set board themes, personalize and develop original board titles, and follow other users’ boards. Additionally, you may choose whether to make your boards public or private.

There are now three ways to share visual content.

  • Upload manually and share images with their descriptions and links.
  • Share the images you find on your feed.
  • Share the images you discover while searching.

The most incredible thing about Pinterest is that it gives you more opportunities than any other social media network to inspire people and share ideas. Additionally, each Pin is occupied with curating and pinning the images that are important to them.
When other Pins notice their activity, they have no issues. Because of this, marketing on Pinterest is a practical approach to promoting your goods and services.

The benefits of Pinterest marketing

You must be aware of Pinterest’s growing popularity.
It has emerged as the go-to tool for many companies and bloggers wishing to direct relevant website traffic. Reason not According to Pew Research, 29% of individuals in the United States alone use Pinterest, which has 320 million active monthly users.

Pinterest is undoubtedly a smaller social media network than other similar ones.
However, the fact that site users are already engaged in it makes it an intriguing choice. Therefore, compared to, for example, Twitter, you have a better probability of getting visitors to click on your site through Pinterest.

For instance, Pinterest marketing can assist you in taking your online store to a whole new level if you run an e-commerce business, Mostly because using Pinterest to find products differs from using Facebook or Instagram. Users are conditioned to click the “purchase” button when using Pinterest.

Users of Pinterest are accustomed to discovering new pins with intriguing products.
Additionally, individuals have a history of purchasing appealing items through feeds or active searches. Because it can boost sales, Pinterest marketing has an advantage.

Here are some statistics to assist you in understanding how effective Pinterest is at bringing in new clients.
40% of Pinterest users make over $100,000 a year. This demonstrates the enormous purchasing power that Pinners possess, which businesses like yours may leverage.

Additionally, it was shown that 50% of pinners make USD 50,000 annually.

Active Pinterest users are likelier to purchase than passive users who don’t install. 93% of active Pinterest users said to use the site to research or plan purchases. Given how many people are prepared to purchase, Pinterest marketing and advertising make a lot of sense.

By creating informative content that aids consumers in their purchase planning, you can leverage Pinterest as a critical component of your content marketing approach.

Fifty percent of Pinterest users have bought something after viewing a promoted pin.
Due to their native ad style, Pinterest Promoted Pins have proven quite effective. Due to their seamless integration into a user’s feed, people don’t care about them. You can uncover Promoted Pins targeted at a particular demographic when you follow a Pinner.

On Pinterest, mobile devices account for about 85% of all searches.
Without question, mobile marketing is popular and in demand.

They are taking into account the fact that the majority of fixers use their phones to browse Pinterest. Your mobile marketing initiatives can yield more significant results and a higher return on investment.
70% of users of Pinterest discover and save pins. Users of Pinterest don’t just browse the website.

The statistics show that 70% of Pinterest users do more than search for and browse through pins. Therefore, if your company takes the initiative to pin on the appropriate board and give each Pin a name, it will successfully aid you in expanding your audience and boosting sales.

What distinguishes marketing from sales? 2023

3 Strategies for Using Pinterest Marketing to Your Advantage

When it comes to marketing, Pinterest is a marketing goldmine. However, having a fantastic profile image and company description for your Pinterest business account is just the beginning of a successful marketing campaign.

Because creating a strong presence on Pinterest can only be done when you’re moving in the right direction, the business of marketing Pinterest comes down to having a clear strategy that aligns with your business objectives.
No matter what industry you’re in, here are three ways that Pinterest marketing can help you expand your clientele and business.

  • Increase your authority
  • Your audience expands
  • Boost your website traffic

Increase your authority

Many companies utilize Pinterest marketing to their advantage in various ways. One straightforward approach to using Pinterest is to develop and expand your brand authority.
It can encourage potential customers to believe in your brand and work with you.

This allows you to both enhance your brand and uniquely promote your goods. The most excellent aspect is that you don’t have to create every piece of new material when installed. By sharing from various dependable sources, you can adopt a mix-and-match strategy to demonstrate your expertise in the field to your followers.

The goal is to make it appear to your followers that your Pinterest account is a reputable source of information about your sector. This method of establishing your authority leads to the goal of making your followers believe that they can discover accurate and helpful information about your industry on your Pinterest account. When you use this method to increase your authority, you

The idea is to give your followers the impression that your Pinterest account is where to find valuable and reliable information about your industry. When you build your authority in this way, you end up…

Build consistent trust with your target audience and strengthen your relationship with them.
Enjoy a higher level of customer loyalty, which can translate to repeat sales in the long run.
Get more referrals from customers and happy prospects who become advocates for your brand.

Improve your access

Let’s face it: Every company wants to broaden its visibility since it can enhance revenue. The ability to test new items and receive focused feedback depends on having a broader audience.
You can use the accessible community on Pinterest to connect with more of your target market.

If you want to increase your reach correctly, you need to have a Pinterest marketing approach under your sleeve that other marketers don’t frequently use (or abuse).
Using group boards is one of these tactics.

The aim is to reach out to well-known Pinterest users who have a devoted following, connect with them, and work together so that your content gets seen by the relevant audience.

With this “joint endeavor,” both parties stand to gain. By collaborating with an essential brand from your sector, you increase your exposure and establish your authority while they gain more beneficial engagement from their followers.

If you want this partnership to be successful, you must take the initiative and consider things from their perspective. Your material should be relevant to their followers’ interests and vice versa. All aspects of this cooperative venture must make sense. You may swiftly reach a broader audience segment with some strategic planning.

Boost your website traffic.

A website’s success depends on its traffic. It is impossible to grow your web presence and boost your online sales without the correct traffic.

Nevertheless, there are lots of commercial and free options to drive targeted traffic to websites. Pinterest can leave many of these techniques in the dust when appropriately used.

Given its popularity and growth rate, it should not be a surprise that Pinterest can help you generate more referral traffic than YouTube and LinkedIn. However, unless: You won’t be allowed to drive traffic.

Create material that is interesting and helpful enough to be shared.
Reattach your pins to the appropriate boards frequently.
Successful Pinterest users who have pinned excellent images using their marketing expertise.
They share photos because they are valuable pieces of content as well as for their aesthetic appeal

Fix a genuine issue and offer a workable remedy.

  • motivating individuals to conduct a variety of constructive actions
  • Offer something deserving or coveted
  • to appeal to a specific hobby or activity
  • Be distinctive and original in your way.
  • Getting a lot of traffic through Pinterest is not tricky. It is perfectly feasible for a brand that has established a strong foundation.

Fix a genuine issue and offer a workable remedy.

motivating individuals to conduct a variety of constructive actions
Offer something deserving or coveted
appeal to a specific hobby or activity
Be distinctive and original in your way.
Getting a lot of traffic through Pinterest is not tricky. It is perfectly feasible for a brand that has established a strong foundation.

Creating a Pinterest Board Produces Successful Results A fantastic strategy to gain followers and engage with your prospects is creating a Pinterest board. Make sure your new panels feature high-quality Pins that are pertinent to your audience when you are just starting with Pinterest marketing.

Once you receive new boards, you must keep them up to date by regularly adding useful information.

The following advice will assist you in creating attractive Pinterest boards for your company.

  • Establish your keywords.
  • Establish your content types.
  • Investigate your rivals
  • Organizational content’s quality Pay attention to your measurements

Establish your keywords.

Similar to how people use Google, they search on Pinterest. You must therefore pick the appropriate keyword for your themes and image pinning when constructing your boards. Start by compiling a list of pertinent search terms that your intended audience will utilize.

In a spreadsheet, place these keywords after your core subjects and before your subtopics.

Establish your content types.

The advantage of Pinterest as a visual platform is that it doesn’t just include still images. You may add different content to your boards to make them stand out from the crowd and benefit your followers. like…

  • Graphs
  • animated GIFs
  • videos

Decide in advance what content you’ll utilize for your message boards—research what material is most frequently shared or recycled in your niche.
You can generate this material with the use of a variety of image design tools. The preferred option is Canva.

Investigate your rivals

If your rivals use Pinterest, they likely have their popular boards. The goal is to study their paintings to gain understanding, not to imitate what they do. You primarily want to comprehend how they performed in terms of…

The topics people select produce outcomes.
The media formats are popular at the moment.
Of course, not everything your rival does will be practical.

It’s your responsibility to ascertain what works well for them and what they miss. Record the content ideas they pin to their boards and research the kinds of material that help them receive the most engagement.

Organizational content’s caliber

If your board is brand-new, you should ensure it is configured to provide the best possible impression on your intended audience. Hence, ensure that the first 15–20 pins on the board are of a high caliber and are of an evergreen kind. These pins’ content must be…

relevant \svaluable \useful

People should be drawn to your boards and eventually follow them because of the material you pin.
Continue curating new and helpful content as you go along, representing any relevant content your followers may find beneficial. By using these two simple steps, you may identify and monitor dependable information sources with ease:

Find any related blogs in your niche that have a reputation for consistently posting quality content. By browsing forums and other social media platforms like Reddit, Instagram, etc., you might find timeless content to publish on your new board.

Observe your stats.

You must have a plan for your Pinterest marketing efforts, just like any other marketing campaign. Mainly if you’re using Pinterest ads, this is true. You’ll get better results if you monitor and comprehend your performance.

One of the first actions you take to develop your Pinterest marketing efforts is creating a new board, and this is precisely the time to define your metrics properly. Make sure to determine the key performance indicators for your Pinterest campaign and utilize the information from your Pinterest analytics tool to determine which content sources you should use and which to stop using.

Simple and practical strategies to draw attention to your Pins

If Pinterest appears to be a good platform for your company, you must be sure you are not shooting in the dark. You must take the essential measures to ensure that your pins receive greater exposure. If your target audience does not see your material on Pinterest, whether they follow you or not, you will be wasting your time and money on Pinterest marketing.

Here are four pointers to assist you in doing that.

  • narrow down your Pinterest search
  • Maintain regularity each day
  • Try different times.
  • Use only top-notch pictures
  • Set up the earliest pins


Pinterest is a potent social media network that can boost traffic and revenues from your website. However, many small firms cannot use this platform to their advantage. But with the advice we provided above, you can make the proper choice. Maintaining high-quality pins will ensure your Pinterest marketing plan performs better over time.


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