Steps on How to Start Your Freelance Business.

How to start your freelance business.


Freelancing has greatly increased in recent years globally; recently, it has gradually entered the Arab

world due to the need for it and its adaptation to changes in the labor market,

due to the Corona pandemic and the need of many people to search for alternative jobs,

In addition,

the tendency of companies to reduce costs. Freelancing is also one of the best ways to set your goal,

scientific passion, and financial autonomy.Freelancing is the determination of a person’s job and

occupation for which they are creative, and their physical and intellectual potential and abilities, such as translation, content writing, design,

blogging, and many others. Many self-employment sites can be applied to, such as Khamsat,

Freelancer, Mustaqel, and others. The freelancer earns money on a per-job or per-task basis, usually for

short-term work. He is not an employee of a company and may therefore be at liberty to complete

different jobs concurrently by various individuals or companies.  


How to start freelancing?


1-     Get the suitable Equipment


First of all, as a Freelancer, you cannot rely on your mobile phone for your work, but you need a

computer or a laptop to carry out the tasks of your work. Also, you need a good Internet service thathelps you and does not hinder you from carrying out and delivering your tasks. And Of course, you

need time dedicated to your work as a freelancer. And workplace must be a quiet and comfortableplace to work from, it must be properly prepared, especially if this will benefit the body of the freelancer. 


2-  Choose a Marketable Skill

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This is the most important step at the beginning of freelancing is to find a skill you can offer as a

service, it can be something as simple as a transcriber a translator copywriter, or something advancedlike developing a mobile app, or web developer.

Whatever it is, the key to winning in freelancing is to find a skill that you’re good at and has enough demand in the marketplace. Simply, the skill I choose = what I enjoy doing + What I can do skillfully + what others are willing to pay for.

3-  Brush Up Your Skills

Have you chosen your skill now? That’s good, you have to focus on it very intensely at the beginning,

to get to the point where you’re going to get started and use it effectively. For example, let’s say you want to be a translator freelancer. This category has good demand. You also have experience in translating in companies or other places.

Also taking online courses is an effective way to learn and polish up your skills. Developing a skill from scratch takes time. So you should be patient and keep learning and practicing.


4-  Build a network of relationships


Build a network of relationships with other independents within or outside your area of competence, try to benefit from their expertise, learn working methods and techniques, consult them and follow their advice if necessary. If you’re a writer,

you should have articles published on popular blogs. If you’re a web developer, you should be able to point to a brand and say you can design their logos. If you’re a web content writer, you need to be able to send a link to a simple you’ve done.


5-  Work with high quality from the beginning

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Remember to build a good reputation, and treat yourself as a distinct brand, this gives the client a good impression of you as a freelancer. Focusing on high-quality work is better than working on high-quality work. You can offer a free sample of your work to the clients to encourage them to deal with you.  


Freelancing skills

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Your skills are the infrastructure that you will rely on during your work; it is the most important thing that you must build day after day. In freelancing,

you are either a winner or a loser, as much as the skills you possess and the quality of services you provide, you can in a short period build your name among the competing freelancers, and the skills that you will need are:


  1.          Technical skills
  2.          Job skills
  3.          Communication and interpersonal skills.
  4.          Self-learning skill
  5.          English learning skill
  6.          Time management skill  
  7.          Good communication skills with other  


Freelancing platforms

Most freelancing platforms have universal characteristics, but each site has its own way of dealing, its own rating and potential. However, all of these sites agree that they act as a broker between customers (business owners), and between independent talent and abilities.



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The postal platform connects companies and entrepreneurs in the Arab world with the best independent professionals to ensure that the project is complete.

The platform guarantees the rights of the employer and the fully independent individual. The site remains the intermediary between the parties until the complete work is delivered. Browse to an Opportunity website.


2-   Khamsat


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Khamsin is one of the most popular Arab entrepreneurial sites, as it is the first Arab market for buying and selling mini-services. The site brings together Arab youth willing to provide services,

and categories of buyers willing to purchase these services, providing appropriate income for Arab youth and distinctive services at an economic price to individuals and start-ups. It offers mini-services starting at $5 on the service.


3-   Up Work

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Upwork is one of the world’s most famous telecommuting sites. It is known as the largest gathering of employers and job seekers.

This location is ideal for companies of all sizes as well as for independents with different skills. One of the key features of Up Work is the ability to detect false employers or freelancers, thereby ensuring user safety.


4-    Freelancer

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This site collects millions of independent users and employers from more than 247 countries, offering several basic and advanced tools based on skills.

It is a reliable site for which employers and independent individuals can certify its competence and excellence. Whether you want to work on projects related to programming, data entry, creative fields, etc., browse through an Opportunity site.


In conclusion, freelancing requires patience, perseverance, work, focus, and always remembering that the only thing that makes a successful person who they are is to take the first step and stay on it.





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