The 11 best marketing and advertising agencies on Pinterest for 2022

Boasting over 335 million monthly active customers, Pinterest is fast becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. In fact,

according to Pinterest stats, the social platform has the second largest number of visitors of any social media platform.

Certainly, however, it has many female clients, however, the ladies are the primary decision-makers about what to buy family merchandise, which offers many possibilities for this unique place. However, it has also found favor among millennials and forms a huge part of their buyer’s journey. So, you can also use it to get into this target market as well.

In short, Pinterest is not only a social, visual community where customers can share pictures of their sophisticated craft tasks or search for kids’ birthday sweets and nursery decor ideas. Nowadays, it is used for all kinds of commercial and advertising establishments. Although the platform has evolved a lot in the current years, it is a top-notch partnership organization that specializes in Pinterest ads. To help you get the most out of the platform from an advertising perspective, we’ve put together this list of 15 groups that have a proven track record in marketing and advertising on Pinterest.

11 Best Pinterest Marketing Agencies of 2022:

LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing
LYFE Marketing

The LYFE Marketing staff allows you to market your Pins so you get more logo engagement, use Sponsored Pins to squeeze more visitors to your website, and increase sales via

With the help of Pinterest commercials, they will work with you to write unique copy that will motivate your target audience to click. Their staff is also professional at reading aggregate performance facts to make choices and achieve higher results.

Using their prevalent five-step formula, help one of their customers make over 1,280 purchases in just 30 days for less than $1000. They control the experience of this with the help of using the exact target keywords associated with the customer’s products. There are many successful Pinterest campaigns at the back of their name and they have driven more than 6 million leads or their customers through digital marketing.

Core offerings include:

  • Pinterest Advertising Strategies
  • Pin improvement
  • Monitor marketing spend
  • Pinterest ad optimization
  • Report



Thrive Internet Marketing Agency will probably ring the bell. Their project often appears in our listings not only because they offer high-quality marketing services, but also for the range of services they offer, from Facebook ads to video ads, some of the things you need from virtual ad providers will likely help you. However, they are in business since 2005. They had plenty of time to increase their range of abilities.

With regards to Pinterest ads specifically, they may put into practice fact-driven techniques centered around producing more visitors and income for your business website. They will improve your ad images, use rich pins and organize your sponsored agenda to increase your conversions.

Core offerings include:

  • Pinterest Advertising Strategies
  • Optimizing your advertising image
  • Announcement table

Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media
Ignite Social Media

With workplaces in North Carolina and Michigan, Ignite Social Media is an integrated social media style organization and cherishes helping manufacturers like the American Heart Association Go Red for Women. Their crew will allow you to get the most out of the Pinterest way of advertising and marketing with the help of using customized advertising and marketing plans designed to help your logo stand out and develop its audience.

Instead of focusing on the group of followers, they intend to create viable content that the audience can discover. From studies to making plans to software development, their staff will let you know every step of the way. Social media coordinators and senior virtual marketing and advertising managers who have worked with them praised the first-class and actionable content materials they create, their flexibility, creativity, and transparency.

Key offerings include:

  • Create content material
  • Network management
  • influencer relationships
  • Pinterest Strategy
  • Paid Pinterest Ads



It describes Evenstar, headquartered in Florida, as an e-commerce marketing and advertising organization that gives Pinterest a shopping ad among various offers. The agency was founded by an expert in digital marketing and e-commerce for growth who has worked on a number of major brand transformations

They strategically optimized advertising spending, and with the help of Pinterest ads, email advertising and marketing, Google Shopping campaigns, and Facebook, they were able to increase their income by helping to use more than 280%. As one of the first-class e-commerce agencies, it can help manufacturers of all sizes.

Key offerings include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook buy ad
  • Buy Google Ads
  • Buy YouTube ads
  • SEO
  • Buy TikTok media

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Ernst Media

Ernst Media
Ernst Media

Ernst Media facilitates companies of all sizes with social media marketing. They have been praised for their commitment, communication, and creativity in helping their clients, while some foundation associations, including Clutch and UpCity, have ranked them as one of the leading agencies.

In addition to Pinterest, they can also help with advertising and marketing on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or even TikTok. So, if you intend to take a multi-channel approach, they are a great candidate. With their capabilities and expertise, they can turn your Pinterest account into a new source of leads and income. Plus, by going to their weekly reports, you’ll stay on top of everything.

Key offerings include:

  • Customized social media management plans
  • Content Production
  • social ads

Volume Nine

Volume Nine
Volume Nine

Volume Nine, trusted by manufacturers like Vitamin World and Good Sam, is a virtual advertising and marketing organization headquartered in Denver. It is not only one of the top-tier Google ad agencies, but it is also highly regarded for its Pinterest marketing services. Their crew created amazing Pinterest marketing campaigns for agencies within B2C as well as B2B organizations.

When it comes to social marketing, they use a six-step process. First, they choose the extreme metrics that are critical to your advertising marketing campaign. Then, they may first conduct a review of the social advertisement. Depending on the results, they may both improve the existing account or start from scratch. Once the campaigns are created and implemented, their staff will constantly estimate the results and make changes as it was to beautify the performance of the marketing campaign.

Key offerings include:

  • Content Marketing
  • PPC
  • Social media management
  • Pinterest ads
  • Continuous management

Voy Media

Voy Media
Voy Media

Voy Media is basically a performance-based organization, a complete organization that offers a variety of marketing offerings such as controlling TikTok ads and Pinterest marketing offers according to their website, they are proficient within the network and speak all languages, From developing images to defining the right words, their crew has worked with Fortune 500 groups as well as dynamic startups. Depending on the fact, and in alignment with their website, they have helped the agencies increase their income from six to seven figures in conjunction with the month.

They offer a wide variety of marketing offerings, however, the degree of their help is also noteworthy. When you link to them, you’ll get a committed account supervisor and key strategist.

Key offerings include:

  • Retargeting
  • composing
  • Graphic layout and illustration
  • Product photography and lifestyle
  • Real-time analytics

Tactical Digital

Tactical Digital
Tactical Digital

Trusted by manufacturers like WeWork and Artsy, Tactical Digital has helped agencies with their advertising technologies for over 10 years. Their staff of award-winning Pinterest marketing professionals is based primarily in New York and will allow you to increase your logo awareness, income, and ROI.

You can relax confident that they will take some time to get to know your own logo and its goals. The first step in the Pinterest advertising system is dialogue and research. They prioritize intense dialogue and collaboration much earlier than they are willing to expand Pinterest ad content material. So,

According to their website, they are intrigued by data. Therefore, their staff simply estimates the cost of creating an experience with the data and leveraging it to boost your advertising campaign. After the ads are posted, they vigilantly track how they are performing to see where they can be improved further

Key offerings include:

  • Strategy development
  • Create social media content material
  • Report

Dos Mundos Creative

Dos Mundos Creative
Dos Mundos Creative

Founded in 2015, Dos Mundos is one of the youngest advertising agencies. Their efforts have already been recognized by DesignRush and Clutch and their reputation has earned them clients such as LG, Best Buy, and KitchenAid.

Headquartered in Texas, they offer a wide variety of medium offerings that include storytelling, consulting, planning, and social media advertising. In terms of social media specifically, they can help manufacturers with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Key offerings include:

  • composing
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • trade mark
  • Conversion optimization
  • Pinterest ads
  • product photography

Work of Art Digital Marketing

Work of Art Digital Marketing
Work of Art Digital Marketing

Work of Art Digital is a fully stocked and integrated marketing agency. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, they use to push data to help customers from everywhere in the world with a large variety of virtual offerings such as Google Ads, PPC, branding, network layout, image layout, and social media.

In addition to Pinterest marketing, they can also help with marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even Snapchat. They start all their advertising campaigns on social media with the first information about the industry, the target market, the target, and the desires of the institutions of their clients.

The main offers consist of:

  • Advertising planning and creation
  • Influencer Partnership
  • Social media shopping
  • Content calendar
  • Social media strategy
  • Pinterest Analytics

Pintastic Advertising

Pintastic Advertising
Pintastic Advertising

Pintastic Advertising focuses on paid advertising and managing Pinterest, which makes it a great preference in case you absolutely need your interest in this channel.

First, they might install an initial batch in order to get more research into your logo and approximate how Pinterest can help your organization. If they assume that Pinterest is the right platform for you, they’ll stream right into your desires and expectations. Armed with a higher awareness of your organization’s desires, they might start out and create beautiful custom templates as a way to align with your logo identity.

If you want help with paid advertising as well, their staff will help you with ads, as a matter of fact, they are so confident that they allow you to boost your results that they offer a full money-back guarantee if they are unable to improve your results.

The main offers consist of:

  • creators
  • Paid ads
  • questions and answers:
  • How do I create a Pinterest agency?
  • To create a new ad account with Pinterest, follow these steps:
  • On Pinterest, click “Ads” in the top left corner.
  • Choose “Overview” to open Ads Manager
  • Click next to your name
  • Create a new ad account
  • Enter the account name, choose the country, and set up billing.

Is Pinterest an advertising company?

With Pinterest advertising solutions, brands can start interacting naturally with users. Marketers know that it is becoming increasingly important in this digital age to reach audiences by providing valuable and interesting content. Pinterest offers brands the opportunity to advertise directly to customers.

  • How can I get customers to promote it on Pinterest?
  • To access Pinterest ads, follow these steps:
  • Log in to Pinterest
  • Go to the ads section in the upper left corner
  • Click on the down arrow next to the customer’s name
  • Choose “View Account Settings”
  • And click “Add People” to add your customers

How do Pinterest ads work?

Pinterest ads are similar to other Pins but sponsored to reach more audiences in relevant search results. Pinterest Business Account owners can promote existing Pins that have performed well, or they can create new Pins with photos or videos for that context.

Is Pinterest Academy Free?

Pinterest Academy, launched in 2019, is a free e-learning tool for new businesses on Pinterest. This academy can help companies get started with the visual discovery platform and discover the benefits of advertising products, advanced targeting, and other features.

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