Top 10 Free Shopify Templates in 2022

If you are thinking of creating an online store on the Shopify platform, you must first choose one of the great Shopify templates,

There are a lot of advertising techniques in e-commerce and it’s a good way to help your Shopify web page get more traffic, and web design is still the foundation on which your store is built; If you need clients, your website should be smooth and beautiful.

Using free Shopify templates is the perfect way to accept beautiful designs and intuitive functionality. You don’t have to buy a paid theme. To be successful, paid themes do not consistently provide an increase in sales.

You will likely be at a loss when choosing our free Shopify templates. They are not constantly updated and some have higher auxiliary alternatives than others. We have prepared a list of the most wanted and popular Shopify free templates that you can easily download right now,

Learn More About Free Shopify Templates?

A Shopify template is a template that you can use to bring a specific online look to your store and make it attractive. While each template is available in a distinct format and style, you can customize it by converting things like fonts, shapes, or colors to match your branding.

Templates are also a great way to customize your web page, as they help you modify it without understanding programming. Currently, Shopify offers 8 free personal e-commerce templates on its own, which you may discover on its webpage.

What makes Shopify templates so special and cool

Here are some of the things you should not forget while deciding on the free Shopify templates for your web page:

Beautiful, smooth, and customizable

Choosing a Shopify template doesn’t mean you want to compromise on a basic or simple layout. Customizing it will align your eCommerce maintenance planning with your organization’s dreams and will accelerate sales.

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Download it quickly to your phone and desktop

On a phone, 53% of visits are likely to be abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load, according to Google Think. Consider web page speed while deciding on a topic that will reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate.

It matches your company’s brand

Now it’s not so much about adapting your theme to your clients; Also consider wishes that symbolize your brand.

Best Free Shopify Templates

Here are many free, high-quality Shopify templates for 2022.


Best Free Shopify Templates

This bulk template is flawlessly designed for any e-commerce .webpage featuring events of any kind.
Some of the high-quality capabilities include event information, speaker profiles, sponsors, schedules, and venue… all well designed to make the web page easy to navigate.

The template is free for its basic model which comes with some limited capabilities. If you need to improve on more alternatives, you may need to pay for its premium version (which costs $56).


Easily showcase and filter large inventories

If you’re a merchant with a large inventory and more than one lot, this offer is probably the Shopify template for you. This template will make you fit

Another exciting function is that it allows you to prompt filters so that your customers can organize your organization’s pages through different means of branding, pricing, and customizable options. The form also has easy integration with the Product Reviews app, which allows you to view a patron’s evaluation functionality for your merchandise.

Although replacing the latest theme seems to slow down the website a bit, the offering is still a top-notch opportunity for a paid theme when you have an expanding list of merchandise in the market and are on a budget.

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Fashe – Free Shopify eCommerce Theme
Fashe – Free Shopify eCommerce Theme

Fashe is an advanced Shopify theme with the help of using Colorlib. The strength of the look lies in the intuitive interior that works right with the unique categories, from the bakery to electronics.

The drawback to it is that it can be a streamlined piece. However, if customized, it could turn out to be a great e-commerce web page.


Tailor made for modern apparel stores
Tailor-made for modern apparel stores

Brooklyn is a template designed with the help of Shopify. It comes with a responsive and schematic cell-first approach, so you can count on casual navigation even on a mobile device.

The look is good when you have fewer merchandise, unlike a huge inventory. Peak full-screen slideshow is an eye-catching website with the goal of displaying product images.

Brooklyn operates privately away via cell phones.


Designed for brand and product storytelling
Designed for brand and product storytelling

The combo model is the most effective; It’s also a first-class touch: showcasing the character’s merchandise through storytelling.

The narrative theme is designed to focus on a product and highlight all of its features and functionality on one page. They really work to the highest level with individual products.

The narrative model is top-notch in case you want to show a single product.


A minimalist theme that puts your photography front and center
A minimalist theme that puts your photography front and center

If great visuals are the strength of your site, Boundless can be a great option. This unstable template makes your product images the focus of your online store. Since it is very simple, you can use it regardless of whether you are promoting motorcycles or something else.


Ideal for stores with a large number of products
Ideal for stores with a large number of products

Correctly simplified template panels due to the fact that you can use them for many specific categories. However, every now and then you might want a few things to show up and feel special. The venture is an unstable Shopify theme with special features, so it’s ideal if your product targets the sports and travel categories.

Keep in mind that this theme has been made for Shopify dropshipping stores with a number of merchandise, so if you have a few products, it might not be your first choice.


Designed to beautifully showcase your brand and products
Designed to beautifully showcase your brand and products

There is a purpose that makes the Debut Shopify theme top of all the templates: it’s customizable, fast, smooth to navigate, and easy enough to set up a spacious store-style, regardless of the dimensions of your inventory. Plus it’s great on every laptop and mobile. The template is powered by Shopify itself.


A clean and minimal theme perfect for showcasing products
A clean and minimal theme, perfect for showcasing products

The simple thing is to get proper ratings all the time. Installing this simple and easy template can be a breeze even with the basic capabilities you need for e-commerce. A simple check is mainly useful when you have a ‘shop’ web page on your website, this Shopify template provides ample areas for displaying a product image.


Clean code fast page loading speed and features that matter.
Clean code, fast page loading speed, and features that matter.

If you are looking for an effective Shopify templates opportunity, Debutify is a great choice. The form does not require any coding and has a fast loading speed of web pages, this is a crucial way to reduce constant neglect by visitors.

Debutify comes with more superior options, consisting of a choice of customizable footers or product testimonials, as well as superior product filters and an image slider.


You can use the mentioned free Shopify templates to create a personal online store
Great design is the key to achieving an e-commerce web page. You can create your own store with free, easy, and beautiful templates and enter the world of e-commerce.

You’ll likely find free templates that are a bit restrictive in terms of layout and functionality, with a maximum of them providing true customization alternatives to give your web page the look and experience you want.

Clear knowledge of who your target market is, the fun you need to provide, and the functionality you might want will help you identify and track the perfect Shopify templates for your customers.

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