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With the onset of the new year, new offers and discounts appear almost everywhere. While manufacturers and merchants tend to accelerate their Amazon business venture for 2022,

Reading the market transition and incorporating some of the latest e-commerce features will always be a bargain to strive for. As the e-commerce giant in this pursuit, Amazon is ready to take the entire market and the atmosphere of online buying to a whole new level. If you’re a seller or a logo inclined to take this journey and make the most of it, keep an eye out for traits that have been curated with over-studies and an understanding of the market.

Trend 1: A technological revolution with AI / AR / VR

Whether it’s shipping goods, using drones, solving buyer inquiries, or using chatbots, A.I. It is increasing its influence in every nook and corner of the e-commerce market and will also give Amazon agencies a huge edge over its competitors,

Amazon has already invested in Prime Air’s new drone charging unit for contactless and fast charging. In 2022, we could see additional use of those technical devices, especially in areas where timely shipment is essential, such as scientific supplies, etc.

  • Also, the Pegasus Drive sorting robot will see a major rollout in sorting facilities to handle ever-increasing order volumes.
  • All of this automation will drive productivity forward and help customers shop smart for alternatives with this technology shift.
  • Soon, automation equipment like chatbots, photo editors, revolutionary marketing and marketing equipment, and AI-driven photo stylists, along with long-lasting merchandise like the Kindle, Echo, Alexa, and Amazon’s native security system, will soon be overrated. Sooner or later we call for a revolution in this virtual age.

Amazon has already invested in Prime Air’s new drone charging unit

Pro-tip for sellers: It’s too much time for dealers and types to train themselves with the modern generation and apply this equipment to a first-class buyer experience. This equipment, if done well, can display a significant increase in conversions, and in any other case, it can lead to a good-sized setback for dealers/manufacturers. Moreover, it is not a hassle to live with incremental features and let your Amazon brand shine through.

Trend 2: Social commerce can be a rage

Social commerce or promotion via social media has seen a very noticeable increase within the closing segment of 2021. Earlier, Facebook-fabricated merchants/manufacturers were much easier to use its platform as a marketplace to generate income through social links, warehousing, and everything. But now, even Instagram sells this fashion and offers a way to buy through its platform.

Also, as per Marketing Rule 7

“A potential consumer needs to pay attention or see an advertising message at least seven times before buying it from you.”

This approach immediately affects the psychology of the consumer and creates an incentive to make a purchase. Brands and merchants make the most of this rule in the form of social commerce. As we mentioned with the help of using Statista, with the growing influence of social media, social commerce in the US is expected to reach $79.5 billion with the help of 2025 use.

These social media structures have the advantage of large audiences, and the hints appear here as additional audio and visuals. According to the World Wide Web Index, 37% of customers consider ratings shared on merchandise and genres via social media channels more than commercial advertising. Hence, optimizing social media channels as income channels can be one of the e-commerce modes so that one can see additional releases and develop innovation in the following year.

Pro-tip for sellers: Brands and merchants should create a stable social media presence on one of the nice structures like Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This will help their Amazon business create recognition and credibility with customers. This pursuit will create transparency and buyer loyalty.

Trend 3 ads will go through a transition period with Amazon

With its current strategy, Amazon will make advertising more viable and affordable, primarily for sellers registered with its brand. Google and Facebook have been the two giants that develop the best sales using advertising alone. Amazon sees this as a potential to increase and provide a more profitable marketing and marketing alternative to its merchants and manufacturers. So far, Amazon has already provided 10% of the US digital market share.

Not only that, even the manufacturers who have already invested in Amazon advertising tasks said great ROI and supported the pay-per-play version of Amazon.

As with Statista, Amazon will offer a gradual increase in virtual marketing and international marketing sales from 2020 to 2026.

Amazon will show increased growth in digital advertising revenue worldwide
Pro-tip for sellers: To make the most of this potential as merchants and retailers, it’s time to understand the alternatives to Amazon-supported banner ads in 2022.

The fourth trend may be: VOICE COMMERCE is the regular brand new

Voice Commerce is ready to buy or call with unique offers such as searching merchandise or facts, placing orders, using a hands-free tool, and much more. Amazon benchmarked this new version of e-commerce back in 2014 while the Amazon Echo was released for testing with a tool that works with a voice-managed launcher.

Whether you invite Alexa to exchange lighting fixtures or chatbots to resolve fee-related queries, etc., voice commerce is ready to hijack the market like never before. It is expected that along with subsequent years, international transactions and e-commerce purchases will see the use of voice assistants increase by a sudden 400%. Furthermore, the voice commerce market is expected to generate a projected turnover of $19.4 billion by means of 2023. With this excessive call for voice commerce, voice tracing is supposed to be a game-changing factor in 2022.

Voice search is supposed to change the rules of the game in 2022.

Pro-tip for sellers: Then it’s time to improve your Amazon organization to match those e-commerce attributes. Switch your payee-carrier control with incredibly green chatbots. These bots can be used for one of the nicer responsibilities like collecting feedback from surveys, etc. It also can solve frequently asked questions, suggest goods to customers, tell about current income, and more

Trend 5: Visible Trade Will Head Up

Visual Merchandising is the new way of trying to find merchandise/facts using visual navigation equipment. Amazon has always been a pioneer in applying new-age themes and modern ideas/equipment for the pleasant enjoyment of its customers. Visual commerce is the next degree of advertising. Besides product images, you will see different types of interactive content material and a tremendous job to play.

In 2017, Pinterest CEO Ben Silberman certainly noted that a shift was coming and stated, “Almost all search may be destined for images, and now they are no longer keywords.”

As to the stats, 62% of Millennials and Generation Z are visually seeking another form of technology. Amazon actually released SCOUT in 2018 to meet this superior mode of searching for improvement.

Pro-tip for sellers: It’s a long time to take advantage of the visual merchandising alternative in your Amazon organization and provide images with subsequent developments,

  1. Use WebP layout on product images for high and satisfactory loading speed.
  2. Create 360-degree images or reels of your awesome promotional merchandise
  3. Invest in Amazon’s visual search device to allow customers to take advantage of the benefits of visual search.
  4. Reuse user-generated content materials for product pages to get higher conversions
  5. Create image purchase ads to support visitors to your merchandise and boost income.
  6. Create interactive 3D visuals for maximum reviewed merchandise

Trend 6: Customization may be necessary

Shopping is fun up to the miles you usually enjoy. Even with the sweeping upward push in e-commerce stores, humans are still ignoring the details of customization and experimental features. With media consumption increasing day by day, buyers are spending more time satisfying this desire for customization. A whole stage of customers prefers this passive mode of purchase. As a result, merchants have to target them with a unique advertising strategy.

“80% of buyers are more likely to buy from a logo that offers personalized content and promotions.”

Pro-tip for sellers: It’s best to target these customers with an advertising message with a lower funnel and make the most of these patron attributes. You can also push this stage of customers towards the purchase via the means of offering a discount.

Trend 7: Direct shopping will experience a massive upward push

Direct shopping or live commerce is the new age revolution within the e-commerce enterprise where customers can take advantage of buying alternatives and attractive accommodation flow on extraordinary social structures through an influencer or expert. This will help customers to purchase merchandise from the 3rd celebration outlets without leaving the platform.

Reports stated that “about 90% of social media buyers gain acceptance into their preferred structures through the cellular tool and 54% of this diversity use social media to analyze merchandise as they wish.”

Direct commerce is one of the cellular e-commerce fashions with the goal of seeing a massive upward push in 2022. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook have already tested this fashion and introduced survival streaming features. According to Coresight Research, by 2023 means, the purchase market for survival broadcasts in the United States is expected to be worth $25 billion.

Pro-tip for sellers: Retailers and third-party merchants can use the constant flow through social structures to build the distance between buyer expectations and the actual product. This step will definitely bring higher income results.

Trend 8: Green Trade is Here to stay

With a shift in buyers’ attitudes due to Covid’19, the customer adventure begins to evolve with “When do I want it?” Instead of buying out of desire. Also, humans are looking for sustainable alternatives using the “local shopping” method with the aim of guiding the neighbouring organizations that have suffered huge economic losses in the time of Covid. On top of that, they help unbiased groups make environmentally sustainable and cruelty-free merchandise.

Also, according to the data, 65% of buyers need to shop for items from manufacturers that drive purpose and that drive sustainability. The shift to inexperienced consumerism suggests that manufacturers who practice sustainability will lead the market in the years to come. Looking at this difference as a huge opportunity, biology manufacturers are actually on the rise globally. They tend to deliver loads with Omnichannel structures and deliver exceptional merchandise. This pass is sure to make a splash within the next 12 months and beyond.

Pro-tip for sellers: However, consumers are now no longer clear whether or not shopping for sustainable goods is more desirable than recycled. Retailers who can clarify these issues and create a clean environment will certainly guide the show.

Trend 9: The supply chain will undergo a massive transformation

When talking about the Amazon supply chain, the method often entails product warehousing, inventory management, pricing, and transit times. Amazon as a large e-commerce business ensures that these levels are properly optimized to increase buyer enjoyment and retention. As a seller, you want to understand the full dynamics of an easy and up-to-date delivery chain. And how it will ultimately affect merchandise charges and raise your Amazon business.

According to CNBC, Amazon is ready to bypass supply chain chaos with its charter ships and long-haul planes. It quickly turned into the largest provider of packet transmission in the United States via means of early 2022.

This year 2022, more of these projects will be carried out across Amazon’s means to make the entire delivery chain more seamless and hassle-free. Implementation of the blockchain era to make delivery chains clear and allow customers to upgrade their songs. Automated delivery chains will play a key position in this innovation game. Furthermore, IoT and RFID tools for inventory monitoring and reporting will provide stakeholders with real-time access to data, thus ensuring transparency. Also, enforcing business intelligence analytics equipment will help in allowing full knowledge of the KPIs that organizations are promoting.

More of these projects will be carried out via Amazon outlets to make the entire delivery chain more smooth and hassle-free
Pro-tip for sellers: With the excessive transportation alternatives that have been instigated via Amazon Means for a while now, it’s time for merchants to put money into the Amazon FBA program to develop fulfilment talents and be in sync with the great transportation offerings offered by Big Means themselves.


With a shift within the consumer zone recently, the Amazon marketplace is sure to undergo a fundamental transformation. Trends like roadside grocery picking, offline stores, contactless payments, social shopping, and digital therapy are all here to stay. But with this new customer-centric movement being pushed through the means of the pandemic, are you equipped to boost your Amazon business? It’s time to spend money on an updated advertising method and enforce those new-age developments to increase your sales.


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