20 Proven Ways to Help You Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most important social media marketing platforms, with around 329 million monthly active users. By increasing Twitter followers, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of the platform in marketing, helping you achieve your marketing and sales goals. So what are the ways to increase Twitter followers?

What is the importance of increasing Twitter followers?

Increasing Twitter followers is not an end in itself, but rather an important marketing tool that will help your project achieve many benefits from Twitter marketing. The importance of increasing Twitter followers is the following points:

First: Increase your brand awareness

By increasing your Twitter followers, you will be able to increase awareness of your brand, as you will be able to reach a larger base of audience, who will become familiar with you, and then you can take advantage of that to convert them from potential customers to actual customers of your project.

Second: Increase your website traffic

When you have followers on your Twitter account, you will be able to bring them to your site to see the content published on it, and then this will increase your site traffic constantly, without having to rely on paid advertising campaigns every time.

Third: Get a higher rate of interaction with your tweets

Increasing your Twitter followers will improve the engagement rate of your tweets, making them more popular with more people. In addition, the high interaction gives confidence to some users, as they consider the high interaction rate as evidence of the quality of what you offer.

Fourth: Increase sales

By having a large segment of potential customers after increasing Twitter followers, you will be able to promote the products and services you provide and spread them among these customers, which can be used to increase the sales of your project.

Fifth: An important marketing resource for your project

Finally, followers of your account are an important marketing resource, as you can take advantage of the number of followers to improve your understanding of the audience and benefit from the analysis of the data you obtain from them, in developing the products and services you provide, and adding more improvements to them, so you can develop your project.

How do I increase Twitter followers? Here are 20 ways to do just that

Twitter is one of the most important social media marketing platforms with around 329 million monthly active users.

Whatever your business, there are many methods that you can use in order to increase your Twitter followers. If you do not have enough experience working through Twitter, you can hire a Twitter marketing specialist from Fiverr, the freelance platform, to help you accomplish this task with the required professionalism. One of the most important ways to increase Twitter followers:

  1. Prepare your account well

If you set up your account on the site in a good way, you will be able to attract the attention of the audience that enters the site, they will be able to know everything about you once they enter the account. So, one of the ways to increase Twitter followers is to take care of preparing your account well. Among the most important things to prepare your account:

  • Pictures

Images are an important attraction in the digital world, so be sure to add high-quality, reflective images of your activity, whether it’s a profile picture or a header. Your brand logo can be used as an account image, and in the header image, you can add identifying details about your project.

  • the description

The site allows you to add an account description of 160 characters. You can use this description to introduce your project, and talk about exactly what you offer. You can use keywords from your domain, to increase the chance that your account will be visible when doing searches for these words.

Likewise, be sure to include the rest of the required account information, such as where you do business or your website if you have one. The more information you add about your account, the better your visitors will know you, and the more likely they will follow you.

  1. Pin a featured tweet to your account

The site allows you to pin a Tweet to your account so that the Tweet appears to people when they log into the account. So, this is one of the ways to increase Twitter followers, by pinning a featured tweet to the report, you know that it will attract the audience to you. Here are some ideas for tweets suitable for pinning:

  • A Tweet that garnered a lot of audience interaction, or achieved widespread, so it reflects a good image of you.
  • A Tweet that includes an important introduction to your projects, such as testimonials from your clients, or an explanation of some things about your business.
  • Tweet about new products or services in your project.

The Pinned Tweet can be changed from time to time, depending on your preference. Each time you do this, make sure to choose a Tweet that stands out, as it fronts the content on your account

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  1. Verify your Twitter account

A blue tick appears next to verified accounts on Twitter, which makes them more credible to the public. So, you can try to verify your account on Twitter, as this will gain the public’s trust in your account. Seeing the list of frequently asked questions about Twitter verification from the site itself will help you so that you can properly verify your account.

  1. Share useful content with your audience

There is no doubt that good content is what attracts the audience the most on social networking sites, and the same thing happens on Twitter. So, share your audience with content that is useful to them. It depends on studying the client’s personality for your project and understanding the nature of the appropriate content for them.

It is not a requirement to focus on only one type of content, but be sure to diversify between different types of content, starting with useful informational content such as infographics and articles, and passing through entertainment content such as memes and funny videos, and finally with the promotional content for your brand.

It is not just about creating useful content, but it is important to make sure that the content is well formatted and presented in a way that attracts the attention of your audience, by using faces and emojis and dividing the Tweet into a group of lines instead of writing it sticky and sequential, it makes it easier for your audience to read.

In order to create content of the required quality, and in accordance with the requirements of your project and its audience, hire a professional content writer from Fiverr, who will be responsible for preparing an integrated content plan, and choosing content ideas to help you increase your Twitter followers for your account.

  1. Rely on visual content

Although Twitter is not primarily a visual content platform like Instagram and Tik Tok, the visual content on the site is an indispensable thing. Audiences don’t just pay attention to written content easily, and visual content plays a huge role in attracting them to your Tweets.

In addition, the number of characters in a tweet is 280 characters, which is not enough to create large content, so visual content supports what you want to say when displayed in images. You can use all kinds of visual content such as images in their forms such as infographics, videos, and GIFs.

  1. Use hashtags in your tweets

Hashtags are an essential part of how Twitter works, and they increase your tweet engagement rate, which leads to more Twitter followers. Therefore, it is important to know how to use them in your Tweets in the right way, while choosing the most appropriate hashtags for your brand, to ensure that you attract the right audience to your account.

  1. Create Threads

Sometimes you may have a lot of content that you want to share with the audience, but as a result of the number of characters in a Tweet, it can be difficult. Therefore, it is possible to rely on creating threads, and writing the content you want in successive tweets, with the need to number each tweet so that it is easy for the audience to follow the thread.

For example, if you find that the content of the series will contain 4 tweets, each tweet can be numbered in its order, you write: (1 – 4) for the first tweet, and in the last (4 – 4), the audience following the series can easily understand the order. Tweet threads are a kind of content that your audience likes, and using them will help you increase your Twitter followers.

Twitter is one of the most important social media marketing platforms
  1. Tweeting constantly

Statistics show that the best accounts on Twitter are the ones that tweet an average of 12 tweets per week. This emphasizes the value of publishing content on the platform, and the need to do so constantly, as continuity leads to the permanent appearance of followers, and the increase in the rate of obtaining new followers. While interrupting Tweeting, may result in the audience forgetting you and losing all efforts made before it.

  1. Tweet at times that are convenient for your audience

For your content to perform at its best, you need to publish your Tweets at the correct times. Choosing the right time is not about when you can post, but in line with the interests of your audience, and then tweet at the times that suit them, to ensure a high rate of interaction with your tweets.

If you do not yet know what time is right for your audience, in this case, you can rely on the experience of posting at different times, and by following the results achieved by tweets, you can reach the right time for the audience. When you install the time to post, while continuing to tweet, it will help you to have a stable following on your account, which leads to an increase in followers.

  1. Create polls on Twitter

Questionnaires are types of interactive content that attract the attention of the audience. They depend on asking a question and providing a set of options to answer it. So, it does not require any effort or time from the audience to interact with it, and at the same time, they can feel involved and interact with you and then can increase the Twitter followers interested in participating in these surveys.

This does not mean creating any survey on your account according to the expected rate of interaction with its idea, but rather it is necessary to choose surveys related to your project and your customers, to maintain the quality of your account content, and to ensure that you attract the right category of followers, from which you can benefit later.

  1. Organizing competitions to attract followers

Contests are a good way to attract followers, as you can organize a competition for your audience related to your brand, and at the same time, its conditions include inviting those who want to participate to some of their friends to follow your account. So, through the contest, you will be able to increase your Twitter followers.

However, it is important to use contests with caution, as a percentage of participants may unfollow after the contest ends. So, consider creating content for this new audience on your account, so that they feel the value of what you’re offering, so they can follow you after the contest ends.

  1. Constant interaction on Twitter

Twitter is one of the platforms that encourage continuous interaction. The algorithms show the accounts that interact on the site in a greater proportion, in addition to the fact that the interaction itself will make the account visible to a large number of people, which can be used to increase Twitter followers. There are several ways to interact on Twitter, the most important of which are:

  • Interact with existing followers of your account, by responding to their comments and messages.
  • Retweet or comment on content posted by others in your niche, but not from competing accounts.
  • Like tweets that appear on the homepage while browsing.
  • Tag and Mention influencers in your field and interact with them.
  • Track any mention or mention of your account, and interact and reply to the owners.
  1. Participate in Trends on the Site

Social media is full of trends, and Twitter can take advantage of this to show up. With the Explore option, you can access the trending topics, and see what topics users on the site are talking about right now.

Of course, it is not necessary to interact with all events, but rather it is important to make sure to choose the most appropriate topics that correspond to your business to interact with, to ensure that you reach the right audience for your project, while maintaining your identity and providing content of the expected quality at all times.

  1. Follow new people in your field from time to time

Despite the simplicity of this method of increasing Twitter followers, it is effective, as it depends on following new people in your field from time to time. When you do, they may be encouraged to trade you in for a follow too, especially when your account is complete and offers real value, so they feel the benefit of following.

Having these people will increase engagement with your account, and they may also share your Tweets, which will help you reach more people who follow those people. Part of your day can be devoted to finding and following these new people.

  1. Participate in a Twitter chat

Twitter Chat is based on creating a discussion on a specific topic, with the use of a hashtag that refers to that topic. For example, if there is a company working in the field of marketing, and you want to discuss some issues related to marketing, you might create a hashtag (#MarketingChat).

So your role is to follow these chats to know their hashtags, and then share them, so you can increase your Twitter followers. It is important to track only the hashtags that are relevant to your brand, to ensure that you reach the right audience. If you want, you can start a chat yourself, by creating and mentioning a hashtag to attract more followers.

  1. Join Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces are the latest features that the site offers, and are more like voice chat rooms in which different topics can be discussed. You can take advantage of this feature by joining spaces related to your industry, and interacting with the people within them, so they can get to know you more.

In your posts, try to provide them with good advice, highlighting your expertise in the field, and your eagerness to provide benefits, which helps you to attract more followers. Just like with Twitter chat, it’s not just about joining existing spaces, but you can also create your own space, discussing topics that interest your audience.

  1. Rely on Twitter lists to rank users

Twitter Lists helps you plan your business well, with it you can divide users into lists, and choose a specific name for each list. For example, you can create lists as follows: competitors, potential customers, sources of news and updates, influencers in the field, and other lists as you wish.

This makes it easier for you to organize your priorities in interaction and makes you able to follow everything on the site in an easy way, keeps you informed of everything new according to your lists, and thus you can develop the content that you provide, so you can increase Twitter followers.

  1. Use Twitter Analytics to Improve Content

It’s not just about continuing to create new content, but also knowing and analyzing the performance of existing content well, by knowing all about engagement rates and reach of existing tweets. So, use Twitter Analytics to know everything about your Twitter activity.

After analyzing your activity, you can see which Tweets are performing the best for you, and then try to exploit that in another way, such as retweeting the best Tweets after a while, or producing similar content with the same idea. When you create the content that the audience wants according to a correct analysis, it will help you to attract more followers.

  1. Rely on paid advertising campaigns

Paid advertising is a successful promotional method for many marketing purposes, including increasing Twitter followers. Therefore, it is a good idea to allocate a part of your marketing budget for this purpose, especially in the beginning so that you can attract a good number of followers, and then try to increase the followers with the other mentioned strategies.

  1. Promote your Twitter account off-site

It is not necessary to rely on increasing Twitter followers only from within the site, but there is a way to help you do this by promoting your Twitter account outside the site. This method focuses on getting people who follow you in other ways and convincing them to follow you on Twitter.

The most common way to do this is to publish the link to your Twitter account within the posts of your accounts on the rest of the other social networking sites, indicating the value that people will get from following you on Twitter, for example, there is a certain type of content that you only provide on Twitter exclusively, so people have Motivated to follow you there.

The Twitter account link can also be included in your persistent email signature, as well as on your profile page if you own a website, ensuring that all people who follow or connect with you in various ways will attract and increase the chance that they will follow your Twitter account.

Why should you avoid buying Twitter followers?

Some may turn to sites that offer paid services to buy Twitter followers; They thought that it was the appropriate way to increase followers, but it leads to negative results such as the account being harmed by Twitter itself, in addition to the loss of confidence in the real followers of your account, and other damages that you can see in our article: Buying Twitter Followers: How Buying Followers Hurt Your Business?

So, the best is to rely on legitimate ways to increase followers, even if it takes effort to do so, but in the end, you will reap the results you hope for your project. If you do not have enough experience in this matter, you can hire a Twitter marketing specialist, to implement the appropriate strategies for your capabilities, so that you can increase real and useful Twitter followers for your project.

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