What is Fiverr, how does it work, and how do you benefit from it in 2023

Fiverr is a website or electronic platform that acts as an intermediary in the field of electronic services, as it acts as an intermediary between freelancers or service providers on the one hand, and project owners or those who want these services on the other hand. The Pfeiffer website or the Pfeiffer platform is considered the first platform in the world to specialize in the mediation of electronic services, such as design, programming, writing, translation, digital marketing…etc. Through Fiverr, you can complete any task you want, or you can learn a skill, provide it with a service, and profit from it.

At the end of 2012, specifically in December, I created an account on the wonderful Fiverr website. At the time, I was working in commission marketing, and I encountered a problem with translating some texts from English into German.

One of my close friends told me about a great site called Fiverr and told me that I would find a solution to my problem there, and indeed my problem was solved for five dollars, and since then I have been using Fiverr as a buyer constantly.

In 2015, specifically in September and October, I wrote two articles on the Fiverr site in Gainers, and today I decided that I would delete them from the site (you will understand the reason shortly).

In fact, for several days now I have been thinking about the Pfeiffer website and the size of the huge opportunities and capabilities that can be achieved through it, whether for those who want to work with Freelancer and provide their services with it or for every business owner who wants to accomplish certain tasks professionally and wonderfully and at an excellent price.

In the past three days, I did an extensive and comprehensive research on the Pfeiffer website, read many, many articles, and watched many, many videos. I also studied a comprehensive course on work and success on the Fiverr website (I will refer to it in a later article).

I realized from my research on Fiverr in the past days: that we are the winners, and unfortunately, we did not cover this treasure sufficiently, and we did not give it the right it deserves, as there are a lot of ideas, information, details, secrets, methods, and strategies around the world of Fiverr.

This is what I will work to share with you through a series of organized, high-quality, and efficient articles, through which I will cover everything about the Pfeiffer site in all respects, and this will be in the coming days. This is why I will delete the two articles I mentioned earlier.

In this series of articles, I will cover everything about Fiverr, and the articles will be divided into two branches:

The first branch (which is for sellers on Fiverr)

It will be directed primarily to every freelancer (or aspiring to become a freelancer) who wants to work on Fiverr as a seller of services.

And in it, I will put in front of you everything you need to become a professional seller on Fiverr, starting from scratch, so it is okay even if you do not know what the term freelancer means.

The second section (which is for buyers)

It will be directed to every Arab business owner who wants to understand how to deal with this platform, access the best service providers on Fiverr, and choose the most efficient freelancer to accomplish the required tasks on a correct basis.

And in it, I will open horizons and opportunities for every business owner who wants easy, fast, and cheap solutions to the tasks he wants to accomplish, and the obstacles he hopes to overcome.

Today’s article represents the first link in the Fiverr series of articles, and it is an article dedicated to freelancers, as well as business owners, or anyone who needs time to time to purchase services from Fiverr.

In today’s article, I will talk about this Pfeiffer platform in general, and I will explain the idea of its work, how it represents a real treasure for all parties, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and methods of payment and receiving money through it.

I will also address a lot of other information about it, which will enable you to understand the Pfeiffer platform in depth and how to benefit from it, and then we will give you the ground and basis for dealing with this platform professionally, whether to sell or buy services.

What is Fiverr?

The Fiverr platform or the Fiverr website is simply a marketplace for services. Any internet user around the world can create an account on the Fiverr website, and buy or sell services.

According to those in charge of Fiverr, they are likening the site to the Amazon site for product trade. Just as Amazon is the largest online store for tangible products, so is Fiverr, it is the largest online store for services.

In fact, those in charge of Fiverr do not provide any kind of services to others, but Fiverr is a tool, market, or platform to connect service providers and those who want to buy these services.

Fiverr’s role is to provide a platform for bringing together the two parties, this platform contains a control panel for managing services or purchase requests, and Fiverr also provides laws that regulate work between the service provider and the service requester.

In short, Pfeiffer is just an intermediary that organizes this huge service market, and it charges a 20% commission for every successful purchase. It is worth noting here that the commission that Fiverr gets is deducted from the service provider, and this is an illustrative example of the matter:


A: He is a service provider on Fiverr, let him be a logo designer, and he has a service that costs $100.
B: He is in the process of creating a website, and he wants to design a professional logo for his new website.
B goes to Fiverr, buys the service, pays $100, and receives the logo.
Pfeiffer reserves $ 20 for mediation service and a great system for both parties, and the $ 80 is included in the A account.
It is worth noting that the service on the Fiverr website is called Gig, as you are looking to work on Fiverr, you must create a Gig, in which you will put all the information about the service you intend to provide, and any seller on Fiverr can create many Gigs.

As a writer, for example, you can make a gig to write articles in another language, and another one to write articles in English.

Here is the official link to Fiverr

Some information, facts, and statistics about Fiverr

  • Fiverr is the largest and most successful global marketplace for online services.
  • To verify the truth of the previous point, you can place the Pfeiffer website link in the website analysis sites and then discover that the Pfeiffer website is not only the largest market for electronic services but also one of the most important. and the largest sites on the Internet overall, ranking 192nd on the web.
  • Every month, about 40 million users visit Fiverr or are looking to buy it.
  • Fiverr has a special educational platform called Learn from Fiverr, which contains many courses in many fields, and the great thing about the Fiverr educational platform is that it is intended for freelancers who want to work as service providers on Fiverr, so it is a great option to learn Fiverr skills specifically selection.
  • Fiverr has a special section called Fiverr pro, which is dedicated to professional and high-quality services, as these services are hand-selected by Fiverr experts. They are very expensive services and are required by large companies or projects.
  • Prices for services on Fiverr range from $5 to $10,000, depending on the classification, complexity, difficulty, and quality of the service…etc.
  • In the recent period, the pricing system for services on Fiverr has become more flexible than before, so each service owner can create three different packages of service, each with a price, and each with certain features.

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How does Fiverr work?

In this part, I will explain to you the broad lines in which the Fiverr platform operates, which constitute the system or system that manages the process of buying and selling services on Fiverr, and in other more specialized articles, I will address more details within the framework of explanations with illustrative pictures.

I will discuss how the Fiverr website works according to a set of information for the buyer, and another set of information for the seller, and then I will briefly address the steps of the selling process on Fiverr.

First, a collection of information about the buyer on Fiverr

  • In order to purchase a service from Fiverr, you must first have an account on the site, and this account will enable you to manage the purchase process and communicate with the seller, as well as manage payments.
  • There is a system for communication between sellers and buyers. This system enables you to communicate with service providers to ask questions, obtain more information, or make sure that they are able to carry out the required task before purchasing it.
  • You, as a buyer, can browse the services however you like and see the title and description of each service, the number of previous purchases, and the evaluation of previous customers.
  • There is an advanced system for searching services according to general and sub-categories, and you can also filter the results according to many factors, including language, price, evaluation score…etc.
  • You can purchase services from Pfeiffer through a PayPal account or by credit card.
  • To create a buyer account on the Fiverr website and start purchasing services, visit the main page of the Fiverr website through this link, then enter your mail and continue with the steps:

Second, a set of information about the seller on Fiverr.

In order to start selling on Fiverr, you must also create an account, in addition to that, you must set up your Gigs.
Fiverr allows you to create 7 Gigs as a new seller, and this number may increase according to your rank on the site.
Each seller on Fiverr has a rank, and this rank is determined according to the history of this seller on the site, its evaluation level, and its sales volume.
After the successful completion of the sale process, Pfeiffer will suspend the amount due to you as a seller for a period of 14 days, after which you can withdraw it according to the payment method you prefer.
You can receive your money from Fiverr via PayPal or through your local bank account.
After each successful sale, the buyer evaluates your service according to the degree of satisfaction he obtained through your work.

To create a seller account on Fiverr, visit this link:

Third, how Pfeiffer works according to the steps of the sales process

The seller creates an account on Fiverr, adjusts the account data, and creates the gig that he wishes to provide.
The buyer creates an account for the purpose of purchasing a specific service.
The buyer browses the Gigs that provide the service he wants, let it be a video montage.
The buyer chooses one of the services and pays the service amount to Fiverr.
The buyer contacts the seller to explain the details he wants and sends the video file he wants to make a montage for.
The seller performs the service.
The buyer receives the service and tells the site through the control panel that he has received the service, and evaluates the seller.
Fiverr sends the amount of the service to the seller after he keeps his 20% commission.
After 14 days, the seller can withdraw the amount according to the payment method he wants.

I would like to confirm once again that there is a lot of information, facts, and details about the buying and selling process on Fiverr, which I will address successively in the following more specialized articles, but here I will suffice with what I mentioned as a prelude to the more in-depth and detailed articles.

What services can you buy/sell on Fiverr?

As we mentioned before Fiverr is the largest marketplace for services on the Internet, and these services can be anything you can imagine.

The idea here is based on the following: “As long as you have something that you can offer to others as a service, and someone wants to buy this thing, you can profit and achieve success through Fiverr.”

In fact, this does not mean that Pfeiffer is a random site, and it does not have a system and thought to organize services and place them in certain categories.

In Fiverr, there are eight main classifications under which all services fall, and a new classification has been added recently, bringing these classifications to 9 classifications. Under each of the 9 classifications, there are many, many more specialized sub-categories.

Here is an explanation of the 9 main rankings on Fiverr:

Graphics & Design: In it, you will find all the services related to graphics, photos, designs, and infographics. This section contains the largest number of subsections.

Digital Marketing: In it you will find all the services related to digital marketing, starting with search engine optimization services, passing through the services of obtaining visitors to your site, marketing via social media and via email, and ending with content writing services.

Writing & Translation: This includes all services related to writing and translation to and from all languages of the world.

Video & Animation: In it, you will find all the services related to designing and editing videos of all kinds.

Music & Audio: In it, you will find all the services related to recording and editing audio files, background music…etc.

Programming & Tech: This includes all services related to programming and services related to computers and modern technology.

Business: It includes all services related to the world of finance and business.

Lifestyle: This includes all services related to human life, and it includes sub-sections on giving advice, exercising, health systems, entertainment…etc.

Gaming: This is the section that was added recently and it is related to services related to digital games, and in it you will find services related to making and designing games, testing them and designing their special effects … etc.


Why Fiverr is such a treasure (How to benefit from Fiverr)

Although this is very clear from what we talked about above, here I will explain how Pfeiffer is literally a treasure for both sellers and buyers.

1- Fiverr represents an opportunity for every young person who wants to turn his skills into a source of livelihood

When I look closely at the personality of any of my acquaintances or friends, I find that there is something that distinguishes this person from others. This is not encouragement or meaningless human development talk.

But the truth is that every person really has something that distinguishes him, it is true that there are many who live and die without knowing that thing, but it exists, and with some learning and knowledge every person can discover the advantage that he enjoys.

With some thought and flexibility, you can turn this thing that you own into a service on Fiverr, and here you will not offer this service to a group of your friends and acquaintances, but you will literally display it to the whole world.

The wonderful thing about our time is that you can learn anything easily through the Internet and at the time you want, and this is in exchange for really negligible amounts, and in many cases, you can learn completely for free.

So if you do not have this feature or skill that you can transfer to a service on Fiverr, that’s okay, learn it now.

2- Pfeiffer represents a genius solution, but whoever wants to get a job done quickly and at an excellent price

As a business owner, and I have often experienced what it means for all of your work to depend on a task such as translating a text, as in the example that I referred to at the beginning of the article – I believe that Pfeiffer really represents a treasure in all the meaning of the word for every business owner, or even for every Someone who wants to get a task done quickly, simply and at an affordable cost.

Imagine this scenario:

You are the owner of a YouTube channel in the beginning phase, and you have some experience with video editing, but one day I saw a video of one of the competitors who had a wonderful introduction of visual effects, in which the competitor displays the channel’s logo and name with some wonderful visual and audio effects that are irresistible.

You immediately decided that you wanted your videos to contain these visual effects, so you went to one of the famous cafes where video designers specializing in visual effects meet.

It’s a really fancy cafe that allows you to enter for free and see the history of each Freelancer’s work, the opinions of those who have dealt with it before, the price of each one of them, the time it takes to get the job done, and everything else you want to know.

In fact, the existence of this cafe on the ground is almost impossible, but the wonderful thing is that Fiverr gives you all this and more, through it you can reach hundreds or even thousands of freelancers, examine all the data you want, choose one of them, and talk to him to view the details and make the payment while you are in your place.

Through Fiverr, you can reach the end of the world and choose the right freelancer to complete your task professionally, without doing a personal interview, worrying about fraud, wasting days in research, or hours or perhaps other days to set up a system for work.

In short, through Fiverr, you can get anything you want with just a few clicks on your computer.

The most important advantages and disadvantages of Fiverr

In this part, I will address a small group of the most important features of Fiverr and another small group of the most important disadvantages:

First, the most important disadvantages of Fiverr

In fact, the points below I personally do not call defects, but through my extensive research and knowledge in the previous days, I was able to obtain the most important points that raise reservations for some Fiverr users, which I will present to you impartially, but I will add my personal opinion about them:

1- The 20% commission that Fiverr keeps is relatively large

If, as a seller, during a month, you implement services for the amount of one thousand dollars, you will eventually get only $ 800, and the other $ 200 will be kept by Pfeiffer for itself as a commission.

I agree with many that 20 percent may be a lot, but you have to remember that this is in exchange for a lot of things, including providing the opportunity to get a customer in the first place, protecting you from fraud, and providing a platform and support service to make everything easy and wonderfully organized.

2- Everything extra you need as a buyer you have to pay for

In the event that you want to design an infographic for your site, for example, you can get a good one at an average price of 15 dollars, but in the event that you would like to obtain the source file in order to be able to make modifications yourself in the future, then, in this case, you have to pay another 10 dollars, for example.

Yes, this may add financial burdens, but with some focus and optimal selection of the freelancer, you can get what you need completely fair to you in terms of cost.

Second, the most important features of Fiverr

1- The intelligent and fair automated system

From my point of view, the most important advantage of Fiverr is that it provides the seller and buyer with a clear and explicit system for the process of buying and selling services, and above all that it is a transparent system, and when there is manipulation by one of the parties, there is Fiverr with its own support service, which gives everyone his right.

2- The popularity of the site and the instantaneous increase in the number of its users is an advantage for everyone

The supply and demand market is often unfair on the ground, due to a lack of good information, limited options, and many other factors.

As for the Fiverr platform, everything is available and possible, for example, a buyer with a limited budget can reach a new seller at a good price.
Also, the new seller can get an opportunity to start if he can compete on the price because the old professional sellers offer their services for exorbitant amounts.


This article was just an introduction to many other articles that I intend to publish in the following days, in which I tried to tell you what Fiverr is, how it works and why it represents an opportunity, solution, and treasure for every business owner and everyone looking to work through the Internet.

If you have suggestions or ideas about specific points you want me to address in detail, or specialized articles to explain something about Fiverr, please feel free to write that in a comment below.

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