What is the difference between marketing and sales?2022

Marketing and sales are two important processes for every organization to increase revenue, but each process has separate goals and different strategies from the other. However, many people confuse the two concepts and consider them two sides of the same coin, to the extent that some organizations assign marketing and sales tasks to one team, which is a common mistake. But what is the difference between marketing and sales?

Definition of sales and marketing

The two concepts differ by definition, and the tools of each function differently, but both marketing and sales ultimately aim at one thing, increasing revenues and sales for the company, whether sales are in the form of a product or service. However, the relationship between the two roles is one of complementarity, and one process cannot proceed without the other. At the same time, the two processes cannot be considered completely related.

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What is marketing?

It is the planning, implementation, and control processes in the commercial enterprise in order to preserve the brand, attract a segment of suitable future customers to carry out the purchase process, maintain existing customers, raise the reputation of the enterprise, explain the nature of the company’s products, and search for potential customers. That is, marketing is all operations aimed at achieving sales.

What are sales?

Sales are the process that moves the customer from the state of conviction to the state of the real purchase. That is, it is the final process that attracts revenue to the company. The task of the sales employee is to persuade the customer to buy after forming a mental image of the product by the customer. In contrast to marketing, the sales function is not related to a set of tasks such as planning and implementation, but rather a single function aimed at attracting revenue.

With the difference in the definition of sales and marketing from each other, some managers think that the sales process is a simple process and that members of the marketing team can do it as the final process. But it’s the same way sports teams collaborate. The marketing process is the team’s movements and efforts to keep the ball in order to pass it for the decisive blow, while the sales mission is to implement the final kick and achieve the goal.

Therefore, sales and marketing are two very interrelated processes. It is difficult for the team to achieve the decisive final blow without the kicker of the ball, and it is also difficult for the decisive man to hit the ball without the team’s efforts to reach him. That is, the objectives of marketing and sales differ from each other, but the main objective is the same. That is, the difference between marketing and sales was created in order for each process to complement the other.

The difference between marketing and sales: do they have the same goals?

There are a set of important differences between sales and marketing, although the two operations aim to sell products to the customer in the end – this is the largest goal of the two operations – as for the smaller goals, there are many differences between both sales and marketing.

First: marketing objectives

No potential customer can be convinced of or buy from a brand unless he has a set of factors in order to build trust with the brand. This trust cannot be achieved by simply trying to sell to the customer directly. Rather, there are a set of goals that the marketing process is trying to achieve so that the salesman can achieve the sales process. Marketing objectives can be summarized as follows:

First: marketing objectives

No potential customer can be convinced of or buy from a brand unless he has a set of factors in order to build trust with the brand. This trust cannot be achieved by simply trying to sell to the customer directly. Rather, there are a set of goals that the marketing process is trying to achieve so that the salesman can achieve the sales process. Marketing objectives can be summarized as follows:

  1. Build brand awareness

You must have passed by one of the famous advertisements of a company such as PEPSI, did you find it difficult to know this brand? Or did you get to know her directly? This is called building brand awareness. It is that the largest number of people, especially the target segment of the organization, can know your brand and distinguish it from the rest of the brands, and this task falls on the marketing team.

  1. Thought leadership

Thought leadership is akin to building brand awareness. But the main difference is that building brand trust is about visibility and visuals. As for thought leadership, it is the way you answer customer questions, understand their needs, and make the brand the main reference for existing and potential customers. Which helps to strengthen the value and position of your brand in the market.

  1. Achieving visibility

This goal can be redefined and formulated in the new time, especially since marketing has recently turned to electronic marketing. Visibility is often the creation of content and materials related to your product or services. This content should be visible and clear, especially when searched for in search engines, which helps the public’s awareness of your organization.

  1. Brand loyalty

One of the goals of marketing that makes the difference between marketing and sales is that marketing is responsible for building brand loyalty with existing and potential customers. In other words, marketing should create a bond between the customer and the organization, to make the customer more confident in the products and services of the organization compared to any other organization.

  1. Increase sales

It is the common goal between marketing and sales. It can be said that it is the first goal of both operations. And all marketing operations to attract the attention of customers and build fame and spread aim at one goal, which is to increase the company’s revenues. But to differentiate from sales, marketing does not aim at a direct increase but rather works on methods that lead to an increase in results.

Second: sales goals

  1. Increase returns

is the first goal of sales; For the sales team, a sales target is set that must be reached within a certain period. That is, the sales process is concerned with the direct ways of making a profit for the organization. The work of the sales team is by setting individual or collective goals for the team in order to achieve a better return for the organization or at least avoid loss.

  1. Increasing units sold and profit margins

Here, sales benefit from marketing, and the sales team works to target and present direct offers to potential customers attracted by marketing operations. The other thing is that the sales team is responsible for increasing the company’s profit margins, and this aspect is not concerned with dealing with previous customers as much as it is important to deal with new customers.

  1. Reduce customer bounce rate

This aspect is especially evident in companies that rely on the principle of monthly subscriptions. The goal of the sales team here is to ensure that existing customers remain with the organization on an ongoing basis and to reduce the customer bounce rate as low as possible.

  1. Increase customer value

One of the tasks of sales is to make existing customers more beneficial to the organization. If a customer deals with the organization for a certain amount per month, the job of the sales team is to generate more profits from the customer. And make his investment in the company bigger by offering more offers and benefits.

  1. Reducing the costs of acquiring new clients

It’s like reducing operating expenses, every organization needs to set some expenses to win new customers. Sometimes the costs of acquiring a customer can be greater than the revenue for the company, so the costs of acquiring customers must be reduced by reducing the number of offers made to potential customers who do not complete the sale. And the trend to a more interesting segment.

Relationship between sales and marketing

Sales and marketing teams often differ among themselves in the most important roles in an organization. Note that the two functions have a relationship of complementarity, not competition. As an example, some companies try to combine the two tasks and make them work alongside each other in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the organization, which is better profits and revenues. The relationship between sales and marketing can be summarized in the form of a set of points, namely:

First: joint planning

Often the planning is the responsibility of the marketing team alone, but it is really important to involve the sales team as part of the marketing planning process. The reason behind this is simply that the sales team is the department that has the most contact with customers, as the salesman can pay attention to some aspects that the marketing team does not pay attention to. These aspects can make a significant difference to the overall sales of the organization.

Second: Ease of communication with customers

Here lies the importance of marketing in achieving sales goals because a good communication team will be able to pave the way for the sales team to make deals with the potential customer. And not only that, but the marketing process can speed up the completion of the sales process.

Simply because the customer will be more understanding of the nature of the organization’s services and will not need a lot of time with the sales team to conclude the deal, because unsuccessful marketing can make it difficult for the sales team or even spoil an almost achieved deal.

Third: closing deals

The difference between marketing and sales in this respect is that the marketing team is paving the way for the sales team to make a successful deal. And if the marketing team does not work together with the sales team, the sales team will be able to achieve a successful deal only with difficulty. Because successful marketing works to select the group most likely to close the deal, the two teams must work together.

Fourth: Failure is one

The goals of sales and marketing are common with each other, so the success of one does not necessarily mean the success of the other. But the failure of one of the two aspects certainly means the failure of the other, because bad marketing will make the audience unaware of the brand and will make the purchase decision unthinkable for the buyer, which means that the efforts of the sales team will not bear fruit, no matter how hard they try.

On the other hand, bad sales operations will waste all the efforts of the marketing team because the sales team is responsible for completing the deal, so cooperation between the two teams must be done to find out the shortcomings of the two teams and work to fix them.

Fifth: Create Credibility

One of the tasks of the marketing team is to provide discounts, offers, and other attractive aspects to customers. But the most important idea to work on is to get the two teams to work together because poor coordination between the two teams can create a problem.

For example, imagine that a customer sees an offer on the company’s website and calls the sales team to inquire about the offer. What would happen if the sales team did not know the details of the offers submitted by the marketing department? Certainly, this will cause a problem of trust between the customer and the organization and he thinks that the sales team is trying to exploit the customer!

As we know, negative customer reviews or loss of organization credibility is one of the worst things that can happen to your organization. For this, the sales team must know all the steps of the marketing team.

Points of difference between marketing and sales

As a total relationship between marketing and sales, it can be concluded that each process is separate from the other and united by the unity of the ultimate goal. But what is the difference between marketing and sales in actual terms?

Marketing and electronic sales

Today, Internet marketing is one of the most popular areas of marketing and sales. However, when it comes to online stores or sites that provide services, the purchase process is an individual process and does not require the efforts of the sales team, but it is sufficient for the customer to be convinced of the quality of the product or service to make the purchase. Before starting everything, you should think about 7 important marketing tools that you will need in your business. I recommend them to facilitate your work smoothly.

It can be said that the impact of marketing on sales in online stores can be the work of the sales team. The impact of marketing in online stores and its impact on sales can be summarized in a set of points, namely:

First: The sales team does not convince the customer, but the customer convinces himself

When customers browse listings for products or services on websites, they don’t wait for someone to come to them and explain the product to them. Rather, they search for the nature of the product and its features themselves, that is, the customer makes the purchase decision because of his conviction in the product. Here, the sales team should let things happen at the customer’s discretion. It is waiting to intervene when the customer requests it by inquiring about a product, for example.

Second: automated marketing

E-commerce has greatly facilitated the fields of business of enterprises. Today, through the famous platforms that launched it. A marketing or sales team can answer and follow up on new customer inquiries using a range of low-cost, automated methods to increase sales, such as automated response services, or mailing newsletters, making the marketing and sales team’s efforts in this regard minimal.

Third: one customer, a group of purchases

In a previous part, we mentioned that one of the sales team’s tasks is to persuade the customer to increase his purchases, but with regard to e-commerce, the matter is slightly different, as most electronic stores depend on showing products that are similar or complementary to the products that the potential customer browses, and with this marketing strategy makes the customer more capable of doing several Simultaneous purchases, without any involvement from the sales team.

Fourth: Ex-customers are the sales force

Yes, it sounds somewhat strange, but in reality, most sites rely on showing customer reviews on products, showing the number of purchases, and leaving some customers positive comments on products, it will be a way of persuasion for potential customers. In this case, the formerly happy customers will play the same role as the sales team in convincing the customer of the quality of the products.

So, what is the difference between marketing and sales for online stores?

There is no big difference between these two tasks in the case of e-commerce. Rather, it can be said that the two operations are very interrelated in this field, and one of the operations in electronic stores cannot be set aside. We cannot forget that customers will definitely ask some important questions to the sales team, and he is also responsible for Purchases, and the task of the marketing team lies in creating good content and working on marketing methods to achieve greater reach.

In short, the difference between marketing and sales creates more need for interdependence between the two processes, and although there is an idea of selling without marketing, this process will make the work of the sales team more difficult. Marketing comes as facilitating the way for the sales team, so you should always focus on successful marketing. For your organization or hiring a professional marketer through Fiverr, the largest freelance platform, to complete your business professionally.

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