Your Complete Guide to Theme Forest and How to Use It – 2022

Theme Forest: If you are a WordPress user or own a website, you must realize the importance of choosing the right template that gives a professional and distinctive appearance to the site while maintaining speed and performance factors at the same time, in addition to providing some special features that you need in your website.

A study has proven that a visitor to your website only needs 50 milliseconds to form an impression of your site, whether negatively or positively, based on the appearance and design of the site, which confirms the importance of obtaining a professional template and taking care of the appearance and design of your website and making it appear in a distinctive way that attracts and encourages the user’s attention. To continue browsing.

Therefore, and because we realize how difficult it is to choose the right template for WordPress sites, we will share with you today a practical explanation of how to get the template that suits the needs of your website and provides you with the features and features you are looking for. In this practical explanation, we will rely on the Theme Forest site, which is currently the most famous and largest online store for buying and selling templates on the Internet.

So, in this explanation, you will learn how to find the right template for your website from the Theme Forest store, how to compare the different templates displayed on the site and choose the best one among them.

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ThemeForest website

Theme Forest is one of the websites of Envato, where Theme Forest specializes in the sale and purchase of templates and ready-made designs for websites. Other websites such as Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, and e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, OpenCart, and others.

If you are looking for a professional template for your WordPress site, then Theme Forest is the first destination for you to search for the appropriate template, whether you want to create a website for your project, an online store, a news website, or even a blog, you will find a wide range of professional template options for sale Which meets the needs of all kinds of websites.

Theme Forest sites can be considered multi-vendor online stores because the templates and designs that are displayed on the site are designed by individuals or independent companies and not designed by Theme Forest or Envato. To be sold on The Forest.

So in the next part of this article, we will learn about the advantages of Theme Forest and why it has become the number-one destination for anyone who wants to get a professional WordPress theme.

1- Wide range of options

It should be noted here that Theme Forest has been in operation for about 13 years and contains only more than 11,000 professional WordPress templates, knowing that there are templates and designs for platforms other than WordPress, which indicates that Theme Forest is the largest library of professional WordPress templates on the Internet. And you can find the right template for your website, whatever its type.

For example, if you are looking for WordPress themes for WooCommerce stores, there is an entire section dedicated to these themes, and you can also get WordPress themes for blogs, news sites, magazines, or templates that add additional features to WordPress, such as turning it into a classifieds website or websites charitable organizations, etc. You’ll find many types of templates available, all of which are available on the Theme Forest website.

2- The most popular themes in Theme Forest

Theme Forest includes some of the most popular professional WordPress themes, such as Avada, which tops the list of the most downloaded multipurpose WordPress themes in the world, Flatsome, which also tops the list of most downloaded WooCommerce themes, and many other examples of popular WordPress themes sold exclusively at Theme Forest.

What distinguishes Theme Forest is also the factor of trust and quality assurance, as the models are reviewed, tested, and verified by a team of experts before they are approved to be displayed on the sites. Get it from a trusted source, unlike WordPress templates that are sourced from unknown sources online.

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3- The cost of themes in Theme Forest is low

If you search for professional WordPress themes sold independently on their website and compare the prices with the themes offered on Theme Forest, you will quickly realize that the cost of themes in Theme Forest is much lower and that they are very competitively priced so that the average cost of themes ranges between WordPress is between $15 and $99, even for the most popular templates.

Add to this that the cost of templates on the Theme Forest is only paid once and you get a license to use the template on your website for life, unlike many other templates that require a monthly or yearly subscription to get it.

4- Ease of searching for the right model

Although it contains thousands of templates with different specializations, the process of searching in Theme Forest for the right template for your website is easy and does not take much time thanks to the presence of an advanced search feature and options to filter according to template specialization, rating, price, publication date and compatibility with the special extension of WordPress.

You can also use the basic search bar on the site to search for a specific template by typing the name of the template you are looking for or typing a keyword such as (WooCommerce), (blog) or (magazine), etc, and you can also browse the list of the best selling templates on the site (the best Bestsellers) or Trending List to see the most popular templates on the site.

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5- Get technical support for the template

By getting one of the templates from the Theme Forest website, you will get free technical support from the theme developer for 6 months with the possibility to extend the technical support period to an additional 6 months for a certain amount that varies from one template to another. You can also contact the template developer through comments before and after your purchase to get support or have your questions about the template answered.

It should be noted here that the Theme Forest website does not require the template developer to provide the template installation service on the user’s site, the site only requires the developers to include an attached file or a link to a web page with simple instructions for the user on how to install the template and adjust the basic settings.

Templates license details in Theme Forest

There are two types of licenses to use the templates that you can choose from, and they are as follows:

1- Regular License

It is the most popular and widely used type. This license allows you to use the template and install it on one website only, whether this website is for you or one of your clients, and you have complete freedom to make changes to the template design to suit the needs of your website, and the cost of obtaining this license It is the template price displayed on the purchase page.

2- Extended License

This license is used with other types of Theme Forest products such as HTML5 codes, where this license allows the product to be used in designing a website or building only one template with the possibility of selling your product and the cost of obtaining this license is often high and varies from one product to another.

Get forest theme updates automatically

Most of the templates that are obtained from the Theme Forest website come with the feature of getting all future updates to the template for free, where you can download the latest version of the template and upload it to your site, and you can also get template updates directly after its release by installing the Envato Market add-on ) which enables you to get updates easily directly from within the WordPress dashboard.

Theme Forest

Theme forest’s money-back policy

Theme Forest website provides the ability to claim a refund after purchasing the template according to a certain policy and only in specific cases where there are cases where you can get a full refund after purchasing the template and other cases in which this is not possible.

1- When will the refund request be accepted?

  • In the event that the template is contrary to the description on the site or does not work in the way imposed.
  • In the event that the template contains obvious security holes.
  • If you do not receive the technical support promised by the template developer.
  • If the template is not downloaded within a maximum period of 3 months from the date of purchase.

2- When is the refund request rejected?

  • In case you decide that you do not need the template after downloading it.
  • In the event that you do not like the template or the quality of the template is less than your expectations.
  • In the event that you purchased the template from the Theme Forest site by mistake.
  • In case you decide to return your money because you do not have enough experience to install and customize the template as required.
  • In the event that you can no longer download the template due to its removal from the theme forest website or due to the unavailability of the developer, the theme forest website recommends downloading the template immediately after completing the purchase process.

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A final look at buying a WordPress template from Theme Forest

With more than 11,000 professional WordPress templates in various disciplines, in addition to the quality, trust, and competitive prices, The Forest Store has become the first destination for anyone who wants to get a professional WordPress template. In this article, we learned about the most important features of the site and how to buy a WordPress template in the way Correct from the Theme Forest website.

We also learned how to automatically get future updates of the theme you got from Theme Forest and shed light on the types of licenses that govern the use of themes.

Now you must have a clearer idea about what Theme Forest is and how to benefit from it for WordPress site owners. To find the right template for your site.

But you must bear in mind that Theme Forest is a multi-vendor store, which means that not all templates are of the same quality and performance, which requires you to ensure the quality of the template before obtaining it, especially since there is no possibility to try the template on your website before completing shopping.

Just be sure to read the template description carefully, see the template information section, look at the template rating and user comments, and then check out the demo version of the template.

Frequently Asked Questions About Theme Forest

1 – Can I install the theme I purchased from Theme Forest on more than one site?

The template you get from Theme Forest can only be installed on one website, and in case you want to install the theme on another website, you have to buy the theme again.

2 – What is the difference between a regular license and an extended license?

Both licenses allow the theme to be installed on one website only, and the extended license allows you to sell the theme as part of only one product you design.

3 – Is the template purchased only once from Theme Forest?

Yes, when you purchase one of the templates from the Theme Forest website, the payment process is made only once and you can use the template on your website free for life.

4 – Is it possible to get free WordPress templates from the Theme forest website?

Yes, there are some free templates that you can get from Theme Forest for free, and they are a set of templates that are offered for free for a limited time only and change from month to month.

In the end, we hope that you have benefited from this article in getting to know the Theme Forest website and using it to get a professional WordPress template for your site.

If you don’t like Forest Theme templates. I recommend trying the Astra model

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