Your Complete Guide to YouTube Ads – 2023 Update

YouTube advertisements are one of these successful tactics available to entrepreneurs and commercial operations. Digital marketing has supplied various marketing channels to reach the target audience and acquire a suitable marketing plan at a low cost. So, what exactly are YouTube ads? How much does it cost to advertise on YouTube? How do you start your first advertising campaign on YouTube?

What exactly are YouTube advertisements?

YouTube advertising is a digital marketing approach that allows you to sell products and services and target the correct audience for visual content on the YouTube platform.

The significance of YouTube advertising

Businesses can benefit from YouTube advertising in a variety of ways, the most important of which are:

Reach the intended audience precisely.

YouTube has about 2.6 billion monthly subscribers, making it the second-largest social networking platform after Facebook. You can reach the widest possible audience in a short amount of time and get right to your target audience with YouTube. Any goods and services you provide. You can target the audience using a variety of criteria, thanks to the unique targeting choices, such as:

  • the age
  • Gender Male Female)
  • interests
  • Previous search history
  • income rate
  • the main words
  • hardware used
  • topics or content
  • Cost-effectiveness

YouTube advertising helps you to contact your target audience, introduce your brand, and generate sales at a reasonable cost. The prices of marketing through traditional tactics may be prohibitively expensive, but by using YouTube ads, small businesses, and organizations with restricted resources may easily launch their advertisements at a reasonable cost.

The various forms of YouTube advertisements

YouTube advertising allows for a wide range of ads to suit different businesses, products, or services, as well as the target demographic. Ads that show at the beginning of a video, alongside videos, or as display and text ads are all examples. Finally, customized ads will produce the best results.

faster reaction time

Video is proving to have a greater influence on the target audience than any other sort of material on a daily basis. It can get people’s attention with sounds and images that change their moods and feelings. It can also get information across more clearly. When you advertise on YouTube, you can expect more people to be interested, a higher rate of people being interested, and steady sales and profits.

Reports prepared by professionals

With YouTube’s professional reporting function, you can track the development of your ad campaign in real-time and get tips to help you advertise your company properly. YouTube offers numerous indicators, such as impressions, impressions, clicks on the video, clicks on the YouTube channel, and even the video watch rate.

YouTube advertising campaign types

YouTube offers many types of adverts based on the advertisement’s content or location, the target audience, and how it appears to the customer. So, it gives you a good place to reach the people you want to reach and advertise a wide range of products and services, such as:

1-Skippable in-stream advertisements

Skippable in-stream advertising is advertisements that display before or during a video and include a skip button that allows consumers to skip the ad after 5 seconds. This form of advertisement is differentiated by the fact that it is free unless the viewer views more than 30 seconds or the entire advertisement.

For example, a Shopify ad plays at the beginning of the video with a skip tab labeled “Skip ad,” and a companion ad with a take action button appears in the top right corner.

2- Non-skippable in-video advertisements

These are similar to skippable commercials in that they are shown at the beginning or during videos, but they cannot be skipped, forcing the user to watch the ad, hence they must be shorter. These ads are a good way to introduce people to the brand and make them more aware of the products and services it offers. It operates on a pay-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) basis.

3-In-feed ads

In-feed video ads are made up of a video thumbnail with text describing the service or product, and they come in a variety of sizes depending on where they’re placed or the device being used. As it appears in different places; they may display in recommendation sections adjacent to relevant YouTube videos, as an aspect of a YouTube search result, or on the mobile YouTube homepage. These adverts are charged dependent on when the user clicks to view the ad.

4-Bumper ads

Bumper adverts show at the beginning, during, or after the video, with a maximum duration of 6 seconds and no skip option. These can also be found on Google partners’ websites and apps. As a result, it is best suited for introducing the brand, products, and services, or even advertising a certain event, or attracting some website visitors.

5- Advertising that appears outside of the video

Off-broadcast advertising is ads that appear solely on Google partner websites and applications, where they are situated in the banner or on the side and are originally presented without sound, but when users click on them, the sound plays. The viewable thousand impressions (vCPM) method does not charge for ads unless someone views two or more seconds of them.

6-Masthead advertisements

This type of YouTube advertisement Masthead advertisement can only be utilized with the permission of Google sales personnel. These appear at the top of the YouTube home page or on the YouTube app, as well as on the side of your YouTube channel. The cost per thousand impressions calculation method is used for this type of ad (CPM).

Disadvantages of YouTube advertisements

Although YouTube advertising offers numerous advantages to businesses, they are not without problems. The most noticeable of these flaws are:

  • Harassment: YouTube ads are shown in videos, and when they come up too often, they annoy the user. This could hurt the results of an ad, especially if the ad is too long or can’t be skipped.
  • Control where the ad shows up: No one can correctly manage the kind of content that YouTube ads will be shown on, and no one can guarantee that the ads will show up in the right videos. This may have a detrimental impact on targeting and make the advertising process random or depending on chance.
  • Although there are YouTube advertisements that do not enable users to skip them, skippable commercials allow users to skip the ad after the first 5 seconds, therefore, marketers will have to demonstrate and sell their products and services in less than 5 seconds.
  • Auction system: All types of paid advertising rely on the auction system to display ads to the target audience, forcing advertisers to bid higher than competitors, and the cost of advertising always rises if the keyword is sought by a large number of people who bid higher.
  • Because advertising on YouTube works well, hundreds of advertisers use it, which makes it a very competitive market. This makes it tough for individuals with modest budgets and poor content to stand out among the sea of advertisements, and they will need to pay a large budget to gain the greatest outcomes from advertising.

How to Make a YouTube Advertisement

For advertising on YouTube, you need to set up, tweak, and professionally use the control panel. The processes for generating an advertisement on YouTube are as follows:

1-Identify the purpose of your YouTube advertisement.

When releasing YouTube commercials, the advertising campaign’s goal should be clearly stated. Is the goal of starting the advertising campaign to raise brand awareness, boost sales, or get more people to visit the website? Choosing an ad target will influence how the ad is shown as well as the bid technique used.

For example, ads that want to increase brand recognition are usually priced based on how many people see them. This is because the goal is to reach or define the brand. This is in contrast to sales ads, which are charged based on the number of conversions received.

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2- Upload the video to the YouTube channel

In this stage, you should upload the advertising video to your YouTube channel by selecting the “Upload Video” option from the Camera tab in the upper left corner.

When you upload a video, it’s important to give it a professional title and include keywords that are related to the video in the description. We recommend that you read the following article: YouTube SEO: How to Rank High in YouTube Search Results. Even before the ad campaign is launched, these acts can increase the views of your video.

3- Log in to your ad account.

After you’ve uploaded your video to your YouTube channel, you can begin creating your YouTube ad campaign. But, you will need to create an ad account by entering into your Google account and visiting the Google Ads page. Then select the “Get Started Now” button.

4- Create a YouTube ad

At this step, you must create the ad from within the Google Ads control panel by selecting the Campaigns tab and scrolling down to see the “+” icon. Click it to begin making a new YouTube ad.

Choose the campaign goal.

You will be led to the next window, where you will be asked what your campaign’s aim is. You will discover a variety of alternatives to pick from, including:

  • Sales: Utilizes YouTube advertisements to increase the rate of product and service sales.
  • Leads: tries to bring in more clients by encouraging them to interact with the ad.
  • Visits to the website, landing page, or online store: Encourages users to visit the website, landing page, or online store.
  • Product and Brand Thinking: To get people interested enough in the products, services, and brands to learn more about them.
  • Brand awareness: To raise brand awareness and communicate it to as many people as possible.
  • App Promotion: Increase the number of in-app uploads, downloads, and registrations.
  • Visits to local stores: increase the number of visits to local businesses and shops.
  • A campaign without an aim: If you want to select the ad type first, followed by the campaign objective.

Choose the ad type

After you’ve decided on the goal of the ad campaign, you may choose the type of ad you want. Google has many different kinds of ads on apps, websites, and in its search engine. When we wish to promote on YouTube, we must first select a video ad and then press the “Next” button.

Configure the overall settings

Now comes the duty of altering your advertising campaign’s general settings, such as:

  • Ad Campaign Name: Give the ad a name so that you can identify it in your ad list; keep in mind that this name has nothing to do with the shape or form of the ad campaign on YouTube, as it is only for you.
  • Geographical location: Right below the campaign name, you will see the option to choose the target audience’s geographical location. You only need to choose the country, region, or city where the people you want to reach live.
  • Language: Decide what language your ads will be in, as well as what content or videos they will be in, and make sure they are shown to people who can understand that language.
  • Bid strategy: In order to achieve the greatest results, you must determine your bid strategy and how your ad will be calculated, whether per click, impressions, or total expenditure.
  • Budget: How much do you want to spend on a single day or the entire campaign? And when does the advertising campaign begin and end? In the following stage, you will be able to answer all of these questions.
  • Networks: Choose one of three options to choose the networks where the content will be shown:
  • YouTube search results: The ad will only appear among the possibilities for the YouTube search field.
  • YouTube Videos: Ads can be displayed within YouTube videos, channels, and the main page with this option.
  • Display Network video ad partners: This means the ad will appear on other sites and applications that participate in Google advertisements.
  • Target audience: Now that we’ve defined the target audience, all you have to do is select the audience selection and then click “Build an audience segment.”

In the following window, you can give the audience a name so that it can be saved and targeted in future advertising campaigns. You will also find a list of alternatives for defining your target audience below, which are:

Custom Segments: To target audiences based on the apps, sites, and platforms they use, as well as their interests and YouTube

Custom Segments: Retarget the audience that has engaged with the company.
Interests and demographics: You can target your audience based on their interests and demographics like age, gender, and more with this option.

It’s now time to choose or add a video to your ad to market your products and services. Use the search window on the right side of the Create Video Advertising area to find the video. After that, a new window will appear with a number of options for customizing the ad and controlling how it appears on YouTube.

Congrats, You have now completed the creation of your YouTube ad campaign.

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What is the cost of YouTube advertising?

The cost of YouTube ads is not fixed or uniform, but rather varies according to a set of factors, which are as follows:

  • Audience: The quality of the audience you want to reach has a big effect on how much your YouTube ads will cost. For example, an ad targeting people in Riyadh will be more expensive than one targeting everyone in Saudi Arabia. When targeting an audience in one country vs. another, the situation may differ.
  • Kind of YouTube advertisement: The cost of YouTube ads varies, much as they do depending on the ad’s aim and placement. Even the method of determining the cost varies by kind, thus, we have some that are priced based on clicks and others that are calculated based on impressions.
  • Advertisement placement: Ads that run before or during videos are always more expensive than ads that appear below the video or on the sidebar of related videos.
  • Advertising on YouTube used to be based on renting more screen time, so the longer a YouTube ad was, the more it costs to advertise.
  • Video quality: High-quality videos are more expensive because they provide better value and outcomes than low-quality videos, which are less likely to attract a larger audience.

Suggestions for a Successful YouTube Ad

To advertise on YouTube, you need to be experienced and very good at making content, targeting, and managing your budget. Use these techniques to ensure a successful YouTube advertisement:

Understand your intended audience.

The first key thing to remember when designing a YouTube advertisement is to understand your target demographic and how to approach them in order to achieve the greatest results. During this phase, we’ll find out if the advertisement will work and if YouTube ads are the best way to reach the target audience.

Make interesting material.

Even if the target audience is right and the advertising budget is enough, a bad commercial won’t achieve its advertising goals. Alternatively, it may have a negative impact on the brand. In the same way, YouTube has become overrun with ads, so if your content or ad isn’t interesting, you won’t reach your advertising goals among all of this advertising content.

Choose the appropriate YouTube ad type

While advertising on YouTube, you will discover many different sorts of ads available, and you will be able to select the most suitable type of advertisement based on the goal of the advertisement. For example, if the goal of the campaign is to get more people to know the brand, search ads or bumper ads would be better than commercials you can’t skip.

To summarize, YouTube advertising is an excellent marketing approach that can help you achieve a variety of marketing objectives. But advertising on YouTube is done in different ways depending on the business, product, service, target audience, and even goals. Because of this, you have to try everything to find the best way to attract and influence your target audience.


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