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Your way to write marketing content like a pro-2023

Traditional marketing approaches have grown less successful and influential as marketing science has advanced. Because of this, modern marketing strategies came into being. One of the most important is the creation of marketing content, which is used in all marketing campaigns and ads. There is no advertisement without marketing content, however, and marketing content can be used as an alternative to advertising campaigns, giving far better outcomes than direct ads. to gain credibility and approval from the audience in a natural way.

According to the annual global research on marketing content, 82% of marketers will utilize marketing material effectively in 2021, a considerable increase from the previous year, when the figure was 70%. In the most popular types of marketing content writing, video outperformed blogs and infographics. In 2019, blogs accounted for 86% of all marketing material published.

What exactly is content marketing?

marketing content

Marketing content is the process of planning, making, distributing, and spreading content through different advertising and media channels, such as social media, blogs, websites, podcasts, applications, press releases, printed publications, and so on, to reach your target audience, raise brand awareness, increase sales, and gain customer loyalty.

The Content Marketing Institute describes content marketing as a marketing strategy that focuses on making and sharing unique, useful, and relevant content to attract and keep a clearly defined audience and get them to do profitable things. Instead of just trying to sell your products or services, you help potential customers solve their problems by giving them useful information that is related to what you do.

The significance of marketing content creation

Marketing content creation is based on a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience by giving them high-quality content that is relevant to them and their needs. Finally, when customers make a purchasing decision, they are committing to you and your brand. As a result of the strong relationship you have formed with them, they will buy your product and prefer your service over competitors.

Unlike a one-time advertisement, marketing content demonstrates that you care about your customers, which is what the audience desires in light of the large number of advertising campaigns they are exposed to and the crowding of different channels with them, Your audience needs to feel your interest for you to gain their attention. Getting the attention of your target audience has become one of the hardest things to do, but it is also one of the most important goals of most marketing campaigns. To contribute to the achievement of the remainder of your profit objectives.

The Advantages of Writing Marketing Content

There are many reasons why marketing content is better than traditional advertising. Here are the most important ones:

Add useful content

Customers frequently ignore, mute, or avoid traditional advertisements whenever they are exposed to them, especially when they are interrupted by their viewing and following their interests, while they spend hours of their time following content tailored to what they want or need, which leads to developing their relationship with the brand that provides this content, and constantly interacting with their products. As a result, creating quality marketing material will draw customers to you.

Boost brand awareness

The primary reason for purchasing any good is to recognize its worth and need. People frequently do not purchase a thing because they do not recognize how useful it is or how much they require it, or they do not grasp how it works or how it will assist them in overcoming difficulty.

Through articles, blogs, videos, infographics, and podcasts, marketing content can contribute to educating customers about the degree of their willingness to purchase your product or receive your service, as it will contribute to increasing brand awareness and the importance of what you offer, and the audience will realize the moment they need to communicate with you to receive your services, without you directly inviting him to take this action.

Creates a sense of gratitude and reciprocity

When you give your audience useful free information regularly, they will want to return the favor by buying something from you or using your paid services. Because they profited from what you gave them for free, they will be motivated to reciprocate in kind and aid your project and brand because of their gratitude for you and yours.

Free customer acquisition

Unlike traditional ads, which require large investments to attract people, you can gain hundreds of customers by creating strategic marketing content for your blog, such as a series of educational and service posts related to what you offer. As a result, your blog will receive consistent views, loyal consumers, and engagement. The long-term return will come from interesting and high-quality marketing content.

Reshare the content

When you create marketing content that is relevant to the nature of your business, engages the audience, and matches their desires, they will re-engage and share it with their friends. If you provide them with ten items that interest them, they will post them every time they want to share them. If you ask your audience to publish your website or share your social network activity page, they may do it once, but there is no incentive for them to do it again.

Consider what people are sharing online and offer helpful stuff. Depending on how well you can get their attention, the same customer may be sharing your business for 10 weeks or more. So you reach the audience of your customers simply and with their suggestions, which increases the likelihood that your material will be reposted, and the possibility of publishing content multiplies with each publication, which is reflected in the spread of your activity.

Achieving marketing goals

Most advertising and marketing initiatives aim to reach the widest possible target audience, where a large audience indicates that many people have understood your message and a target audience means that a large percentage of the audience are potential consumers who are most likely to make a purchase. If you market content that appeals to your customers, some of them will buy from you in the long run.

It raises your ranking in search engines’ SEO.

There are two main reasons for increasing your search engine presence. The first is to produce high-quality creatives on your website or various social media accounts, improving your visitors and enhancing the possibility for potential customers to view and engage with your content.

The second lies in the consistency of publishing regularly, as the increase in the number of pages of the site as a result of the continued publication of marketing content contributes to improving your visibility, as search engines index the different pages of the content you publish. , so if you publish content weekly, your indexed pages will increase to 52 within one year, which contributes to increasing the reliability of your site and

Expand your audience reach

When you develop specialized marketing content as a podcast, you can extract a video from it and broadcast it on YouTube, as well as turn it into easy-to-understand visual infographic designs, which helps in promoting your content to a larger and diverse audience. characteristics and interests. Where the content will reach fans of watching videos on YouTube, fans of designs, graphics, and numbers, and fans of original content from audio snippets and podcasts.

Types of content marketing

marketing content

Content marketing is anything you put out there that isn’t blatantly trying to sell something. They can be divided into the most popular categories that you use most often when creating content. Here are the most important of these categories:

1- Blogging

In the past, blogs were one of the most powerful and widespread types of marketing content, and blogs allow you a lot of creativity in presenting and presenting topics, and you can share different types of content in one post, attach files and multimedia, links to improve the content, and you can also add sharing buttons on networks Social networking, which opens the door to public comment and discussion.

Blogs are an excellent option for small businesses with few resources, and their value increases when they focus on issues that matter to their audience and meet their needs, answering their questions, alleviating their concerns, and providing them with the knowledge they need. Don’t brag about how amazing your products are; Instead, focus on the material your audience wants to see.

The ultimate purpose of blogs is to keep a large audience who views them regularly, get information from them, encourage them to share content, rate it positively, and suggest it to others. You can simply ask your audience to help set an agenda for the content and topics you will be publishing; Fiverr is one of the most popular sites for providing articles related to a variety of topics, including marketing, programming, design, and more.

2- Graphique

An infographic design gives material, information, and data in a way that is easy to understand by using simple words, short sentences, clear pictures, icons, and numbers. As a result, it is a wonderful approach to effectively transmitting content and information, particularly when you need to describe an educational or specialist issue, or summarize a study or survey that you conducted in a few points; so that all members of the public can understand and absorb it.

It can be added to written blogs to make them more interesting, or it can be posted on its own on blogs and social media sites. with the requirement of preserving the design’s simplicity and clarity, selecting suitable graphics with the material, and altering the format to achieve final high-quality content and an eye-catching design that allows navigation between its contents and data.


A professionally produced podcast raises brand awareness, especially in difficult-to-enter markets, and is also a unique approach to highlighting your brand personality, as audio samples allow for a lot of flexibility in the material, whatever its theme. You can also change other aspects of the clip, such as the tempo, duration, and width.

A high-quality podcast is complete when it is meticulously planned, produced with the appropriate technology and voices for your business, and disseminated through the podcast networks most popular with and listened to by your target audience. You may also share it on social media, repost it in full or in part, incorporate it into a video, and upload it to YouTube to further broaden your audience.

Using  Fiverr, you can ask for a variety of podcast services, such as voiceovers, content preparers, editors, sound engineers, and others, to make the best podcast clip that shows what you do.


According to statistics, 96% of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through video, and 79% of their purchasing decisions are influenced after watching a video about the service or product, Marketing content through video increases the percentage of customer conversions, improves return on investment, and helps you build relationships with audience members.

Video content can be expensive and time-consuming to create, but it receives the most views and has the biggest impact on any sort of marketing content. A well-made video reveals a different side of your business because it allows you to better explain how something is done or how it works, answer customers’ questions about your product, and reveal hidden aspects that can influence their decision and perception of the importance of what you offer them.

You can use the video to provide your audience with services and instructive content. If your business is specialized in software, you can film films showing how to install sophisticated programs, how to protect your computer from viruses, and other ideas that will pique the interest of an audience interested like your business.

To go with your highlighted clip, it should have a clear and accurate title and a short description of what the video is about. This will make it easier for people to find the information they need and move through the video clips quickly. Afterward, you begin broadly disseminating your footage, from your website to your blog and social media pages, or in email campaigns.

5-Content for social media

Because more than 4.48 billion people use social networks around the world, it’s important to create marketing content for these platforms if you want to keep up with changes and talk to your customers directly and more effectively without an intermediary. Social platforms offer a large, free space to express yourself.

Thus, it is prudent that you make full use of it to gain your audience’s loyalty and interest in your activity and what you publish. Most of the time, there is no reason for your audience to keep following you after they have finished using your product or service. However, if you give them useful content that is relevant to who they are, they will keep following you. This will make him more likely to keep following you, help you, and write about you in direct sales messages.

It is not required for you to be present on all social platforms; nevertheless, you must be present on the platforms where your target audience is present and concentrated. You’re on LinkedIn, and if your audience is large and diverse, your presence on Facebook is unavoidable.

Strategies for writing marketing material

There are many strategies for writing marketing content with the continuous development and expansion of marketing content, and no specific strategy is better than others, but you must try in more than one way; to reach the most appropriate strategy for your business, and the types of content that are appropriate for your activity and that your customers prefer.

There is a quick technique with basic stages dubbed “3D content,” which is built on three main steps, namely:

  • Concentrate on the pain point or problem that your product or service solves.
  • For this situation, select the most acceptable content type.
  • Finally, tailor your content to reach folks who are experiencing this issue.

This strategy focuses on the person you want to reach, i.e., your target audience, who is interested in what you have to offer because they are the ones who are most interested and the end goal you want to reach and influence. And you must understand that for your content to achieve its goal, it must meet the requirements of the people who have the problem your solution addresses.

These processes must adapt to your audience and your marketing goals, and no matter what you do, you must always start with your audience and develop content for that audience; Only then will the right people discover you. Here is another technique for writing marketing content with more detailed steps that you can try and choose the most appropriate for your activity:

First, set smart goals.

While creating marketing materials for your business, you should set SMART goals that align with your marketing goals and those of the company more broadly. The SMART goal should be clear, measurable, attainable, related to what you’re selling, and unique to a certain time and place.

Among the goals you may set while creating marketing content are:

  • Increase brand recognition.
  • Boost your revenue.
  • Increase potential customer conversions.
  • increase brand loyalty.
  • Bring in, strategic partners.

Second: Determine the key performance indicators

marketing content

Define key performance indicators (KPIs) for your goals based on the ones you set earlier. KPIs are specific quantifiable points that allow you to compare your actual performance against the goals you have set. Did you achieve all of your goals, exceed them, barely meet half of them, or fail to achieve any of them? in any case.

Third, choose the type of marketing article.

Choose the type of content that you will create to achieve your goals, and you should start by thinking about your target audience, defining the personality of the ideal customer, and dividing your audience into different segments based on their different characteristics, to address each of them with the most appropriate content for them.

And you must answer some questions to better understand your target audience and choose the most appropriate materials for them, such as: What do they ask of you? What obstacles do they hope to overcome? Why do they want your product or service? How can you help them succeed and overcome obstacles? What do they do in their spare time? What are their passions?

After you have answered the previous questions, take a look at the many types of content marketing we have mentioned; Decide what types of marketing materials you will develop to achieve your goals.

Fourth: Choose the appropriate channels for your content

Once you have decided on the type of material you are going to advertise, this is the perfect moment to choose the best medium or platform to publish it on. If you make a video, your primary channel will be YouTube, but you can get it out there further by posting it on other social platforms, as well as on your website and blog.

Fifth, set a budget.

Now you must determine the budget required to complete content creation, publishing, and marketing, so consider the type of content you have chosen and the channels on which it will be published, as well as the software or tools required to create the content, such as subscribing to design or montage programs or purchasing a high-quality camera, among other tools.

determining who will create the content; are they employees of the company, or do you need to order a voiceover, writing, editing, and design services from Fiverr? and do you need to subscribe to specific tools or resources to improve the content or measure results later and determine the essentials and what they could be dispensing and replacing at a lower cost of resources? so that the required budget does not continue to grow indefinitely.

Sixth: Create and publish content

Develop and distribute your content so that it reaches, benefits, and is enjoyed by your target audience; Your target audience may share your materials with their peers, which will lead to more conversions into actual customers. or receive ratings and recommendations from existing customers.

And you can customize the content on a monthly or weekly basis and schedule it on social media platforms with specific dates, so that your content continues to spread and has continuity, with the need to pay attention to the results it achieves, moment by moment, while continuing to interact. With the public, communicate with them, and incorporate their comments and opinions into your interests.

Seventh, examine the results.

Lastly, look at your results and make any changes you need to improve your content marketing and your team so you can reach more people. Look at your goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) to find out how well your content marketing campaign is doing. Did you achieve your targets based on your KPIs? Were you about to reach it? Or are you far from it?

As you develop your content writing plan, you can use the Content Marketing Institute’s easy tips, which include:

  1. Keep your audience in mind, and know your customers and their expectations. Once you do this, you will be able to create content that solves their concerns while also helping your business thrive.
  2. Don’t get sidetracked by endless content formats; standardize your content format; be one-on-one, and your audience will get to know your material before they even see your brand name or logo.
  3. Hire the right type of content and channel for your goals and audience, and don’t waste your time and money trying to cover all forms of content and submission in all channels.

Tools for creating marketing content

You can find free and paid tools to help you find good marketing content. Here are the top six tools you might need:

  1. Google Docs

Google Docs, a free app, is used to plan and prepare for writing marketing materials. It is where all the work is done before the final show. It is fine for writers to edit each other’s work and work together to come up with the best texts and ideas that will later be used in marketing materials.

It’s easy to use, lets you change things for specific people, and lets you see their comments through thoughts, comments, and replies. It also makes it easy to upload Google Docs directly to other content management systems and share them across multiple platforms.

  1. Grammarly

Writing that contains spelling and grammatical errors may negatively affect the audience’s interaction with you, so use the Grammarly tool to review and evaluate the content you write linguistically and grammatically, It also gives you an impression of the nature of the content you wrote, whether it is formal or written in a friendly or semi-formal manner.

The tool works with different ways to communicate, such as email, documents, and social media. You can install the tool on your Google Chrome browser and use it on any text you write to get the benefits of the different tools. The tool keeps you from being embarrassed in public or losing confidence in yourself. The tool offers a large portion of its functionality for free, as well as a plethora of extra-cost capabilities.

  1. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the most widely used tool for editing and processing photographs because of its professionalism and the independence of the designs it produces. Using Photoshop to edit photos will make them look more professional and unique, but it takes a design expert to use all of Photoshop’s tools and features and finish designs quickly. Fine adjustments are essential, and Photoshop solves the shortcomings of most non-professional tools.

Adobe also has several other editing tools that you may need when making marketing content. For example, you can use InDesign to make designs for magazines, newspapers, desktop publishing, and most print and online media, and Illustrator to make logos, characters, and other elements.

And complex video editing software, such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere, provide a variety of video editing tools for professional editing, in addition to Adobe Audition, which specializes in editing audio clips and podcasts. If you start creating marketing content, at some point you will use an Adobe tool to help you.

  1. Google Sheets

Google Sheets assists you in planning your marketing material because it is divided into vertical and horizontal cells, making it simple to insert different links and relationships and clarify publication time. And, as an organized tool, it allows you to create plans and present them to your work team, as well as easily add team members, update, and offer ideas to improve the plan.

It is also an excellent tool for tracking the customer’s journey with relevant content and resources, as well as through the channels on which it is available. Spreadsheets can also be used to collect client information and then re-target them with sponsored advertising campaigns on various social media sites.

  1. Google Analytics

As previously stated, you must use at least one of these tools to measure and evaluate results in developing content and achieving goals, and Google Analytics is one of the best of these free tools, as it is simple to use, obtain information and data, and filter it, as it tells you how visitors can access Your website, providing accurate tracking of user traffic and behavior on it.

It also includes a series of ideas for improving and developing performance, providing a better and smoother user experience, and keeping the audience interested in the site for as long as feasible. It also provides a large range of advanced choices from which the programming expert can profit, allowing the marketing specialist and the programming expert to collaborate to improve the user experience and the aesthetic of the website.

In conclusion

Remember that educating customers about the products and services you provide is far more important than outright urging them to buy, and it may result in higher customer conversions in the end. So, to increase loyalty and trust, start building a strong relationship between your customers and your activity, provide them with messages that they want to hear and complete, and stop making annoying advertisements that cut off their interests, but rather be one of their main interests in writing marketing content.

Finally, you can use Fiverr, the largest market for buying and selling skills, to find specialists in writing marketing content of all types and in numerous industries to supply you with high-quality marketing material. You can also seek the assistance of training and consulting specialists to improve the quality of your services, review your marketing material, and teach you content writing abilities. catalog Create and plan your content.


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