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10 Medicinal Plants Medicinal Garden Kit in your backyard

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Medicinal Garden Kit: Establishing a therapeutic herb garden can enhance your outside space and provide several advantages. Nevertheless, you may save the seeds for a later date if, for any reason, you decide not to plant them right away.

A few individuals I know purchased three Medicinal Garden Kits each, just putting them in reserve in case our healthcare system or the pharmaceutical industry had a significant setback. These kits for medicinal gardens are ideal for individuals who want to become more self-sufficient and for those who are stockpiling supplies in case of need.

You’ll always have one trustworthy, secure, and cost-free natural substitute close at hand with your Medicinal Garden Kit. You may plant any of these ten healing plants in the front yard, but they also make excellent companions for fruit trees and veggies. Most medicinal herbs in the kit are either self-seeding annuals that establish themselves after the first year or perennials that die in the winter and reappear in the spring.

Your Medicinal Garden Kit has ten smaller packets containing one variety of seeds each. 4,818 premium, non-GMO seeds packed in the United States.

These ten plants are easy to cultivate, even if you’ve never planted anything. With your Medicinal Garden Kit, you will also get a free copy of Herbal Medicinal Guide: From Seeds to Remedies, which contains instructions on how to plant, cultivate, and harvest each.

These ten seeds in a single packet are exclusive to our store. I had been hunting for something similar for a very long time before I constructed it.

And I’d have been ready to shell out a tonne of cash for it. Just consider the amount of money you spend at the drugstore. An American spends $1742 annually on average. You will save at least a hundred with your new backyard pharmacy. I consider that to be a wise investment.

However, because you are investing in your health, which is much more essential, it doesn’t matter! You should have This kind of medicinal garden in your backyard if you want to heal yourself organically.

Here are ten plants that act as a pharmacy in your home

Chicory – The Painkilling Plant You Should Grow in Your Backyard

Native Americans used to search for this wild plant above all others. Chicory was harvested to manufacture an extract with natural painkilling properties for various bodily discomforts, including achy and stiff joints. You, too, can do this! Chicoric acid (CA), a plant chemical with strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and no potential for addiction, is abundant in the root. Even a little patch of chicory growing on your lawn will be comforting if our pharmacies run out.

Yarrow – The Backyard Wound Healer

Always have a fast and dependable method to halt wound bleeding and prevent infection. Yarrow does both, and it saved my knuckle. I sliced my hand unintentionally on day 42 of Alone after removing a fish’s guts. The cut was rather deep and probably would have fallen in because I had no antibiotics.

Fortunately, I located some yarrow and used it to bandage the injury. In a matter of minutes, the bleeding stopped, and my incision healed so flawlessly that there was hardly any scar left. I’ve carried a packet of dried Yarrow with me ever since, just in case. When used topically, a yarrow tincture is a safe, all-natural insect and mosquito repellent.

California Poppy – Better Than Sleeping Pills

The California poppy facilitates the restorative, deep sleep we all experienced as kids—when it was easy to fall asleep and remain asleep for at least eight hours every night. With this herb, you can prepare your Sleep Tea, so why take the chance of being addicted to pharmaceutical sleeping pills?

I generally drink it before bed and fall asleep quickly while watching TV or reading. My kids attempted to rouse me awake a few times but could not do it effortlessly. Now, make a more potent sleep tincture out of California poppy if your insomnia is more severe or if you have post-traumatic stress disorder. That ought to finish it.

Marshmallow – The Most Powerful Plant for a Healthy Digestive System

Most people associate marshmallows with the fluffy white dessert often baked over a campfire. Traditionally, the marshmallow plant’s root was used to make them. Marshmallow is a potent therapeutic herb that you should cultivate at home. Its roots and leaves have antibacterial properties, but the mucilage, which resembles sap, makes them unique.

The marshmallow mucilage will provide extra protection for your stomach, intestines, and colon as it passes through your digestive system, reducing any inflammation it encounters. Because of this, this tea also benefits those who suffer from stomach ulcers and other digestive issues, including indigestion, heartburn, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, or Chron’s disease.

Chamomile – The Natural Antibiotic

In her yard, my grandma grew chamomile once. In early fall, she would gather the flowers, dry them on old newspapers, and put them in mason jars. For her, this herb was a true “healing-all.” If I had pinkeye, she would apply a warm compress soaked in chamomile tea to my itchy eyes. She would force me to drink the tea if my stomach ached, and I would quickly start feeling better.

It aids in the relaxation of your digestive muscles and is very calming. This plant may also manufacture chamomile oil, which is still among the most significant all-natural skin care products. According to researchers, chamomile oil may reach your skin’s deepest layers, where natural healing occurs.

Evening Primrose – A Natural Remedy for Skin and Nerves

This plant is named evening primrose because it opens its blooms at dusk. Every flower has a one-night lifespan. Our ancestors used it as a poultice for wounds, bruises, and skin outbreaks. It seems that they were correct. This plant includes gamma-linolenic acid and linolenic acid, two nutrients our skin needs but cannot make independently.

They’re also crucial for the membranes surrounding nerve cells, presumably why more individuals seek relief from persistent nerve pain from this plant. Hormone balancing is another benefit of evening primrose. You may be experiencing a hormone imbalance if you have constant weariness, unexplained weight gain, or an inability to withstand extreme heat or cold.

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Lavender – The Perennial Anti-Inflammatory Herb

You know this scented plant’s ability to deter moths from feeding on your winter clothing. But it can do so much more when used medicinally! According to the results of new double-blind research, ingesting lavender oil reduces anxiety to the same degree as taking 0.5 mg of the well-known anxiety medication Lorazepam every day.

When used with a standard antidepressant, a lavender tincture may expedite your recovery from mild to moderate depression and reduce the likelihood of a recurrence. Additionally, a few drops of lavender oil applied to your scalp daily can strengthen hair follicles, increase blood flow, and even aid with hair loss. That’s why I prefer to blend it with my shampoo and its wonderful aroma.

Echinacea – The Most Powerful Immunity Plant You Should Grow

The immune system is crucial to our well-being. If you are severely ill and have no medication accessible, a powerful one may be able to save your life. Even with the most outstanding physicians and medicines at your disposal, a weakened immune system could not allow you to. Echinacea is the best herb for supporting your immune system.

However, don’t fall into the trap of believing that over-the-counter pills can match the effectiveness of homemade natural remedies from your farm organic plants. This is true of all plants, particularly echinacea, which has become too popular. It is among the most often faked natural supplements available. So why take a chance on a subpar batch that essentially acts as a placebo? Growing your patch is preferable.

Calendula – The Herb You Need to Keep Close During Dark Times

My grandpa told me about calendula before I used it in my natural practice. He was always doing odd jobs around the home and tweaking his projects until he sliced his leg to the bone by mistake one day. Despite his stubborn nature, he declined to see a physician. Whenever he dressed the wound, he put my grandmother’s calendula extract on it and bandaged it with a thick towel. It healed in a matter of weeks!

Later on, I learned that this potent backyard assistant had further applications. I prepare calendula salve to treat various rashes and bug bites, as well as to expedite healing and reduce scarring from wounds, scrapes, cuts, sores, burns, and scalds. Calendula tea has an extraordinary and significant effect. It circulates lymphatic fluid and purges your lymphatic system of the grimy lingering effects of previous illnesses and the metabolic waste that we all accrue with time. To the best of my knowledge, this is something that no contemporary medication accomplishes and is vitally necessary for ongoing good health.

Feverfew – Nature’s Aspirin for Fevers and Migraines

You will always have the means to treat a cold, bring down a fever, or ward off migraines if you grow feverfew in your garden. People have employed this herb, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties, to treat sore and swollen joints. Parthenolide is the plant ingredient that gives it its therapeutic properties. Since this plant’s flower heads and leaves have the maximum quantity of parthenolide, chewing them uncooked will release the parthenolide that is contained inside.

A few drops in your tea or coffee should suffice for some headaches. You’ll also learn how feverfew flower extract works wonders as a potent analgesic for neuropathic and articular pain.

365 Days Money-Back Guarantee

And because I believe in the Medicinal Garden Kit, it has a full 365-day money-back guarantee.

However, you won’t ever need a refund since these seeds and the ten plants they produce will save you a tonne of money over time, much more than what you’re now spending for them.

So, take no risks and click the button below to get your medicinal garden kit!

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