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The best Solar Surveillance cameras for 2024

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Regarding handy power sources, solar power is the best. An outdoor security camera is a fantastic place to start if you consider enhancing your home’s security. Few kinds of cameras can match solar-powered cameras for simplicity of use and a wide range of mounting possibilities.

Batteries are used to power wireless security cameras. Solar cameras use the same electricity, but sunshine is needed to keep the battery charged. Most solar-powered cameras need a battery and a solar panel to work without requiring manual recharging.

Today’s market is flooded with wireless and solar camera options. Selecting the best one for your requirements in home security might be challenging. To assist, we have examined the leading manufacturers and their products to create this ranking of the top solar security cameras on the market.

Completing our list is the Reolink Argus 3 Pro. Customers on Amazon give it an average rating of 4.0 stars. The solar panel is offered separately, and the camera has 16x zoom capabilities.

The Argus 3 Pro comes in white or black and has a built-in flashlight, a siren, a 122-degree diagonal field of vision, two-way audio, and 2K video quality at 15 frames per second.

It works with Google Assistant and Alexa and is intended for use with the Reolink Cloud. There is a free basic Cloud plan available. Additional programs begin at $4.99 a month. Your product is covered by a limited warranty for two years.

The best Solar Surveillance cameras for 2024

Pros & Cons

  • Extended guarantee
  • There is a free cloud plan option.
  • 16x zoom

  • Separate solar panels sold
  • Limited third-party compatibility

Arlo Pro 4 Wireless Security Camera

At number four on our list is yet another wireless Arlo camera. Amazon customers have given the Pro 4 an average rating of 4.1 stars. This camera’s solar panel is available for separate purchase.

Its features include a motion sensor, a 160-degree field of view, infrared LED night vision, noise-canceling audio components, a maximum 2K resolution with three video modes, your option of black or white, a 12x digital zoom, and face and object identification.

The Pro 4 may be used with IFTTT, SmartThings, Alexa, HomeKit, and OK Google. While specific camera capabilities may be used without a subscription plan, the most excellent features are only accessible with Arlo’s monthly subscriptions, which start at $2.99. Along with your purchase, you’ll receive a one-year limited warranty and a three-month subscription trial.

The best Solar Surveillance cameras for 2024

Pros & Cons

  • LED night vision with infrared
  • Three choices for video resolution
  • Compact size

  • Solar panels are sold separately.

Arlo Ultra 2 Wireless Security Camera

The Arlo Ultra 2 Wireless Security Camera is the next in line. Arlo’s most excellent wireless camera capabilities are combined into a tiny device with this camera.

The Ultra 2 has two color options, a complete 180-degree field of view, a 12x digital zoom, 4K video quality, infrared night vision with an integrated spotlight, motion detection, face and object recognition, noise-canceling audio technology, and more. The solar panel is offered separately, however.

When you complete the free three-month trial with your purchase, subscription options begin at $2.99 per month. Although certain functionalities function without a plan, the camera functions best with one. It has a one-year limited guarantee and works with HomeKit, Alexa, OK Google, SmartThings, and IFTTT.

The best Solar Surveillance cameras for 2024

Pros & Cons

  • Ability to observe in 180 degrees
  • video resolution in 4K

  • Requires Arlo SmartHub
  • Solar panels are sold separately.

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar

The Stick Up Cam Solar security camera from Ring is ranked number two on our list. It has a 4.7-star Amazon customer rating. It has a solar panel and is relatively feature-rich for its small size.

It has a 130° diagonal, 110° horizontal, and 57° vertical field of view, digital zoom, 1080p video quality, noise-canceling audio technology, and color night vision. It comes in white or black. Because of its small size, installing it in dwellings with little sun exposure is simple.

The Ring App offers many helpful functions, and Alexa and Echo devices are also compatible with the Stick Up Cam Battery. The Ring Protect Plan, which begins at only $3.00 a month, is the best option for using the device. A one-year components guarantee and lifetime purchase protection are included with your purchase.

The best Solar Surveillance cameras for 2024

Pros & Cons

  • Solar panel included
  • Mounts readily wherever
  • lifetime guarantee on purchases

  • Limited third-party compatibility

PTZ AI Motion Detection Audio WiFi Camera

This outdoor camera has built-in wifi and a solar panel that powers a battery. Continuous power supply from solar panels allows wifi antennas to receive signals cable bother, 100% wireless free—no need to plug in electricity. Install on the wall, and you’re ready for a full year of monitoring. There’s no need to leave to charge your phone.

This wireless outdoor camera saves footage on a cloud server for up to 0.5GB and offers free 3-day viewing. Maximum 128G support (SD card not included). This home security camera allows two-way communication, playback, motion detection, and angle rotation outdoors. When a stranger is captured on video outside your house, in only a few seconds, you will get a message with a picture preview directly in the notification without opening the app. You could also see who was coming and going. You may program the siren and flash spotlight to switch on automatically or once a year. The additional features include adjusting the motion zone (another subscription service) and analyzing motion behavior to identify people, pets, and cars.

The best Solar Surveillance cameras for 2024

Pros & Cons

  • outstanding capacity to zoom in
  • Affordable subscription prices are available

  • Separate solar panels sold
  • Resolution is not as good as top-tier models.

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Compare The Best Solar Security Cameras

There are so many choices available when selecting a solar security camera for your house that it may seem confusing. Take into account the following elements to focus your search:


Making a budget and adhering to it can significantly assist in reducing the number of solar security system alternatives available to you. Even if you have a lot of possibilities, choosing wisely will depend on how much money you have to work with.

Field of View

Is keeping an eye on your whole yard your aim, or simply a particular area outside your house, such as your front porch? By responding, you may be able to focus your search since some cameras may not be available due to field-of-view restrictions.


Resolution is an important consideration when choosing solar security cameras for your house. The resolution of the security camera determines how crisp the film is; the last thing you need is useless footage. Thus, getting a model with a high-definition (HD) camera or better is essential.

Control of Motion

Add practical and useful motion control features to your solar security system. Motion control and motion sensors help detect movement and notify you and your security provider of possible risks. Before choosing a solar security system, educating yourself on the security cameras’ features and motion control capabilities is critical.

Range & Night Vision

It’s crucial to make sure your property is safe at night. Consequently, having night vision is essential for your solar security camera. Solar-powered security cameras use their backup battery at night to make sure they are continuously recording and provide you easy access to see anything that happens throughout the night.

Weather Protection

When selecting, it’s critical to consider a solar security camera system’s weather resistance. For example, even though solar security cameras are waterproof, they will still need to use the power stored in their rechargeable solar-powered batteries on cloudy and wet days.

Camera Color

The majority of outdoor security cameras are available in black or white. Some people, however, can only choose one hue. Do you want the color of your camera to match the color of your house? Perhaps the purpose of having it stand out from your home is to draw attention to the fact that a camera is inside. Whatever your choice, if you have one, be sure the camera you choose meets your requirements and tastes in color.

Clever Features

Certain solar security camera types enable you to quickly and rapidly check security video from your smart home, smart TV, or other intelligent displays by integrating them with smart home systems. Verify whether it works with your smart home platform, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit.

Motives for Solar Security Camera Installation

Reduce Your Electricity Costs

The most significant results from security systems are achieved when they are operated continuously, but this may rapidly add up to expensive electrical bills. Because a solar security camera doesn’t need energy, you’ll pay less for electricity overall.

No Need to Change the Batteries

Typically, security cameras are mounted above in difficult-to-reach areas of your house. You’ll ultimately need to learn how to go up securely and replace the batteries in security cameras that run on batteries one to two times a year, or even more often, with solar security cameras.


Installing a security camera is primarily done to increase house security, regardless of the camera’s primary power source—solar or otherwise. The primary objective of a solar security system is still home protection, even with the additional advantages of energy and environmental savings.

The editorial team examined third-party data on 18 significant brands to get the top solar security camera ranking. Several variables were evaluated for each product to calculate its star rating, including:

  • Price (15%)
  • Customer Reviews (15%)
  • Zoom (10%)
  • Video Resolution (10%)
  • Field Of View (10%)
  • Audio (10%)
  • Weather Resistance (10%)
  • Warranty (10%)
  • Color Options (5%)
  • Night Vision (5%)

Price, customer rating, and field of view count for 40% of the total weighting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which solar security camera is the best?

Your ideal solar security camera may differ depending on your unique requirements and preferences. However, the Arlo Essential Wireless Security Camera has been deemed our best solar security camera based on several criteria, including cost, user satisfaction, the field of view, audio, weather resistance, zoom capabilities, warranty, colour variations, and night vision.

How long are security cameras run on solar power?

Rechargeable batteries, which get energy from the sun, are used as a backup power supply by solar-powered equipment, such as security cameras. Before needing to be changed, these batteries may last anywhere from one to three years.

Do cameras that run on solar power need WiFi?

The majority of solar-powered cameras can operate and record without an internet connection. However, internet connectivity is required to remove video recordings from the camera.

Do solar cameras need direct sunlight? What happens if there isn’t
enough sun?

Most solar security cameras can operate continuously with only a few hours of sunshine daily. Most solar security cameras contain rechargeable batteries that store extra solar panel power as a backup source at night and on cloudy days.

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