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Dometic CFX3 45 Electric Cooler

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Dometic CFX3 45 Electric Cooler: Using ice, electric coolers, usually portable refrigerators, are a terrific method to keep food and beverage temperatures. They may be plugged into solar panels, power banks, vehicle batteries, and other portable power sources, making them perfect for off-grid living, camping, and road trips. But powered coolers come in various sizes, capacities, and prices.

One of the most incredible lineups of powered coolers is Dometic’s CFX3 range. Seven distinct sizes, including a 75-litre and 95-litre dual-zone variant, are offered, ranging in capacity from 25 to 99 litres. Even below-freezing temperatures, these powered coolers only use 50.7 watts of electricity, less than a regular 60-watt incandescent light bulb. The CFX3 is superior to other powered coolers in temperature control and insulation, which is the cherry on top.


Robust building and effective insulation
Great control over temperature
connects to a free app


For most applications, the included AC and DC cables are too short.
No “Eco” setting

The Dometic CFX3 cooler, which runs on a 12-volt compressor type, performs best in temperatures between 61 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It can chill food and drinks to -7 degrees Fahrenheit, a far lower temperature than other top brands. WHEN FILLED WITH FOOD AND DRINKS, the CFX3 takes around 16 hours to achieve the desired temperature. This period becomes an hour when the room is empty. Although this is mediocre compared to similar choices, the CFX3 stands out due to its temperature precision.

We tested the Dometic CFX3 45 in sweltering heat and challenging outdoor conditions in Colorado and other Southwest desert regions. During testing, the actual inside temperature was never more than 2.5 degrees colder than what was shown on the display.

Another area where the CFX3 shines is in the caliber of its insulation. The best-powered coolers prevent things from spoiling when electricity isn’t available. Despite being unplugged for 24 hours in 50 to 60-degree weather, the CFX3’s internal temperature hardly increased by more than 10 degrees.

The Dometic CFX3 45 has been tested for six months and has shown to be durable, dependable, and energy-efficient. Its primary drawback is price. When considering its long-term use, the costly initial expenditure is justified.

The product’s assessment results are broken out in further detail below:

Is the Dometic CFX3 45 a Good Value?

The CFX3 45 costs $1,050, twice as much as comparable choices, although it isn’t the most costly. Although its high price reduced its score, it scores better than its rivals in almost every other area.

Is it Practical and Easy to Transport?
Three different battery levels on the Dometic CFX3 determine how long the cooling cycle lasts. Although it has no “eco” mode like its rivals, it uses very little energy.

Given its capacity to reach sub-zero temperatures, it uses 50.7 Watts of electricity during chilling. The CFX3 uses only one watt to maintain the correct temperature after it has been cooled. The CFX3 performs better than average in this area because of its enhanced insulating capacity.

Is it valuable and straightforward to transport?

The CFX3 45 is on the lighter end of compressor models, weighing 42 pounds when empty. Its footprint is identical to that of the CFX3 35, but it is 2.75 inches higher and has a 10-litre storage capacity increase. The item is simple to lift and carry thanks to its sturdy aluminum alloy handles. The handles compact securely against the cooler’s sides when not in use to save as much room as possible.

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How User-Friendly is the CFX3?

The CFX3 model dominates the competition in the area of usability. It offers inside storage with two levels and well-constructed internal baskets that keep minor stuff from falling through. Because the two baskets are detachable, creating a single colossal area is simple. One basket has a separator, which improves organizing possibilities even further.

Some physical features include a drain outlet for more straightforward cleaning, an interior light facingwards, a USB connector for charging gadgets, and a sleek, high-resolution display with programmable brightness settings. It’s also important to note that, even while cooling, the CFX3 is noticeably quieter than other compressor types.

The CFX3 powered cooler lineup has practical physical features, Bluetooth functionality, and app compatibility. Unlike other top products, Dometic’s CFX3 phone app enables remote monitoring and management of temperature and energy use. Even better, it has a power-saving function that warns you if the lid is left open for over three minutes.

The bundled AC and DC wires enable the plug-and-play operation of the cooler. The plugs are positioned at an angle on the cooler’s rear to save space. One of its main drawbacks is that the CFX3 45’s cables are substantially shorter than those of other top manufacturers and too fast for most applications. They aren’t long enough to connect a 12-volt outlet in a typical automobile to the CFX3 in the rear of a vehicle (six feet, two inches long).

Is this a Product of Quality?

The Dometic CFX3 45 is designed to perform well in secluded outdoor settings. While most identical models are plastic, the CFX3 features reinforced fender frames, making it very durable.

The CFX3 is an excellent option for dedicated off-roaders since it can handle inclination slopes up to 30 degrees. On a month-long road journey through the Southwest, the compressor was continuously exposed to sand and dust, yet it never broke down, demonstrating how tough it was.

Our Opinion:

The CFX3 45 from Dometic is expensive but worth it for regular usage or far-flung off-road excursions. The CFX3 45 is an excellent power, more relaxed pick because of its remarkable dependability, durability, energy economy, and use.

Although we’re just assessing one device here, we use the following weighted measures to compare all plug-in electric coolers:

  • (30%)Cooling effectiveness
  • 30% energy efficiency
  • (20%)Building and sturdiness
  • (15%)Price
  • (5%) temperature accuracy

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